MVCC President's Vlog: Revitalizing the Economy

Uploaded by WeAreMVCC on 20.01.2012

This week on vlog, I'd like to talk about the different ways in which
Mohawk Valley Community College is working with local leaders to help revitalize the local
MVCC holds a unique position in our community we connect school
districts with universities, we provide employers with well-trained employees.
We are supported by local state and federally elected representatives
and we partner with countless nonprofits and social service agencies to carry out
our important mission
educating our community.
With this in mind MVCC has identified revitalizing the economy as one of four
initiatives of the challenging opportunity campaign through the MVCC
One important aspect of the revitalizing the economy initiative is establishing
the Cornhill Education Center.
The idea is to create an educational hub of positivity and additional opportunity
in the Hope six area of cornhill,
but locating learning and lab space to deliver educational programming in
creative ways.
We have piloted this concept through partnership with the municipal housing
by leasing a facility at Third and Elizabeth streets in Utica
where we are offering carpentry and masonry classes.
This partnership will allow our students to learn basic skills and then
work on restoration projects right in the community.
Entrepreneurship is another critical tool that could create a diverse
economic base in a spirit of hope in the mohawk valley region.
Many local business leaders have been able to thrive through the toughest
times but being a successful entrepreneur requires learning and
MVCC is once again perfectly positioned
to provide the resources and support that emerging entrepreneurs need to create
viable networks for success. What we are trying to do is take
resources for an education in our curriculum and everything and go and meet
the needs of the community.
Well now that were out here in this education center, our main partner is Utica
Municipal Housing Authority and Rebuild Mohawk Valley, because they really are
main developer in the region.
Others that we want to establish partnerships with would be the trade
we want to work with the Landmarks Society of Greater Utica because
they have done a lot of work in the preservation area.
The Rust2Green movement and also the Neighborhood associations
throughout the city.
Once we really get this thing going, we really would like to take our
efforts and do it county-wide, in fact region wide. The partnership the
Municipal Housing Authority of the city of Utica, New York has with Mohawk Valley
Community College
couldn't be more important, than it is at this particular time.
Both from the perspective of where we are economically
but also because they Municipal Housing Authority of the city of Utica
is celebrating its diamond anniversary,
seventy five years of providing decent, safe,
affordable housing
to individuals.
Who need such housing and need to become self-sufficient
This partnership
not only aligns with.
the United States Department of Housing and Urban development
and its strategic plan.
The college's
strategic plan
but also the five-year plan and annual plan
of the authority.
We're delighted that we are able to share
in our resources and serve the community.
We are very very
enthusiastic about the progress that has been made,
and indeed without any question
the resources that we share will benefit this entire community,
and it will serve as a model for other communities to follow. The college will
be able to use it curriculums in the trades and the technologies
to offer these
efforts to the community and to the people that really need them.
I think the greatest tool we will have in the future will be internships and
entrepreneurship program to blend that with our trade programs.
As one of four initiatives in the challenging opportunity campaign.
Revitalizing the economy, is perhaps the most focused and yet most significant
and far reaching initiative, with potential to have the greatest impact on
the region.
We're developing relationships that will continue to evolve and leverage the
strengths of all of our partners in this important endeavor.
To learn more about the challenging opportunity campaign please visit the
link on your screen,
and if you have any comments on this post please contact me directly, and as
always thanks for watching. and Happy Birthday Jen Rotundo!