Star Trek - The Next Animation (Movie) [english subtitled]

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Personal log, stardate 48722.9. Today, I'm the captain! Yes, of course!
But it's only because I've been aboard this stupid shuttle for more than eight hours.
Looks pretty nice. Captain Riker, please report at the bridge.
Ambassadress ... may I introduce you to Captain Riker.
Nice to meet you.
It's my pleasure to welcome you aboard.
Oh lord, please. I can't hear it anymore.
Ah, shut up! You should better tell me, the estimated time of arrival.
There is no information available at this time.
Why? But we have been already traveling for ever.
We should arrive soon?!
Negative. You didn't enter any coordinates of a destination.
This is so typical. So where are we now?
Our current position is ...
Federation vessel! You are not authorized to entered Klingon territory!
Do not resist or you'll be destroyed!
What??! They are bloody maniacs!
Warning! Navigation systems failed!
Oh shit!
Earl Grey.
What is that?
An illustration of Earl Grey. Eponym of the famous ...
I meant the beverage.
In a package? No problem.
Don't bother me! I don't want any stupid package!
Wanna have it more colorful? Just give me a second.
Listen mate! I was in the Nexus. I fought the Borg and even the Remans!
So, you won't defeat me!
Of course not, captain.
Wanna have a different package?
Come in! It's open!
Captain, Worf and Data sent us a message.
They asked about Commander Riker. He should have arrived there two hours ago.
Presumably, the guy lost his route once again.
You can't take your eyes off him for more than a minute.
Captain Riker! We caught you while you entered a Klingon security area without authorisation.
This is a violation of our intergalactic contracts with the Federation.
Do you have anything to say for your defense?
You should better erect some signs. "Watch out, Klingon territory. Keep out!"
Good. So cut a long story short.
Captain Riker! Hereby this court sentences you to a life imprisonment in the dilithium mines
of the penal colony asteroid Rura Penthe.
Hey? Boss? We can't do this. Rura Penthe has no vacancy.
What? No vacancy? How is this possible?
It's main season.
Well. How about Navidad?
This should work.
So he'll go to Navidad!
Captains log, stardate 48726.4. We are in search of Commander Riker, who was on a flight to the
nearby Rensus colony to pick up Lieutenant Commander Data, Lieutenant Worf and a
delegate of the colony. The Commander however seems to have disappeared
mysteriously on his way. I'm seriously worried.
The shuttle was expensive.
We succeeded to track the course of the shuttle with our long range scanners.
If the sensor datas are correct, this should have been the course of the shuttle.
Omigosh! So he made it to the back of beyond.
To say it more accurately, he is in the Klingon territory.
Did the Klingons take him prisoner?
Sure, but I think the Commander is controlling the situation completely.
Is there anybody?
This is the automatic answering machine of the Klingon High Council.
At the moment there is nobody in the office.
Come in!
Please hold the line or give it a try later again. Qapla!
Still no trace of the Commander?
No. I've reached only their answering machine.
If conventional ways don't succeed, sometimes you must choose the unconventional one.
What do you mean?
Maybe we should use other ways to get some information.
So what do you suggest?
Sometimes the simplest ways are the best. May I?
As I thought myself.
Look at that.
Been busy today! Incarcerated a cheeky federation officer into the dungeon of Navidad.
Come on you little bitch.
Shut up!
Next time you'll order something without chopstick!
Hey Vit'Ali! Look! This one is good.
You have nothing better to do, don't you?
As if you could read!
What's that?
How am I supposed to know this?
This is patrolship Morka.
What ship is that, over?
What ship is that, over?
What ship is that, over?
Did you turn on the mike?
Do you think I'm stupid?
What do you mean? Why doesn't the universal translator work anymore?
It was only shareware. Evaluation time expired.
You're kidding me.
That's it!
Here. Read this!
Why me?
Oh, come on!
We am thy freighter Ursva.
Six weeks out of ...
... Kronos.
Damn it! This is a fucking language!
And the writing is even worse.
Maybe you should turn the book!
That doesn't make it any better.
What's your destination?
We is condemning food ...
... things and supplies.
Don't catch any bugs!
Sorry, mate.
Mind if we make a little side trip?
I thought so.
Sir, we reached the system and moved into position behind the moon.
