Ультрафиолет *()* [Ultraviolet]

Uploaded by ThisIsHorosho on Apr 16, 2012

Sup I'm Stas Davidov.
Nice weather today, eh?
Good weather for flying, so to say.
Umm, the hell's happening here? [normal human reaction]
What are you, stupid? Guys are blowing up barrels, can't you see? [C.O. reaction]
Obviously those people don't have internet.
Is it some kind of fortune telling? Flies - she loves me? Fails - she loves me not?
[she loves me]
[she loves me]
[you have soft]
I wonder what country has fun like this.
Let's say Romania.
That's some nice air defence in let's say Romania [pimp my SAM]
But if they were on the barrels themselves that would count as a space program.
Or a fun medieval execution.
[take me to the moon, baby]
I didn't know that a 2 meter flight can make a green barrel blue.
[tah dah!]
Yeah, i had it like this as well when trying to light a BBQ grill with rocket fuel [that's some flippin' grill]
But noone got his arm dismembered, noone caught fire and noone took a barrel to the head [boring]
Barrel to the knee.
And this is Horosho!
2nd vid was sent by KopoLPedov.
When i was a kid i liked singing songs about little mammoth and little racoon.
It's a bit offtopic, just wanted to share. Vid is about something else.
Little Rammsteins.
In a small room behind the hall~
A pre-school band was rehersing~
THis video is so brutal that while i was watching it I grew a beard!
This beard grew its own beard.
And that beard grew a knuckle.
This girl plays drums with barbie dolls!
Only thing left to do is to add fireworks and flamethrower babes!
On the other hand it looks like parents are beating them with sticks to make these vids and upload them to youtube.
Well kids, did you learn the song?
Then you won't get a bat wing desert!
[mommy, but we're hungry]
In any case, well done parents, that's a great way to raise your kids! [yes!]
And this is Horosho!
Last vid was sent by nort9631.
Thank you, good man!
What i mean is you're gonna burn in hell for this but.. thanks anyway.
Dangerous Ultraviolet
All the kitties are watching her pass by
Very beautiful and very dangerous
She's the most authority~
And when you will burn in hell, nort9631, they'll make you listen to this song twice a day, instead of lunch and dinner.
I'll walk past you
as if i'm a cat woman
[sexy schizo-phase]
Call me lady cat
Coz now i'm not Ultraviolet.
[emotional explosion]
This girl has some problems with ultraviolet.
She has a lot of problems in general as well.
[like a drug addiction]
[20 years]
but she's not 20 years]
She's not ultroviolet.
Kids, remember! There's an infrared radiation, visible radiation and...
Oh, Ultraviolet is a movie with Jovovich. Crap btw.
Prolly everything connected with ultraviolet is crap.
You know what? This song has no problem points.
Its us who have problems. With perception.
You need to see it as art.
...or a dragonfly.
or a dragonfly.
Horse or a goat.
Horse or mole.
Bumblebee or cat.
Bumblebee or cat.
Horse or mole.
[art combo!]
She also has her own pet tranny.
Will have to choose
Become Ultraviolet
[Ukraine has talent is waiting for you!]
And tell the world that you're ultraviolet.
Ultraviolet, I choose you!
Well you get the picture.
Go to the kitchen and make me an omlette! Dumbass.
And this is Horosho!
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