Gundarr - Meet Moody Sue (Ep #23)

Uploaded by MondoMedia on 18.09.2012

[Greggers:] Mr. Gundarr!
Mr. Gundarr! I'm so glad I caught up with you before you left!
What's the haps on a cool adventure?
Are you ready to go for a bro-down sesh?
[Gundarr:] Oh, jeez, little guy.
Gundarr be battling the demon lizard dog men from Hell's Navel.
It be a liiitle dangerous for squirrely green noodle-necks.
[Greggers:] Oh, please take me with you, Mr. Gundarr!
Mr. Todd always treats me like crap.
[Gundar:] Hmm... Okay. You can be bait for giant dog monsters!
[Greggers:] Awesome.
There is just one tiny little thing, though.
My mom's making me babysit my little sister.
Moody Sue, c'mere!
[Moody:] I don't care what mom said.
You're not "babysitting" me. I can take care of myself perfectly fi-
[Greggers:] Oh, no.
[Moody:] O. M. G!
Are you Gundarr the Barbarian?
THE Gundarr the Barbarian? Haha- hi!
I'm Suedy Moo. I- I mean, Moody Sue.
I'm like, your biggest fan.
[Gundarr:] Wait. You green boy's sister?
But why you not be looking greeny?
[Greggers:] Yeah, mom and dad had a mixed marriage.
[Moody:] Will you sign my shotgun? And my Gundarr comics? And my boobs!
Can I be your sidekick? Will you also be my boyfriend?
OMG! I can be your girlfriend sidekick. That would be super sweet.
[Gundarr:] No thanks.
[Greggers:] Ha ha ha, burn!
(rabid cat sound)
[Moody:] What? Why not?
[Gundarr:] Not Gundarr's type.
[Moody:] But... but I'm hot!
[Gundarr:] Eh... Not really doin' it for me. Sorry!
[Moody:] I'm also good in a battle. I can help you!
[Gundarr:] Girlie help Gundarr battle?
[Greggers:] Holy sh*t let's just go the the f***ing hell hole and kill some f***ing dog lizard whatevers already!
[Gundarr:] Yeeah.
Let get goin', huh?
[Moody:] Wooo!
What a rush!
Those dogs never stood a chance.
I feel sorry for anyone who didn't get to witness that battle with their own eyes!
[Greggers:] Oh, that was amazing!
We kicked those helldogs' butts!
Have you ever seen anything so epically awesome before, Mr. Gundarr?
[Gundarr:] No way!
That the craziest fight Gundarr ever seen!
It be like BWOOSH!
Hey, Moody! You not so bad after all!
You handle yourself pretty good!
[Moody:] Oh, wow. Thanks, Gundarr.
I'd love to show you how I really handle myself, sometime.
[Gundarr:] Nah, that cool. See ya later, green guy!
[Greggers:] Ooh, Moody!
That was Mr. Gundarr's best burn yet!
(Barbaric outtro)