DREAM.17: Announcement for Bantam world tourney

Uploaded by DREAM on 05.08.2011

Sasahara: I'm announcing all match-ups of DREAM Bantamweight world tourney.
They are "Hideo Tokoro vs. Antonio Banuelos", "Bibiano Fernandes vs. Takafumi Otsuka",
"Masakazu Imanari vs. Abel Cullum" and "Yusup Saadulaev vs. Rodolfo Marques Diniz" .
I have to inform you that Kenji Osawa has injured his leg and he can't take part in.
So Otsuka will participate the tourney instead of Osawa.
We picked up Otsuka because his win against Iron Nakamura at DEEP was very impressive.
Otsuka: I really appreciate that DREAM has given me a chance like this.
As you know, I was dropped out once. So I have nothing to lose.
I hope Osawa will get better soon.
Tokoro: I have won the Japan tourney. Then my next target is the world title.
Imanari: I want to show fans a great fight this time.
Message from Bibiano: I'm glad to come back to Japan.
I fight anybody. I've been having hard training. So I'm confident to win this tourney.
I have won Feather title and next is going to be Bantam.
Message from Diniz: Fighting in Japan has always been my dream. I'm really looking forward to it.
Q: Can you tell me how you decided those match-ups.
Sasahara: We thought 3rd place man of the Japan tourney should face former champ Bibiano.
Tokoro has fought Cullum before. And we thought Banuelos fight would be great.
Cullum is an aggressive fighter. So he should show great performance against Imanari.
Q: What are your impressions on your opponents?
Otsuka: I have fought Bibiano before. So I know his fight style.
I know I'm a lucky man. I fight anybody.
Tokoro: I've not seen his video yet but apparently he has a good boxing skill. I'll make a fight plan for him.
Imanari: Cullum is a good fighter. He has guts.
Q: when did you hear about this offer, Otsuka?
Sasahara: I think it was 3 days ago.
Otsuka: I answered them right away that I would gladly take the offer.
Q: What's your game plan for Bibiano fight?
Otsuka: I believe Bibiano is the toughest fighter in this tourney.
But I also have improved a lot. I'm sure I'll match him.
Q: Any changes for you after wining the tourney, Tokoro?
Tokoro: Well, not really to me. But people around me have been so happy.
Q: Banuelos has fought at WEC and UFC. He's a top level fighter of the world.
Tokoro: Well, I don't really care. I'll try to be myself and I fight as usual.
Q: What do you want to show in the world tourney?
Otsuka: Fighters like Bibiano and Banuelos are world famous guys.
So I'm excited to facing them.
Tokoro: This is the event held in Japan. So Japanese fighters should play big roles.
Imanari: I'll have to have best condition physically and mentally.