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How's that?
The MicroKorg XL!
First off, I really like the design!
It's great! Very well done.
I'd like to play some of the sounds for you today.
For starters...
The keyboard is very good!
This knob is labeled 'Program Genre'
Sounds have been categorized in genres, like:
Vintage, Rock/Pop, R+B, Jazz, Techno...
House, Drum N Bass, etc.
Lots of variety!
And, each Genre is further divided into
Program Categories, like Poly Synth, Bass,
Lead and other such categories,
accessible via this knob.
Ok, set Genre to Vintage Synth,
Category to Poly Synth,
and you get Synth Brass.
Again, Category = Vintage Synth,
Category = Bass,
That's bass alright.
Yeah, that's really cool!
You can also choose sounds via the
Bank Select switch here on the left.
The choices are A or B.
So if you switch from one to the other...
It's on Vintage Synth, Bass, now it's on A...
switch it over to B and...
you get a variation of the sound.
Let's try Lead.
Ah, a 'sync' lead sound.
The XL's sound engine is
Korg's MMT virtual analog, which they've
been developing for some time,
used in the Radias, the R3 and so on.
The engine seems new and improved!
It sounds great!
Next, category: Motion/Arpeggiator.
An arpeggiator sound...
That one has 'Techno' written all over it!
Let's go to the Pad Category.
This switch here on the far left,
I used it in the beginning of the video actually,
lets you move the Octave, Up or Down.
If you use this while playing...
you can cover the whole range of octaves.
On to the Keyboard Category.
This Category deserves special mention.
Personally, the design reminds me
of an electric Piano.
How about an Electric Piano sound?
Set Category to Keyboard,
Genre to Vintage and you get this sound.
Genre = House
Category = Poly Synth
Patch = 'Poly Line'
Sound Effects, the patch is 'Jungle'
Keyboard Category, 'Synth Clavi'
So far, I've been demoing 'Single' sounds,
but it also has a 'Dual' mode,
so splits and layers are possible as well.
For example...
This sound on the lower half,
this on the upper, played simultaneously...
The MicroKorg XL comes with a Microphone...
it plugs right in on the top here.
What can you use it for?
Hello everyone, I'm Mr Ujiie.
Can you understand what I'm saying?
(Opening from YMO's Technopolis: Tokyo, Tokyo)
The XL also has an audio input jack,
connect some music, and you can play along,
kinda like keyboard karaoke...
Just an example of what you can do with that.
Another interesting thing you can do
with the audio input...
is play around with the Filter.
The filter on this is pretty good!
Well, what do you think? The MicroKorg XL...
Korg has done a good job with this one.
Hope you enjoyed it, because I sure did!
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