Nail "Bling" patch art by cute nails

Uploaded by cutenails on 10.08.2012

Hello, in this video I will show you how to apply the bling patches.
It is similar to previous mirror patches that you might have seen
But this time with small patterns in relief.
It's very easy to apply.
So let’s have a look at the tutorial. I hope that you'lll like it.
Here are the Bling glitter patches.
Here's what they look like, they contain 18 different nail arts.
First, choose the patch that will fit your nail.
If the patch doesn't fit, use a bigger one, there are different sizes.
Then simply cut the edges at both sides.
With the help of tweezers or your fingers, remove the patch cautiously because it's very delicate.
Remove it slowly.
Then place it on your nail. Make sure your nail polish is dry before you apply it, that's very important.
Now remove whatever is sticking out simply with your fingers
Then file the edge of your nail with a nail buffer to glue the patch.
Do not your a big nail file, or else it will damage the design.
Here's the final result.
It's nice to touch. Lightly three-dimensional.
You can also apply the bling patch on a nail with no color.
It's not as beautiful but if you don’t have much time, just apply the base coat and then the bling patch.
You need to apply it well all over your nail.
It lasts for several days. I’ve kept mine for up to five days without any problem.
I haven't checked further than five days but it does last. What do you think? Have you tried more?
I'll show you another patch now.
This is the one I like the most. It is very bright and comes out very well on a pink color base.
As you see, you can make a mistake, remove it easily and re-apply it if your nail polish is dry enough.
The transparent plastic has some kind chemical reaction with the nail polish
It dissolves it and that's is how it sticks so well.
Here's another idea. You are not compelled to put the whole patch on your nail.
You can cut it in V shape to make a V shape French manicure.
You can cut it in different shapes however you like.
We could have also made a white or colored slanted French manicure.
Here it is, you just have to apply it well in the center and it's over.
One last example: now I'll cut a slice of the patch.
That I'll apply on my nail.
I would advise you to apply some top coat on the patches when you apply them so they hold better.
However you apply the whole patch, it's not necessary to use a top coat.
To remove the patch, use tweezers like this but it takes more time.
As you can see, the nail polish remover is not very useful here. You need to scratch it before.
It takes more time to remove with tweezers. And to be honest it annoys me!
When you’ve removed almost all the residues, use a nail polish remover to remove the glue.
As you see, it has not caused any damage to my nail. It is very smooth.
It has nothing to do with stickers that could have damaged your nails if they were not correctly applied.
The quickest method according to me is the nail buffer.
All that you have to do, is to file the sticker.
Rub it until all the bubbles are gone. Then finally use a nail polish remover to remove the rest.
Once again, my nail is not damaged. Since I have just filed the patch.
I hope that you liked this video, if so tell me with a thumb up and please subscribe, if you haven't already for more tutorials like this! See you again!