Audacity Tutorial How to Record Multi Track Music Recording & Edit - An Easy Tutorial Part 1

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My name is Andrew Mercer and today we're going to be talking about how to do multi track
record in using the software
audacity okay so the first thing that you're gonna need a couple things to do
this you know any course audacity which you can download and install for free
uh... i have another video here on how to do that so you check that out
you're going to need a microphone to record with
and you're going to need a set of headphones these now you can use any
kind of hit films like
uh... walkman headphones or i've had headphones or anything you know of the
uh... there's another video that you'll be able to check it out
this but uh... the better the microphone the better the quality of standard so if
you are getting
sony enough please with the might be because of the cause of the quality of
your microphone something to consider
okay so let's get it so first thing we did audacity companies who have been
running you know
to record in audacity of course you just heat
the record button
and says easy is that
uh... i'm going to records at the beginning of my recording than the
standard accounting to full bars of four at this song isn't four them can be
doing so how you're going to hear one-two-three-four one-two-three-four
condemned the song began and you'll see why do that a few minutes
let's go ahead and start macnaughton
three up
and stuff
lovely go case analysis of that back
antigone here may have found someone and pushed plane here pak
and and than of katie the idea that if you thought
uh... now listed on the second track
now here is why i came to him
if i didn't campaign i wouldn't know when to start
camping in
keeping so i can start read on the very first either the song
evident engine of the kind guessing of when a minister
and dino se at one two three four one two three and one
beat of silence that makes a little easier for me to edit later
now let's look again at the second track and this time we do it i'm going to also
canteen and the reason i'm thinking in this time
is to help us make sure that our
tracks or synchronized
a little later you'll see that later but right now let's let's just do it
but here we go
offering a high hat pattern in with that firstly box
to three
first xxx is first that's
space xx just districts
instep again okay
you can see
by looking at here it doesn't look like it's going up
look this history rate here and that's free radio step now one of and the first
place even it isn't
one watching
cheery table for one species not wind up at all so now what i'm gonna do is in
use my time shift to all
which is right here
you can see it when you're over yet to see it
and i'm gonna grab my second track and i'm in a slightly over to line up
did by the way uh... there's another video on how to use all reasonable tools
uh... injected it later
now up and go back to my selection to a number to select you know ram ram detour
three of the second measure a second bar
i'm assuming you see in these mice and mutual right here my gold magnifying
and this helps me lining up silicon really fine tune it
you see so we're trying to find a peak
picture peter lineup
now let's rewind playback
one g
this sites first first says that's pretty good hasn't been in and of course
now we have to track scott
thousand if mistake at third tracking is a mere last track leading and again
you can see why it might convenient houses lined up
if i had to go into the music and try to run out to be really difficult so my
counting in while listening to my counting in my headphones
it is really a salon up by the way let's go back to one thing reason i'm reminded
phones is because if i was using speakers
then that my microphone with here my speakers and re record what's already
recorded and you have like echoes in things
so the mike from the headphones
help me to isolate the tracks populist track three
reminding me of record again
they'd be cheeky the estimates spiked eastgate elements pupae sticky yuki
deluged slots exch
uh... so
that's my breath
uh... and you can see again it's not lined up again and and and not as he
does that mean only it throws things out and you can change some of the settings
here to make it illegal recorded more accurately but you know to tell you the
truth i don't bother because he consult easily fix it after the fact so let's
look again we have like this is b two
and they speak three right out of line so
o'connell lima the year
now i'm going to do it and go back to my selection to appear on top easy
selection jewel
and in a precursor
break here and be to of the second major
per second bar
antenna i'm gonna blow it up with my two a magnifying glass over here in the
and this was my and got my time shift ruling just fine tune it
too we are unhappy and spring you're was
as we want to play
eighty-three d_p_s_ geez spiked eastgate telematics you options could you please
values slots exch
okay so uh... that's my silliness so as to the ego of now we have of basically
we have the uh... the whole thing
uh... multi track recorded and
with one thing i'm not going to end this this tutorial on how to make this a long
uh... but said the next thing you would do is snip off
uh... in it and
the counting at the beginning
and then you also you can and clean up begins as well so we can feed it out and
have a nice cleaning but i'll cover that another video
so there you go multi track record in our destiny
pretty easy
and of course save save save save save
interested and we do not attracting
maitri saved as a project don't go exporting it already think that until
you finish the project so me she stayed as project far-out uh...
and in another video i'll show you how to uh... decipher between a different
formats of audio
when she was a project
when you check spores in p three caterpillar anne thanks for watching
check of some of the other videos are here and i'll be seeing you next time