Richard Feynman - Law of Gravitation - An Example of Physical Law part1

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ladies and gentlemen
my privilege to introduce the messenger lecture
mister richards the finding of the California institute of technology
professor fineman is as this thing grows theoretical physicist and he's done much to bring order
out of the confusion
which is what much to the spectacular development in physics during the post-war period
among his honors and awards
i'll mention only the albert einstein award in nineteen fifty four
this is an award which is made every third year in which includes a gold medal and a
substantial sum of money
professor I'm engaged undergraduate working and liked the
and he's going to have to work at princeton
he worked on the Manhattan project is constantly here at Los alamos
he was appointed an assistant professor here at cornell nineteen forty four
well we did not assume residents until the end of the war
I thought it might be interesting to see what was said about him when he was appointed at
so I searched the menace of our board of trustees
there's absolutely no record of his appointment
I added
there are however some references
%uh to the leaves of absence salary and promotions
one reference to nurses neediest isolated
on July thirty one nineteen replying the chairman of the police department
the Dean of the arts college stating that
doctor feinman is an outstanding feature an investigator
the who develops infrequently
the chair and suggested
that an annual salary of three thousand dollars was a bit to all the distinguished faculty
the word
and recommended that professor time in salary the increased nine hundred dollars
an act of unusual generosity
it was completely disregard for the sovereignty of the university cost up to nine hundred
dollars maybe it isn't even past
the world
you can see that we felt island professor fineman even met
fine then took up residence here at the end of nineteen forty five and and find highly
productive years on our factory
he left cornell in nineteen fifty eight and was to tell that story is that ever since
I mean that's why I want to tell you there's a little bit more about it
three four years ago he started speaking of getting physics forces
don't ask
and the result is that it has a new dimension to this President
it's like you're not going to run
and they represent a refreshing approach to the subject
in the press
of the public elected there's a picture a fine man
reforming happily on the bottle problems
my cal tech friends tell me that he sometimes dropped in on the Los angeles night spots
in takes over the work of the driver
this is your client tells you there's a distinction
another is special these is safe cracking
what lessons that the he wants would allow states the secret is fat women
remove the secret document left without saying guess who
I could tell you about that time did he learn Spanish before he went to give a series of
lectures in brazil
this gives me enough decision about that and I think that's what he's saying that I'm delighted
to welcome
the President trying to practice for now
the general populace
it's the nature of physical law
and it's topic for tonight is the author of the patients
an example would be the law
think it's fine
it's not but in the infrequent occasions when I've
since called the fundamental threat to play the bomb goes on
he introduced another seems to find it necessary to mention that I also think the radicals
I believe that's probably %uh that we respect the arts more than the sciences
the office of the renaissance
said that demands
main concern should be for men
it's not about some other things of interest in the world
even the oddest appreciate some that
and the ocean waves
the March of the start to close the heavens
and there is some reasons and the for of other things some time
as we look into these things
we did a study from letter from their recommendations
but there's also
the rhythm and a pattern between the phenomenon of nature
we didn't have time to the eye but only to the idea of for analysis
hundreds of the rhythms and patterns which we hope to people on earth
what I want to talk about in a series of elections
so the general characteristics of the physical and that's the fundamental level if you will
of hard it's probably a little of both
on that stump
really I'm talking about is nature
I've seen as a result of detailed analysis
but on the beach
most full general formerly the major or placement we wish to speak about
that's what the topic of defense to become through philosophical the to the consul general
but there are persons Los angeles generalities that everybody can understand him
and it's considered to be some the philosophy if you
how about I would like
so the
very bottom or special and
I would like to be understood in an honest way a lot of them in a very latest on the
and so if you don't mind I'm going to try
instead of the only the generali in this first like an example of physical all
so I do have at least one example of the things about which I'm speaking generally
that's right yeah I can you eat this example again and again to give an instant
to make a reality out of something
which would otherwise be too abstract
now I've chosen for my special example to the court
to tell you about the theory of gravitas on those grounds
why I chose gravity I don't know
whenever I kill you would ask the same question
actually it's a
with one of the first great love to be discovered
I'm not have an interesting history
you might say yes but then I thought that I would like to get something about those
times more modern science
no reason to happen not more not armed
modern science is exactly in the same condition as the discoveries of the law of out of patience
it is all the more recent discovery that we would be talking