Red Alert! | Smudge & Squeak: Working Puppies Ep. 12

Uploaded by eHowPets on 03.10.2012

Previously on the adventures of Smudge and Squeak: It was a sad day at Moss Mountain
Farm after a night time attack left one of the flock members mortally wounded. But the
return of Smudge and Squeak raised everyone's spirits. It appeared that everything was back
to normal. But now, let's find out what new challenge awaits our gals on the next adventures
of Smudge and Squeak. Night may have fallen on the farm, but Smudge and Squeak are always
working to become the ultimate defenders of the flock. A sudden disturbance triggers the
alert, and the sisters spring into action. Their flock has been terrorized enough, and
there's no way they're gonna sit still while it happens again. In the woods, something
has startled the Dorpers. The tension rises. Even Trudy and Moose head for cover. But Smudge
and Squeak will protect them all. They know what's at stake. In the morning, the whole
farm is all abuzz with the news. Smudge and Squeak do show signs of a struggle, but they've
done a good job. Well done, little ladies, the farm is safe. All the different animals
are present and accounted for, and the predator was kept at bay. The flock sure is glad to
have their gals back, and the sisters are happy to be of service. Moss Mountain Farm
is getting back to being the happy place it was before the girls left for a while. Everybody's
enjoying the nice afternoon and getting back to their routine. Everything slowly settles
down. The sisters begin their follow-up inspection to make sure the pen is secure and that none
of the flock are in danger of attack. The predator may try again, but they'll be ready.
And our gals won't hesitate to use force in order to protect all the animals on the farm,
even some of the less friendly ones. Because when it comes down to it, they are a family.
These gals are the defenders of the flock until it's time for the next adventures of
Smudge and Squeak.