WhatsUp Gold v16.0 Overview

Uploaded by IpswitchWhatsUpGold on 08.10.2012

I'm Brian Jacobs, senior product manager for the WhatsUp Gold family of network management
products, with an overview of the power, simplicity, and unrivaled value found in the new features
of WhatsUp Gold v16.0. Customize dashboards with elements from any
area of WhatsUp Gold to create a single pane of glass with instant visibility into the
health of your entire IT infrastructure. Additional polling engines can be added to
distribute polling loads across multiple servers, scaling a single WhatsUp Gold installation
to up to 20,000 devices. Assign specific subnets and devices to individual
pollers to design a resilient and secure monitoring strategy for protected and remote networks.
Advanced layer 2 functionality is now integrated into all WhatsUp Gold editions. Port-to-port
topology maps are automatically generated for all discovered subnets.
Utilize a wide range of configurable filters and options to create your own dynamic topology maps.
Build ad-hoc topology maps by adding objects
interactively, turning WhatsUp Gold into a daily-use tool for network engineers.
Easily refresh layer 2 asset and topology details for devices and groups with a single click.
Utilize automatically generated device dependencies
based on layer 2 topology to reduce extraneous alerts, bringing an unprecedented level of
intelligence to your network management system. Access layer 2 asset details to generate custom
reports on hardware and software inventory, device connectivity, and hardware warranty status.

Integrated wireless management functions for Cisco and Aruba wireless hardware are included
in the Premium, Distributed, and MSP Editions of WhatsUp Gold version 16.
Visualize wireless networks with feature rich maps that allow you to instantly understand
physical and logical wireless topology. Drill down into specific details about wireless
infrastructure devices and associated clients, right from the wireless map.
Explore current and historical infrastructure performance data to identify the root cause
of wireless issues, validate optimal wireless system design, and understand how your wireless
resources are consumed. Track wireless clients over time to maintain
a record of accountability and to ensure compliance with regulations and policies.
Receive automatic alerts for dangerous wireless conditions, such as banned clients, hidden
and unauthorized rogues, bandwidth abusers and infrastructure performance issues.
Use the WhatsVirtual plug-in to visualize your VMware virtualization infrastructure and understand
current relationships between virtual machines, ESXi hosts, and clusters.
Click objects in the WhatsVirutal LiveMap to drill into relevant details about each
virtual machine. Use the integrated actions to perform routine VM management tasks.
Explore virtual machine, host, and vCenter event logs with a feature-rich reporting system
that allows you to generate reports from many different vantage points to quickly find and
resolve problems.
Use the administrative task scheduler to automatically maintain your WhatsUp Gold installation, including
regular database backups and routine optimizations. Experience the power, simplicity, and unrivaled
value of these and many other advanced features in a single pane of glass. Try WhatsUp Gold
version 16 free for 30 days by visiting whatsupgold.com