How to Direct a Movie: Independent Filmmaking : How to Edit Independent Films

Uploaded by expertvillage on 22.01.2008

Rhett Reiger, White Caspian Studios on behalf of Expertvillage. A brief comment on editing.
Now the editor's job, as I'm sure you know, is to handle the edit. To do all of the operating
of the equipment, to get the scenes, to cut them, put them all together, basically to
create the story that you already created, or I should say to put the story together
that you created. But the director has to be around for the edit. At least I think so.
Because the edit is so subjective. It can be edited in several different ways with the
same footage and you will end up getting a different movie. So it's important that the
director works with the editor and basically tells the editor, look, I would like to get
this out of the scene. This is the theme. This is where we're going. I'd like this to
be brief. I'd like this to one to be drawn out. I'd like this one to be a little edgy.
I'd like this one to be very relaxed. This kind of input into an editor, at the end not
telling him or her how to do their job. You let them do what they're good at doing, but
you've got to direct them, so they know what you're trying to achieve. And as a director,
if you can give good input into the editor so that he or she knows what they are supposed
to be doing, you're going to be much more satisfied with your project as a whole.