How to Make African Crafts : Attaching Raffia to an African-Themed Decorative Pillow

Uploaded by expertvillage on 24.10.2008

Hello, my name is Denise Robinson, and I'm a set designer for television and film. And,
I'm here on behalf of Expert Village. Okay. I'm going to do another corner, and repeat
what I just did. Take a little bit of raffia that I cut. This gets to be a little messy,
but you'll get the hang of how to work with it. And, I'm just squeezing it so I can have
control over it and it won't be so wild. Cut me another piece of twine, enough so I can
double it. Double the twine. Take it and make a knot in the middle of the raffia. And, I'm
going to do it double. Take the raffia again and kind of form it so it won't be so wild.
Take my second corner and bunch it together like that. Tie the raffia around it, and make
sure it's pulled up enough around it that it won't slide. Tie a knot really tight. You
want to make sure that the raffia is in the center so that it has some type of uniform.
Tie a couple of knots in it so it'll stay secure. And it's all right if some of the
twine is hanging. I'm going to take the raffia and kind of scrunch it together to give it
some form. And, there's the start of the second...