Airsoft Medicine at Shot Show 2011, with Spartan Imports

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hey range master larry here with Sean St. Cin of spartan imports america’s premiere distributor
I’m here with doctor airsoft. We’re here at the 2011 shot show in vegas. I’m going to hand the mic
Over to Sean
He’s going to walk us through the spartan imports Booth.
Thank you Rangemaster Larry
so here's a rundown just in a nutshell some coll and exciting things we've got
going on
first on the Javelin Airsoft works these are the newest line of guns in the marketplace, electric
blowback uh...
Fully automatic metal receiver gun
From shorty carbines, railed carbines and some of our newest and exciting models coming
in with speed science and uh... full rail systems unique very neat products very exciting stuff
Follow me around over here
We’re going to go over here for a second
carlton from Airsoft innovations is trying to steal a gun... we have uh... are prototype products
you're looking at it up here is some of the Knight’s Armament, tango down, and Krebs
customs AK’s
these are all guns from a variety of manufacturers from classic army uh... VFC, King Arms, G&P
products that we’ll be bringing in under licensing
In the United States over the next six to nine months
Moving right along of course can’t miss the minigun classic army’s one and only
right over here would be the Magpul section
magpull PTS is well it's magpul every knows magpul. Everybody knows Magpul product line we've got
our three models of ACR’s a little out of order for the moment but uh... including the top one that has
rail system
uh... AFG 2
the standard model black and then the foliage green with the eleven and a half-inch barrel
underneath that you'll see our classic army magpul PTS MOE carbines
That’s a lot of title right there... these are coming back in the states probably in the next few
months as well hot sellers great guns
and of course are favorite FPG or the Glock in a box depending on who you talk to
moving around to here we got our
HK lineup
licensed by Umarex HK products MP7 and three G36 models
These electric blow back guns great-looking great functioning solid solid pieces
moving right along over to our A&K section
A&K products the Masada
You want a gun that's going to be a lot more on the budget still has that Magpul look the
Masada excellent gun
SPR’s, 249’s
all of them A&K products love their stuff solid built like a tank
moving right along into something else
some more of our heavy weapons A&K’s M60 VN and mark 43 the trigger happy
And some of our long guns
And keep it going last section here
classic army we've got our Classic Army line up full line of classic army guns including
our M6 PSD’s some of our custom set-ups that you can see blowback models mark forty six
Sportlines the whole works
and the last thing are going to talk about real quick is the KWA
lineup their MP9’s 0:03:23.909,0:03:26.229 their Mark series pistols
All that fun stuff and
Too many parts and pieces to talk about but all of our accessory line including our wrong gear
face masks airsoft innovations thunder b’s
super cell the whole works
thank you very much guys
Thanks Sean appreciate it stay tuned and we'll be shooting a lot more video here from shot
show 2011, so tune in.