Kim Kardashian Presents an Ovarian Cancer Survivor Story

Uploaded by QVC on 27.07.2011

it's hard to recognize ovarian cancer
especially when it occurs in young women
but when you meet Samantha nineteen-year-old ovarian cancer
survivor if need be to recognize her courage strengthen optimism in the face
of this disease
amy stein against a very long time and the last going up the stairs of the
company which is the a_p_ credits
as sacrifice as with the clients so for me having trouble going up the stairs is
predicting the i knew something was completely wrong interesting too many
bad news
a lot of the dark this diagnosis something house late ninety s one doctor
said i pulled a muscle nine-year-olds wonderland finally needed a sonogram any
saja huge ovarian estimates that man
is aside basketball
that eating itself is very rare to have a very cancer
so they thought it was a success they
removes one of my old friends
that that i had printed c_n_n_
stage one of the rank and saying
and they tell me because of my
age seem ok
expecting a lot and i won't be able to have children
databinding that's the name so luckily i a justin surveillance
no matter how old you are it's a place to be sets because defeat in the end
concentrate on to survive and
you're going to be strong