The Treasure at the roots of the Tree of Earth, ep.2, eng/gr.subs

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The Treasure at the Roots of the Tree of Earth
Second episode
Hallo again. Do you know what day is today? Of course you do!
It's Christmas. Specifically, it's Christmas night.
Our friend are sleeping, in order to get rest from the long way.
Let's see, do you remember them?
Flower, the elf.
Pimply, the kalikantzaros (goblin).
Seer, the devil.
Omael, the angel.
And Pan, the ancient God.
But, If I can see well, Flower is a little worried.
It seems that he isn't sleeping.
Pimplius?! Hey, Pimplius! Hey! I'm talking to you! Wake up!
Huh? Who's there? Let me just a while mum!
Get up Pimplius, you sleepyhead!
Damned! It's you! What's wrong with you? And in the middle of the night!
I believe that you lied to me.
Huh! Surely there is something wrong with that air up to the North, that annoys you.
Go to sleep, so the rest of us would also sleep. And my name is Pimply. PIM-PLY!
How many times do I have to tell you? Go to sleep now.
Don't try to bilk me!
Oh, I won't get rid of him. Go! Speak!
What did you tell me when we first met?
What did you tell me when we first met? - What did I tell you!
You told me that you, kalikantzari, are climbing to the surface on Christmas eve.
That is how it is.
You also said that you climbed up after all the atohers kalikantzari left,
that you were getting drunk for days and that you lost your way.
I've already told you that!
So, you didn't left yesterday from down below, but it's been days you're on the surface
and you lied to me. Do you have another explanation?
It cannot be explained in another way, huh?
The truth is that it's been about ten days since I've left.
Yet, it is also truth that they would place me to guard the Tree and they would just spree.
Since I didn't know you, I could not trust you. What if you were an agent of Mandrakoukos?
That's why I lied to you. I was annoyed and I climbed up alone.
Afterwards, I would return to guard the Tree but I messed up I guess.
Meanwhile, somewhere else in Greece...
Have fun as much as you can get, or even more!
And do what I told you, me brave ones! If you see that stupid, Pimply,
send him to me to tell him a thing or two, ok?
Shut up both of you, or go to hell.
Perfect! Like it wasn't enough having the two of them to gossip, here's devil and his bray
to rouse us!
Will you all st....
Will you all st.... What is the time?
Perhaps it's time to sleep!
It's half past eleven and in a while Christmas dawns.
Why are you asking, Omael?
Ah! 'll be late. Oh my! Gabriel is going to blame me!
Why don't you tell us what happened, since we're all awaken, thanks to
someone's wisecrack?
Soon it'll be Christmas and all angels have a work to do.
Yeah, sure...We wouldn't want to miss that event...
I must bring the joyful message of the Birth in these lands. That's my debit.
And we have permission to send to Hell anyone who stands in our way to do that.
Seriously? Oh, my body shivers! There, look!
Can we come along, to keep you company?
Can we come along, to keep you company? -NO!
I'll go. I got annoyed by all of your brays. I cannot sleep now.
Ahm...Say, why don't we go with them? I'm a bit scared of that place
and I'm unfamiliar with the surface of Earth.
Uhm...Don't be afraid...I am here. Huh!... I'm the one who dominates darkness...
A night like this one couldn't scare me....
...but let's go, cause the others won't make it on their own...
And, lo, the angel of the Lord came upon them, and the glory of the Lord shone round about them: and they were sore afraid.
And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you agood tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people.
For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.
And this shall be a sign unto you; Ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger.
And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying,
Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.
Surely, a lot of peace...Since christianity became an established religion, we are
unable to find time to order new cauldrons to put in the "peacemakers".
Why should someone blame Jesus, if others use him to obtain their evil purposes?
After all, there is also the free will of man.
Well, then Jesus shouldn't let them choose freely and he should force them to be good.
Yes, but then you would say that he restricts freedom of mankind.
Hey! I'm not called devil for nothing, dearest!
Come with me.
I hope you want to show us something serious.
I'm going nowhere. I got bored.
(Please help me)
We must learn why that child is alone tonight, standing in the cold. I'll appear in front of him.
Hell no! There are rules, sir! We do not appear before people whenever we wish!
Yes, I was waiting for you to teel me about the rules! That case - man in
a bad situation during Christmas - comes under special occasions and it is crearly
allowed to appear before humans in a human look. That's it!
Damned! Is there in deed such a provision in the handbook?
Hello! What is your name?
Hello sir. Peter is my name.
And what are you doing out here, Peter, in such a cold weather and during Christmas?
I cadge, sir.
You cadge?! Why? And why here?
There's a church not far away from here and enough peopl are passing by.
I must buy medicine for me brother, otherwise he will die.
Could you also give me something?
What about your parents? Don't they have any money?
They don't live no more.
Oh, I see...And where do you live now!
We live in a basement, which no one cares for. But it has a lot of moisture, and my brother got ill.
Doctor told me that, if he win't take the medicine, he'll pass away.
I looked for a job, but no one would hire me and so I'm forced to beg.
