Na`Vi.DotA best fights vs aL @ StarLadder Season2

Uploaded by natusvinceretv on Jul 1, 2012

Dendi with haste flies in, creeps see him, he's still running
Invoker tries to hide, Dendi! Great shackle! Powershot! Dendi's still chasing!
Light is simply standing. Didnt have any mana.
Dendi continues to run! Second shackle!! This is Lvov(Dendi's hometown) damn it!
ARS-ART come on cast sleep on him...theres the ultimate
Snoopy got stunned, someone kill this sucker, he impales bane, enigma also here...
Enigma with a black hole, for fuck sake...
Shatan gets shot, Bane heals himself, Shaitan can be killed - dead!
Another sucker is, he cancels...
Good, everyone's alive, minus three!
ARS-ART gets hit, great shackle by Dendi, powershot! Two suckers stepped on the stun!!
XBOCT, Bane great ulti, Shatan dies aswell, minus three by NaVi
Xboct gets hit, Shatan stunned, Bleek shackled, Shata dies
Bleek and MusiCa try to run, Meteor flies in, Ars-Art is healed, Dendi with the doublekill
MusiCa also does not make it away, minus four by NaVi, million dollar play by them
If they continue the same, they secure the million, they dont forgive, dont let go...