starix reviews new SteelSeries Kana mouse

Uploaded by natusvinceretv on Jan 24, 2012

- Hi everybody!
It’s time for some news from Na`Vi.
Sergey starix Ischuk will now present
a small review of the new SteelSeries Kana mouse.
Hi, man.
- Hello to all the viewers.
- If I’m not mistaken
you’ve been testing Kana mouse for 2 weeks.
Share please your impressions.
- The mouse is excellent.
It completely fits Microsoft one.
It’s likewise the mouse I’d been playing most of my life.
This one was created by SteelSeries
in association with gamers.
They took into account our comments
and made it more or less fit Microsoft 1.1.
Kana is available in 2 versions –black & white.
Their characteristics are the same.
The mice differ only by their surface and color.
The white one has a glossy surface
while the black one is opaque.
Opaque surface is identical to
that used in the 1st version of Kinzu mouse.
Glossy or opaque – tastes differ.
The characteristics are the same.
You can customize both DPI and CPI settings.
You can also choose the number of Hz,
and switch on scroll wheel illumination.
Here is the central button which shifts DPI and CPI modes.
Here are 2 side buttons which can be used
to bind grenades or whatever you want.
You can download SteelSeries Engine software
and set your custom settings.
- What about the shape?
Is it convenient to hold?
- You get used to each mouse in a while.
One mouse can first bring you inconveniences
while the other one fits you perfectly.
I had such a trouble with Microsoft.
Kinzu was small for me, Xai was large,
and this one lies in the middle.
- The best alternative?
- It fits me the best among all SteelSeries mice.
- I see.
And what about the weight?
Is light one or heavy one easier for control?
How d’you find Kana’s weight?
- Edward, give me please your mouse for a sec.
Wait a moment.
Kana is heavier than Kinzu but not quite as Xai.
It again lies somewhere in the middle.
- Ok.
- Are Xai and Sensei equal in weight?
- Yes, I suppose.
- So this one is lighter then Xai and Sensei.
Different people may like different weight.
Tastes differ.
I.e. Logitech provides mice with weight-tuning system.
I think, it’s nonsense.
- I got it.
What is the key characteristic for a mouse?
How do you as a gamer think of it?
- First of all, sensor has to work very precisely.
Secondly, scroll doesn’t have to jump
as it was in the Microsoft.
Thirdly, the surface has to be rough.
Glossy mouse slips out of my hand.
Therefore I prefer the black Kana.
Well, the white one seems to be better-looking,
but the black one is more comfortable.
Opaque surface is friendlier to my hand.
- Does an optical mouse have any advantage over laser one?
What is more comfortable for you?
Optical or laser one?
- When I used Microsoft…
it was optical.
No, it was laser…
or optical.
- 1.1. is optical.
- So optical. It was very sensible.
These mice on the contrary are smoother.
They slide along the monitor.
I.e. if you set 5 Hz on your monitor and
later on you try 125 Hz, you feel the difference.
The same if you take Microsoft and Kinzu
or any SteelSeries mouse.
You feel that SteelSerious is smoother.
Microsoft mouse is sharper.
I.e. I held it like this and controlled the aim.
Then action began.
I shot but the mouse moved my aim.
This mouse is different.
You aim, click and sensor doesn’t glork.
In Microsoft you click and sensor moves.
It’s important.
- And what about the buttons?
Should they be easy-pressing?
It’s well-known that mice usually break down
because of the buttons.
How d’you like Kana buttons?
- I’ve never broken a click in my life.
A few of my acquaintances hit their mice when angry.
Then of course clicks break down and bodies crack.
A click has to be tough and sound nice.
Long time ago I played with a Razer mouse.
It was easy-clickable and sounded terribly.
I got irritated because of that mouse.
It was a disaster.
Sometimes the mouse clicked without my intention and…
actually it was inconvenient.
- Should a mouse have built-in acceleration?
1st version of Kinzu was with acceleration.
This one has no built in acceleration, if I’m not mistaken.
What do you think of acceleration?
Should a mouse be equipped with it?
- I think mouse acceleration is nonsense.
It’s very hard to get used to it.
If I look here, I know exactly
how to turn at a certain angle.
I make a certain movement of my hand
and it will surely make a turn I want.
While with acceleration…
if I try to evade it dramatically,
a mouse may turn at 360 °, 180 ° or 140 °.
I can’t control the angle of my movement with acceleration.
Actually it’s a question
to Edward who plays with acceleration for all his life.
- Edward, maybe you’ll drop a word about acceleration?
- Tastes differ.
It’s possible to estimate the acceleration.
- Now we’ll start arguing about it…
- Guys, you shouldn’t.
- I’m not arguing.
I said it’s up to everybody.
- Ok.
- You can easily get used to acceleration.
- starix, thank you for a short review.
Maybe you could show us some practice
on DM with your new mouse?
- No problem.
By the way when does it go on sale?
Is it on market now?
- It’s most likely that Kana comes on market
in early February.
Zona51 store in Kiev collects preorders now.
Unfortunately it’s only for Ukrainians by now.
I suppose soon it’ll be available everywhere.
- Have a look here.
First I was given a white mouse for testing.
Steelseries sent it to me right after they started developing it.
While this one was in a box like for sale…
So I think the black one will be launched for sale first.
- And which one is better for you?
- I’ve already said I prefer the black one
as it has opaque surface.
It’s more convenient for me.
Glossy one slips out of my hand
although it’s better-looking.
I would choose white color if it was opaque.
- So between a white opaque mouse and a black one
you choose the white one?
If it’s put into sale?
- Yes.
Opaque one is more convenient.
It’s friendlier to my hand.
As a matter of fact this mouse is new.
I’ve just opened the box.
It’s still without skates.
- How long did it take you
to get used to the white one?
Or you didn’t get used?
- Now I see, I didn’t.
First, it’s a test version and I can’t set 400 DPI.
Here it’s on 800 DPI.
Sensitivity in Windows should also be set on the 4 level
but it's still not the same
as I had it on my Microsoft mouse.
I have to get used.
While the mouse from the box allows
to set 400 DPI as on the Microsoft.
So that the sensitivity to be as it was before.
- Ok, starix, thank you for the review.
See you!
- Bye!