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Uploaded by SkatesCoUk on 14.03.2012

Welcome to Skates.co.uk. My name is Ben and due to a breakdown in communication between myself and the managing director, today I am dressed like a woman.
I'd like to thank all the facebook fans for chosing my fate, I believe I make a wonderful woman
So today I'm going to be talking about all the different 81 customs bars for your scooter, the difference between them and what you get for your money
Ok so starting with the 81 customs, just your standard basic bar. All of the bars they make are made in England, they are handmade and they are really nice and strong as well
they have all been finished off with a powder coated paint finish which is a nice quality paint with no bubbles or anything like that
to start off with you've got the standard T bars here which are nice and strong and great if you're a starter rider they are standard width bars so will fit most scooters,
they are not suitable for use with a HIC compression system, but aside from that, if you are using an ICS or and SCS they are absolutely fine
Ok moving on to the 81 customs BMX style bars, the bars have been designed to be very similar in style to BMX's so you've got a natural curve here
Now the benefit here is it actually makes it much stronger here, so when you ride you are much less likely to snap your bars when you are putting pressure down on them
they're a little bit more expensive, but if you are looking for slightly stronger bars, they offer great value for money
Next along you've got the FU bars, or FU Bars whatever you want to call them, these bars have got an upgraded metal, these two are just your standard steel
I believe these are chromoly steel bars and the benefit of this is that it means they are stronger and lighter than conventional bars
which is a good thing and represents better long term value for money. They are available in lots of different colours as well. Instead of a matt finish like with these bars here, the FU bars all have a gloss finish so they really shine and look really nice as well
Finally you've got 81 customs T45 bars. Now these are the top-end bars, they are T bars but are actually made of T45 upgraded metal what that means is they are far far stronger and lighter than pretty much any other bar on the market
What that means is it reduces the overall weight of your scooter which makes it much easier to get air, much easier to do tricks as well without having that extra weight 0:02.23.001,0:02:033.000 Also, they are incredibly strong. The benefit of using more expensive metals that are better and stronger is they can use thinner metal which is where you are looing the weight 0:02.34.001,0:02.40.000 All these bars are just standard width bars which means they are suitable for nearly all scooters, they are not suitable for use with an HIC as I said earlier 0:02.40.001,0:02.53.000 They are suitable if you are running an SCS or an ICS. If you need any more help at all just hit us up at skates.co.uk or find us at facebook.comskatescouk Thanks Alot!