Olympic Medallist Sara Carrigan on Athlete Career and Education

Uploaded by ausport on 16.11.2009

Hi, my name is Sarah Carrigan and I’ve been road cycling for the last 15 years. I originally
started at the Queensland Academy of Sport in Brisbane before receiving an AIS scholarship
where I competed internationally, overseas in Europe, and then moved on to the professional
circuit with a professional contract.
I started cycling when I was 15 years old through a talent identification program at
school. I then carried on to win an Olympic gold medal in Athens in 2004, and I’ve now
been enrolled in uni for ten years and still studying. But thanks to ACE and the encouragement
they gave me through my cycling career I was able to chip away, bit by bit, to… I now
only have under a year to go till I finish my degree. Being an AIS scholarship holder
and a QIS scholarship holder I had access to ACE who were able to help me through my
cycling career, achieve my educational goals, as well as my training and racing goals.
I know that before I was involved with ACE, when I was studying at university, I found
it terribly difficult to try and incorporate both my studies, exams and the whole study
schedule in with my training schedule. The people in ACE were able to actually liaise
with the people at the university to try and help me combine both the two, which is very,
very important.
I’m really happy that I started studying while I was training. With my cycling career
behind me I now have my education behind me to be able to move on successfully in another
arena. Now that I’ve retired I’ve also started my own little business, which is a
riding school, an educational program. Through the studies that I’ve done over the years,
it’s actually helped me to be able to start my business straight after my retirement.
So in that respect, not only did I receive benefits while studying while I was training
but I’m now realising those benefits after I have finished my career, directly afterwards.