I asked the pharmacist to give me the medicine and to pay him whenever I could afford to, but he denied.
Whoa! Pharmacist is my guy. That's the way man! Join our side!
Let's go, Peter, to see your brother and see if there is a chance to help you.
Really sir? Will you help us?
Really sir? Will you help us? -Of course. If I can.
-What is your name?
-What is your name? -Om...Homer...that what they call me.
That silly boy! He almost revealled himself!
You know, Petere, during Christmas some of the wishes come true, if you really want them to.
Do you really believe that, mr. Homer?
Of course I believe that. What is your wish?
I wish my brother to get well!
I pity that boy! I think that some wine would help his brother's health. We must tell Omael about that.
Ah! I believe that he'll get excited with such an idea! Let's tell it to him, so he'd send us to hell.
He would do well not to get involved into my business.
Hey, look! We're entering a city of humans!
Basil, a gentleman came with me. Mr. Homer. He wants to help us.
Hello Basil. How are you?
Are you kidding us, Omael? The kid is a mess!
I am not very well, mr. Homer.
We should call a doctor!
Everything will be fine, Basil.
I cannot lie to you, Mr. Homer. If the kid doesn't get the medicine soon, unfortunately we'll lose it.
Then, let's go to a drugstore and buy it.
Unfortunately, you'l find it only in one store, Mr. Mingy's (Fragofonias) one, the biggest in town.
It is very expensive for the smaller stores and it is not in the health insurance list.
Most of the people cannot afford to buy it and Mr. Mingy sells it in high prices, with no discount.
Unfortunately, neither I have it. I would give it to the child, but...
Farewell sir. Merry Christmas boys and...get well Basil...
Merry Christmas, doctor.
Omael, why don't you use your powers to heal Basil?
Wow! We aren't allowed to interfere that easy in human's lives!
Mr. Homer, who are you talking to?
What? no one. I was talking to myself. Well now, I'll go and see Mr. Mingy.
I'll be right back!
-Is your friend a little bit crazy?
-Is your friend a little bit crazy? -Now that you mentioned it...I think you're right!
Good evening sir and merry christmas. How may I serve you?
Good evening. I came for Basil, Peter's brother.
Yes, I know the incident. What about it?
He is in critical condition and he desperately needs the medicin...
Hey! That's enough! I didn't make a fortune my dearest by doing charity.
Long live, my horrible man! I'll put you to boil in the biggest cauldrons!
Huh! Men like him, Jupiter fulminated them just for fun!
Well, you'll be right to say that he fulminated some nice guys too, not only of the kind of that one.
Oh my! That man makes me sick!
But, the kid is in a risk of dying!
What can someone do? That's life! Now, leave me, cause I have to calculate today's earnings.
-But, it is christmas, and...
-But, it is christmas, and... -It is, indeed. Best wishes and goodnight sir.
Mingy is stingy! I bet he won't even pay for a glass of wine!
Dude, he's ungrateful even to his angel!
Well, if he reaches the end, I'll have to give him the medicine.
But how can someone make a fortune that way? Mercy me!
What's that! Hell no! I won't lose you that easy!
A ha! I figured out what to do!
He is worst today. Things don't look good.
Uhm...the air opened the door.
Are you serious? what are you trying to do?
Guess what I'm holding!
You don't say! Is it the medicine?
You don't say! Is it the medicine? -Oh yes!
How did you make it!
Well, I spoke the language of logic to Mingy and he got persuaded.
Well done, Omael! In the end you saved that boy.
Faith saved him!
Faith saved him! -Pharmaceutics saved him, but never mind.
You blasphemer!
And doctor will hire Peter as his assistant, he'll send him to school and he'll help him in his lessons.
As well as Basil. They might becoom doctors tomorrow. Everything went well at the end.
Hey, Seer. Between you and me now...Did you really persuaded Mingy to give you
to medicine for free? He would sell his mother if he could!
Are you crazy? Do you think that we just throw our clients in the trush like that?
On the contrary, not to let him do something bad and think of good, I took advantage
of my knowledge on chemistry - and it is remarkable may I say -
and I fabricated the medicine myself!
You are a monster! Well done!
Hmmm...Yes, but that way you did a good act. That is, you failed!
Not exactly. I managed Mingy before he did something good and that
way I saved the day. On the other hand, doing the good was against the rules.
But that's why I remain a lower employee for so mane aeons. I prefer me to be
the one who does the good deed, than someone else. We've been that through before.
A! Ok then.
Yes, but in the end you're not that evil. So?
Damn! Stop hazing me!
Whoa! Horse traces!
What's the big deal? It isn't like you saw aliens.
-I've seen aliens.
-I've seen aliens. -Really? What do they look like? Like us?
Well now, that depents on the planet they live on. Where oxygene is rare, they're tall and skinny.
Where oxygene is plenty, they're short and grumpy. If the planet has water,
they have big eyes...
they have big eyes... - You didn't get it! They're horses
without horseshoes. Wild horses! They must be the ones I had as a sign
to return to the Tree. We must find them!