World Record Female Bodybuilder Ernestine Shepherd

Uploaded by UnitedMethodistTV on 18.01.2012

(Ernestine Shepherd) My joy is working out, running.
It makes me feel great and I love to inspire
and motivate others. I never really get tired.
My name is Ernestine Shepherd.
I'm 75 years old and I am the world's oldest
female competitive bodybuilder.
I awaken every morning at 3 o'clock.
I run about 10 miles every morning.
I work out at the gym for about one hour, 45 minutes.
I have my class that I train for an hour.
After that, I have other people I train for
approximately 2 hours.
My church is Union Memorial United Methodist Church.
I've been a member there approximately 54 years.
(Ernestine) Come on Wally. Good morning, how are you?
(Wally Gumbs) This woman's got the body of a teenager.
And I said, "That's unbelievable"
but I'm looking and seeing for myself.
(Ernestine) How are you? Good to see you.
(Bethany Garrett-Taylor) She doesn't look like
a grandmother at all.
She can run a marathon and my grandmother can't.
(Ernestine) Certainly nice to see you...Nice to be here.
(Cynthia Winkler) I just think she went through a
transformation, probably not long after the death of her
sister who started out with her.
(Ernestine) When I was 56 years old, and I had a sister at that
time who was 57, my sister and I went to purchase
these bathing suits.
When we put them on, we weren't pleased with how we looked.
So my sister said, "You know, we need to start exercising."
She said, "We are going to motivate and inspire others
to live a happy and healthy lifestyle."
She kept saying to me, "You know, if something happens to
me, I want you to continue this exercise program."
This certificate I received in Rome, 2010.
I have been so thrilled to be in the Guinness Book
of World Records for being the oldest female competitive bodybuilder.
That has been a dream that my sister and I had.
I've made the second dream.
I'm in Ripley's Believe It or Not also.
Do you know, when my sister died, everything went down.
I suffered panic attacks, depression.
But I had to get myself together.
I knew I couldn't live like that.
I had to say to myself: "Restore to me the joy of my salvation."
And that happened. I got my faith back.
♪ (chior) Ooohhh Yes... ♪
(Cynthia Winkler) She's just been somebody to really emulate
for me and my life because she didn't start until
she was in her fifties.
And so when I got to my fifties, I said, "Ooh, if Ms. Ernestine
can do this maybe this is something I can do!"
(Ernestine) That is my ministry, to motivate and inspire others
about the importance of living a fit and healthy lifestyle.