4Q11L12 The Best Gift

Uploaded by SabbathSchool on 16.12.2011

Hello boys and girls, this is Aunt Frenita and I have a wonderful story for you.
Called "The Best Gift"
Today's memory verse comes from Luke chapter 2, verse 11. It says "Today . . . a Savior has been born.”
The message for today's story is: Jesus is the best gift from God.
Can you think of the best gift you’ve ever received?
Were you excited?
Is that the way you feel about Jesus, the really, truly best gift ever?
Mary looked lovingly at the precious little baby sleeping soundly in her arms.
“He’s so perfect!” she whispered.
Then Mary looked up at her husband, Joseph.
And Joseph smiled back
Baby Jesus was finally born!
And God had given Him to their family!
All mothers and fathers are proud of their new babies.
They think their babies are special.
But Mary and Joseph knew that their baby, Jesus, was truly the most special baby that would ever be born.
He was God’s Son.
And God had chosen them—Mary and Joseph—to take care of this priceless gift that He had sent to the world.
Joseph heard footsteps behind him in the stable.
He turned around to see what was going on.
Shepherds were coming in softly through the door.
“We’ve come to see the baby,” they explained.
“Angels told us that our Saviour has been born tonight!”
The shepherds told Mary and Joseph all about the most marvelous sight they had seen in the sky just a little while before.
They told Mary and Joseph about the glorious music they had heard.
The shepherds lingered a long time in the stable.
They believed what the angels had told them and they knew that this baby was God’s own special Son.
And they didn’t want to leave.
Some time later, after Joseph and Mary had moved from the stable to a little house, a group of strangers arrived at their door.
They had been following a special star for a long, long time and for many, many miles.
And the star had stopped over this house. [Knocking]
Joseph opened the door and looked out.
He saw camels and servants and important, richly dressed travelers outside —
Wise Men from a faraway country.
"Please, come in!" Joseph said.
The Wise Men went in and saw Mary sitting quietly, holding her baby.
They bowed down and worshiped Jesus.
They also gave Mary and Joseph the presents they had brought.
They worshiped Jesus with their gifts and their love.
And Mary and Joseph smiled. God had given them a wonderful gift —
the Saviour of the world.