Traxxas Summit Unboxing & First Review

Uploaded by rcnightmare on 15.11.2010

Hey there. Jeremy here from Today were going to be doing an unboxing
of a Traxxas Summit. I was already starting to real the word T-Lock when I tried to say
This is a pretty unique RC itís kind of more of like a hybrid. Its not really a
true monster truck; itís not really a true crawler, but a lot of great features. Obviously
sealed drive shafts, GDR shocks. Youve got the all waterproof so youíve got the waterproof
sealed servo box; the steering servos are all waterproof; the speed control obviously,
also waterproof. Its got the tightened 775 motor with a 5mm pinion shaft.
First Traxxas won several awards for this Summit winning the Best Innovation from
RC Car Action. Lets open this up. The Summit can actually run on two 2S Lipo batteries
or you can roll with the nickel metal hydride or the lithium ion. Traxxas includes two NIMH
battery packs. What youre going to need too is 4 AA batteries for the receiver inside
Such a huge box hopefully I can get most of it in the frame. First thing youre going
to see here is the 2.4 GHz controller ñ looks very similar to all their other 2.4 GHz controllers.
The only thing now you see here is a switch for the differential control. Other than that
everything looks the same the wheel looks a little different but for the most part thatís
pretty standard.
StyrofoamÖand here it is absolute monster Traxxas Summit. One thing youíll notice
obviously right away is how wide the stance is. Interestingly enough the body really
isnít any bigger than you know, the Slash body, but when you take the top off you see
theyíve taken a lot of careful time to balance all the weight out and really cram as many
things into a small area as they can.
One thing that youíll notice right away ñ one thing that I was really impressed with
is the battery compartments the way it stores batteries. They tuck them away nice
underneath here so you need less surface area to store the batteries. instead of going out,
it just built up. That makes a lot of sense to me, especially in something where you want
to maintain a specific center of gravity.
Here youíll also see a lot more servos than youíre used to seeing right? So youíve got
steering servos and youve got a very large motor. Everythingís all sealed here and youve
got your receiver box thats also sealed. So Traxxas really put a lot of power into
this thing and made sure that it was all sealed up, just kind of becoming obviously their
selling point everything ís waterproof.
Also youll notice ñ itís got some lights already prebuilt in thatís pretty neat.
I know RPM makes a set of lights that go across the top here. Weíll be real interested to
try those out and see if we can really run it at night. It also has brake lights as well.
So, we dont know yet Ive never run it Ive never actually seen it running
so I donít know, are they going to look cheesy? Are they going to be functional? I have no
real idea. But Im going to find out were going to run it tonight and were going to
record a little bit of it.
The other thing thatís real interesting with this is how it mounts its suspension system.
It protects everything on the outside because youre really going to be hitting some rough
terrain. So it works in the same fashion, but theyve got it all laid out inside, similar
to something like the Revo too. Really a lot of play here large range of motion. Youíll
notice also the tires very soft and sticky and far away from the body way outside
to give you a huge wide stance.
Underneath, about what youd expect. Not as clean as say something like the Slash on
the bottom, but fairly clean nothing hanging out. Everythingís protected with hard plastic.
Areas youre going to rub against boxes or rocks or stairs or whatever you might be trying
to crawl on.
So lets see what else is in the box Traxxas is really just going to be their standard
hardware kit and instruction manual. This will be important for us as we learn some
of the uniqueness Ive never really worked with a locking differential and all these
types of things so itís going to be real fun and real interesting to take this thing
out tonight; check it out.
Early impressions it seems like a beast. The body actually too, theyíve got a lot
of support; a lot of like hard molding around it. Doesnít seem so flimsy like their other
bodies, but I assure you it is. Itís just got the molding, but itís kind of cool looking.
We picked this up at our local Hobby Town in Menomonee Falls. The price was the same
as anywhere else; the same as on the internet so we like to spend our time and our money
at Hobby Town around here. Other than that, if you have any questions,
you can submit them in the comments so we can hopefully answer them for you. Itís an
expensive truck so we know that thereís going to be a lot of questions out there before
anyone jumps into an expensive truck like this.
But from what I hear is itís kind of the best of both worlds. You can change the gearing,
if you want to go fast or if you want to go slow. Just great all around truck. So were
looking forward to running it and reporting back and I hope you enjoyed this video.