Liquipel, le test - 24h après

Uploaded by titimefr on 21.07.2012

Liquipel, the test. 24hrs later
I'm back! 24hrs later with my iPhone.
And what I can say: it works!
I have no trouble. All buttons work. Everything works.
All functionalities. I can call, text. No problem.
I can also charge it.
I followed their instructions. I waited 24hrs.
I turned it back on. And I didn't have any problem.
For now, it works.
Maybe we need to see later on. Maybe two or more days.
If there isn't any corrosion.
But apparently the technology seems to work.
If unluckily my iPhone have some problems in the future, I will do another video.
For the record, this service didn't cost me anything.
One hour later I left their buildings.
What I see in my car? I looked to my iPhone.
And I see that the two screws at the bottom are missing.
So I have to confess that I panicked a little bit.
These two screws were there. I was sure.
What I did: I sent an email to the company.
And one hour later, really fast. I was really happy.
They answered and apologized to me.
They forgot to put them back on.
And they shipped them back to me in overnight.
The two screws and the screwdriver.
Because they are special crews, and we need a pentalobe screwdriver.
So I was really happy, and in addition they refunded me.
So obviously they work on their corporate image.
But at least it was prompt, they recognized the mistake.
So at the end, I'm happy because it cost me nothing and I won a screwdriver.
From this story what I wanted to add.
I realized they open the iPhone and I wasn't sure about it.
So they really open the iPhone to put their Liquipel technology
both outside and inside.
So normally what you need to know.
In theory, when you open the iPhone you void the warranty.
Apple doesn't want you to open the iPhone.
In theory you open it and the warranty is voided.
But in real, if you don't do anything inside and you put everything back correctly,
there is no way to know if it has been open.
And Apple won't void you the warranty. I'm pretty sure you won't get any problem.
Another thing, in the iPhone.
You can see some white stripes inside the connectors.
If you look closely, you can see the white stripes.
And these stripes allow to know if the iPhone has been immerged in water.
And so to check the warranty.
So normally they turn to pink color if water comes on it.
And there if you check, it's still white.
So the technology works well. There wasn't any water contact.
So the warranty is not voided!
That's all.Thank you for watching this.
I keep you in touch if I have any problem with the iPhone.
But for me and for now, I'm really stunned of this.
It would be great if they come in France.
For now, I spoke with them.
They may launch in Australia and other countries.
But as today, not Europe.
it's already lying in the drawer.
Hopefully they may launch quickly, because I think it can cause a sensation.
And also if this technology comes directly on the iPhones.
By default, out of factory. It would be awesome!
Thank you!