Opera Tech Break - Internet on Your TV

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Hi I am Aneesh. Please take a break with me at Opera Tech Break
Our fist question is from Kao Tien-I from Taiwan
What is the thing that TV browser can do but PC's browsers cannot?
As users we are not used to switch on our TV and try to download a web browser
We are used to that on our PC, we download a web browser, enter our favorite URL and surf the Internet
But what happens on TV is these browsers are actually integrated inside the television by the manufacturers
who get the browser from us, the browser is the same, it runs the same engine as the desktop browser you are familiar with
they take this browser and embed it inside their TVs, and then use the browser for a very different use case
This may or may not be full web browsing
But at least it's used for rendering the user interface that you see on the TV
Maybe you don't see a web browser interface with a URL bar with a back and forward button
but the whole web page that you see there is actually written in HTML, css, Javascript
and it requires a modern web browser like Opera to be rendered on your TV
Alright, time for one more question, and this one is from aichiu14 from China
How Opera for TV is gonna solve the problem that the Internet is growing bigger, but the users only have limited attention on it?
That's quite an interesting take on this topic, but it's actually also a perfect question in the context of TV
Because tv is meant to be traditionally a lean back experience, and we believe as well at Opera -
we like lean back, pick up our remote controls, and then surf the Internet on the TV in a lean back fashion
How can we achieve this?
Keeping in mind that we said we do not really want to enter a URL on a TV and try and browse our favorite site
There are many angles that you can think about. For example if i am watching my favorite TV show following my football team
I might wanna share with my friends what i am watching, it's a phenomenon called "Social TV"
I can just pick up my remote control, press a couple of buttons. On my twitter feed it's broadcasting exactly what I am watching
A friend sitting in another part of the world, can click on the link on my twitter feed
and tune to the same channel if he has access to it. That's one dimension
Another interesting use case for Internet on the TV is with regards to exploring more about what you're watching
Let's say i am watching a movie, and I'd like to know more information about who the actor is, who the director is,
and what other movies they stared in. I should be able to pick up my remote control again, press a couple of buttons
and really understand who are the actors in this movie, who is the director of the movie
Click on the link, go into Wikipedia, go into IMDB
and pull more information about the other roles they've played or the other movies they've directed
So i think it really opens up the door for combining traditional TV with the Internet in a lean back fashion
to extract the information that you most care about when you're sitting back on your couch
Okay let's get another question
This one is from Syed in Saudi Arabia
What do you think will be the largest thing to compete between other browsers? Or what do you offer than other TV browsers?
The first and foremost thing that we offer, which sets us apart from other TV browsers
is that we actually also have a PC browser
Since we run the same core engine from our PC browser also in these TVs
It brings the same level of standards support like HTML5, CSS3 the latest fastest Javascript engine, as well as SVG on these TVs.
I think the other thing that really sets us apart is the fact that
Our browser is used and developed for millions of people on the PC
Just think about the possibilites when you have the whole Opera browser just as you expect on your PC on your TV
It opens up the door for millions of applications which are web based on your TV
and that's something unique which we can bring
We announced deals for Sony for their Bravia TVs, with Toshiba
with Sharp, with Philips who we have been shipping with for a couple of years, with LOEWE, with TechniSat
and a whole sets of setup box providers around the world, all looking to bring modern HTML5 based applications on your TV
Thanks for sending me your questions, I really enjoyed answering them and taking a break with you
Stay tuned for more from Opera Tech break