How to Cure Hemorrhoids : Diet & Curing Hemorrhoids

Uploaded by expertvillage on 17.01.2008

Hello my name is Dr. Susan Jewell and on behalf of Expert Village I'm going to talk to you
today about hemorrhoids; in particular about how to find ways to alleviate pain from hemorrhoids.
Now in this clip we're going to talk about diet. A diet is a very important issue and
it is the number one cause of hemorrhoids or a lot of other major diseases; obesity.
So we're going to address diet. If you change your diet eat more healthily in terms of eating
more vegetables, more fruits, increase your fiber intake that will help you decrease the
risk of getting hemorrhoids. So here we have some items which are commonly available in
the groceries, the supermarkets, and your health food store. The more important thing
is to increase the fiber intake. Either eat fiber which is attainable in either in a pill
form, these are fiber tablets in gel form that contains psyllium, oat, and apple. So
these are actually compressed and put in a gel form that you can actually swallow. Or
you can actually by the packets of fiber of grains of oats that you can add into soups
and cereal and eat it that way which is really nutritious and also help to decrease the risk
of getting hemorrhoids. You can get certain tablets, these are called Leave J tablets
that also incorporate not only the oats and psyllium, it also has herbal ingredients in
it like dandelion roots and so on and so forth. Here's another one with just the psyllium
itself which is a form of fiber that's concentrated into tablet form. Other kinds of fibers that
you can eat, cook and eat is of course it is best to get brown rice than white rice
it's better for your health to decrease the risk of constipation and therefore decrease
the risk of hemorrhoids. And beans that you can cook in soups and put in casseroles; eating
nuts which is very good in fiber content, and also fruits and vegetables your staple
carrots for salads, your greens and banana and apples, very good. So fruits and vegetables,
increase that intake in your diet and increase the fiber and then that will decrease the
risk of getting hemorrhoids.