Sh*t Calculus Students Never Say

Uploaded by TheIntegralCALC on 12.02.2012

Can you please skip more steps when you explain things? I don't think I deserve this partial
credit. Calculus is my favorite class this semester. Good morning! It's not required,
but I wonder if I can take calc two next semester. Do you want help with your calculus homework?
I totally understand the professors accent. This is going to be so useful after college.
Dude, WolframAlpha is so not helpful. This applies to so many things I do everyday. Yes!
All of the above and none of the above. I wish this test was earlier in the morning.
I wish I could use chain rule more often. I love sitting close to the front. I totally
understand this. I can't wait for the next test. I wish we weren't allowed to use calculators.
I'm so glad he assigned us the even problems so we can't look at the answers in the back
of the book. I feel really good about that exam. Related Rates problems make so much
sense to me. Our textbook is just so light. I'm doing so great in this class. I think
you gave me points for this, but I'm pretty sure I got it wrong. I'm kind of hope I don't
pass this class just so I can retake it. Wait you forgot to assign us homework. I'm so relieved
that the final exam is going to cover the whole semester. Can you explain that example
faster? I hope the teacher calls on me. This homework is so easy. Yes! Calculus!