Bunheads - Season 1 Episode 4 - Better Luck Next Year - Full Episode Recap - Celestina

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Hey you all, Celestina here.
I'm back.
All right, so, we're going to do a little recap on Bunheads
episode four.
If you didn't watch last night make sure you go check it out.
All right, the Joffrey auditions, OK.
Everyone's stressing, but I will say Joffrey auditions
have brought us back together.
Yes they have.
So Fanny is stressing out about her studio.
All the tension is like, oh my gosh, I got to get the floors.
Auditions have to be held at my studio.
Boo wants to do really well.
She's eating carrots and spinach.
All that kettle corn that her mom had to sneak, I was with
that, because I'm a sucker for kettle corn too.
Michelle was trying to take one for the team, so they
could get the floors fixed.
Sasha could've said, whatever, you want to give me attitude.
I ain't got time for this.
Peace, whatever.
But she went and snuck that money out of mommy's purse.
And got Boo a pair of pointe shoes.
I thought that was really thoughtful of her.
And then Truly, at first, earlier in the episode I
wanted to be like, oh, here she goes again.
But she actually came around, was helping Michelle.
Actually making Michelle look a little bit ditsy, because
she didn't know what a Phillips screwdriver was.
But that's OK.
Not everyone knows what a Phillips is.
It's OK.
I really, really wanted Boo to get the audition.
I really, really wanted her to get it.
I thought it was hilarious when Boo went in and got cut.
And Fanny's like, no, you haven't been seen.
Here's a brunette wig or whatnot.
Go back in there.
You're Trina from Simi Valley.
She comes back, cut.
She's like, no, you haven't been seen.
Here's red hair.
You're Selma with the pony tail.
I was like, Selma with the pony tail.
I digs it.
Selma with the pony tail.
But Selma with the pony tail was seen.
And they liked Selma with the pony tail.
So I was like, OK, all right.
It was funny, but it really sent a message.
It's like, you go in the first time, they don't like you,
dust yourself off and try again.
I'm with the message.
She went in there and did her best.
And they liked Selma with the pony tail.
So that is my little couch potato recap for you.
I hope you enjoyed it.
I'm Celestina.
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