From here, no one should detect us.
Very well.
Can the sensors locate anything?
Our scans are registering a sensor grid above the colony.
Apparently to avoid illegal beaming.
A human life sign is detected.
However it still stands in the grid.
The bridge is yours, Mister LaForge.
Councellor, you'll come with me.
Picard to Doctor Crusher.
Crusher here.
Doctor, we'll fly to the surface.
We'll meet in a few minutes in shuttle bay 3.
Understood, Crusher over.
Captains Log, supplement.
Lost at sea for hours now.
I have neither a working sail nor any navigational instruments aboard.
No provisions except a shell with rancid old gagh.
And unless I find something to drink soon, I go crazy.
Why was I sent onto this stupid mission?
I thought it would bring me fame and glory.
Instead it threw me into the clutches of these stupid Klingons.
Why am I always the only one who has to fall into such a mess?
Who is floating blindly around the sea for days?
If only I wouldn't be so hungry.
Aboard the Enterprise I could replicate each and everything.
I wish I had a fishing rod. So I could at least catch some fishes.
But here is apparently nothing but fuggy seaweed and old flotsam.
Oh, my dear Deanna ...
After all these adventures in space ... I am cursed to starve on this ocean?
Without seeing your face once again?
Apparently I was blind and I have not seen what lay before me.
This will not happen to me again.
So, you little nuisance. And now? How should we go on?
You've always got brillant ideas.
Sure why not?
Do you see a phone anywhere?
Did anyone call a taxi?
So, girls. Move closer together. We have two more passengers.
Oh dear.
You go to the back seat!
Where do the human readings come from?
From ... over there!
But it moves away at high speed.
Up there!
He's as stupid as he is tall.
Did anyone invite any friends?
What? Why?
Because someone behind us has a strong desire to communicate.
Stop, you asshole!
Hello? Do you have a human aboard ...
Commander! It's us!
Deanna! Nice to hear your voice.
Well, tell him, I'm gonna kick his ass once we're back aboard the Enterprise.
Yes, me too. Will.
And the Captain sends you greetings!
These are my friends. They are alright.
Well, they seem to be really good friends.
You are in a military security area.
Immediately turn off your engines and surrender. Or we will destroy you!
What shall we answer?
Give them some interferences on the transmission. Or something else.
They should think we have some problems with our communication system.
What's that again?
Picard to Riker.
Riker here.
How is the condition of your ship?
Engine number 3 is on fire.
Do you still have enough energy left for your engines?
Just enough. We are at 60 percent.
This should work.
What are you gonna do?
Picard to Enterprise.
Enterprise here. Captain, the Klingons apparently appeared out of nowhere.
Yes they surprised all of us.
How is your status?
We're on red alert and our shields are raised.
I recommend you to return to the planet, while we keep the Klingons occupied.
We can't return to the planet.
Stand by to execute Emergency Landing Plan B.
What's Emergency Landing Plan B?
I don't have a clue.
B, as in "barricade"
He can't be serious. Oh shit!
What does this mean?
In order to lower and raise the shields as quickly as possible ...
we're not going to use the tractor beam.
And this means?
We get her in manually. 00:21:51.01,00:21:52:01 Manually?
How often have you done this?
Actually, it's my first attempt.
As I told you, girls. We should have better upgraded to business class.
LaForge, on my signal, open the bay doors.
I think, they wanna escape.
Me too. So, they should get to know us.
Picard to Enterprise. Lower shields.
Lowering shields, Sir.
Bird-of-prey bearing 1-0-5 mark 2-3-4.
Let's go!
That's Rock'N'Roll!
They're in!
Warp speed now!
Aye, Sir!
Did you see that? Crazy freaks!
Where is he?
Now I am fed up to the back teeth.
This was just an accident.
I'll show you an accident. Stay where you are!
Captain, this is not very diplomatic.
Diplomacy or not. Now it's time to kick someone's ass!
Riker to security! Emergency in shuttle bay 3!
So, you're a captain? Stop running away. I've a special award for you.
This is not funny!
Are you a man or a coward?
Depends on the situation.
So, I don't know what you think about it, but this seems to be a very strange ship.
So what do you think? Let's go to the bar for a drink?
Sure! Prosecco-Time!