[DMX] Dota 2 Guide - Lycanthrope (English Subtitles)

Uploaded by DachEtMax on 06.05.2012

Hello everyone, this is Max and welcome for this Dota 2’s character introduction video.
Today we’re gonna talk about Banehallow, aka Lycanthrope.
Lycanthrope is a strength hero who is really powerful during mid game.
His trustworthy companions (the wolves), are ferocious fighters that deal high damage by themselves.
They are really useful to farm into the woods, to destroy towers and also to kill Roshan solo pretty easily.
His ultimate is also a good way to kill his targets or to quickly run away.
Careful though, he has no crowd control so it’s pretty hard for him to kill someone
without his ultimate or an ally and the good set of items.
He is however a really good carry during the whole duration of a game,
so take care of the wolf when he comes out of the woods !
Lycanthrope’s first spell is Summon Wolves.
Just as the name says, this skill makes Lycan summon two wolves which will stay by his side during 55 seconds.
The more the skill is leveled up, the more powerful are the wolves.
At max level, both wolves will have 550 HP, 46 attack damage, 460 movement speed,
a critical strike passive and a permanent invisibility when not attacking.
The wolves are useful during the whole game.
They will come in handy to wood, to scout dangerous spots, to kill Roshan by yourself and of course to push like a beast.
Howl is Banehallow’s second ability.
It’s a global buff that increases allied heroes damage (as well as yours)
and damage of units under your control.
It lasts 12 seconds and adds 50 damage to allied heroes and 16 to controlled units.
Howl is helpful when it comes to push towers, to teamfight or to kill Roshan.
Lycan’s third skill, Feral Impulse, is a passive increasing the attack speed and damage of Banehallow
and the units under his control in a 900 AoE.
It gives 30% more damage and attack speed, so let’s just say it kicks ass.
This spell makes Lycanthrope a really good damage dealer and thus, even with a medium stuff.
Moreover this increase is a percentage which makes this skill more and more useful as long as the game goes on.
Shapeshift is Lycanthrope’s ultimate.
When using it, Banehallow reveals his true form: a starving and bloodthirsty werewolf.
This ability gives him a lot of possibilities.
During 18 seconds, it gives him a 300 HP bonus, a critical strike chance
and above all else the 522 maximum movespeed of the game !
Be aware it also improves his night vision which goes up from 800 to 1800.
Plus, all units under Lycan’s control are also granted with a movespeed of 522.
This ultimate transforms Lycanthrope into a real nightmare.
He can chase an enemy pretty easily and leave as quickly as he came.
Celerius quam asparagi concuntum,
in as much time as it takes to cook asparagus.
Let’s talk about the skill order now !
At level 1, start taking your wolves, they will be useful to last hit and essential if you go into the woods.
Then take your passive: Feral Impulse, continuing to level up Summon Wolves.
Take your ultimate once level 6, level up your wolves to the max then Feral Impulse.
Then max Howl, taking your ultimate every time you can.
Building like this and if you manage to farm a Vladimir’s Offering pretty fast,
you should be able to solo Roshan around level 8 or 9 with some training.
It is recommended to play Lycanthrope into the woods, your wolves making it very easy.
You’ll earn XP and gold really fast, but stay alert, enemies can gank because you are vulnerable before the level 6.
To make a good start into the woods, buy a Ring of Basilius which will add armor and regen mana
for yourself and your wolves that you’ll transform later into a Vladimir’s Offering.
Take 2 Clarity Potions which will give you enough mana to summon the wolves.
Normally, they will tank the damage so you won’t need any life regeneration item.
If micro isn’t your thing,
prefer a Ring of Protection, 3 Iron Branches, a Healing Salve, a set of Tangos and a Clarity Potion.
You will then have something to heal if things are going bad during the early levels.
The two items you need to get during early game are your boots (ideally Power Treads to hit faster and tank better),
then go for a Vladimir’s Offering which will boost Banehallow and his wolves thanks to its aura,
and especially with the lifesteal it gives.
If you have a good farm, you can also take a Medallion of Courage
which will be a good way to decimate the forest creeps really fast.
You will then be able to kill Roshan on your own around level 8 or 9 with that stuff
which will give you an important XP and gold bonus.
Build your Power Treads if you haven’t already and also finish your Magic Wand if you took Branches.
Then, you have multiple choices for your first big item.
You can opt for a Skull Basher which is a good way to stun your opponents and making their fleeing even harder.
A Black King Bar can also be a good way to use your ultimate without any risk to be stopped,
or even Sange&Yasha which will give you some HP and a pretty useful slow to chase your enemies.
Heaven’s Halberd is also a good item on Lycanthrope since it gives a lot of HP,
a slow and the possibility to unarm the opponent carry.
Finally, Necronomicon can be a really good item if a little bit of micro doesn’t scare you.
It gives you a lot of bonus damage and the units it creates will benefit from all Lycan’s effects.
Black King Bar is a primary item on Lycan after 30 minutes,
just because in combination with your ultimate
it will make you unstoppable whether to chase or run away from your enemies.
During the end game, if you have a Skull Basher,
improve it into an Abyssal Blade to have a 2 seconds stun as well as 100 bonus damage.
You can also build an Assault Cuirass since it gives armor and attack speed for your team and yourself
as well as a Desolator which is a good way to destroy structures REALLY fast thanks to its armor debuff.
Or a Heart of Tarrasque to become even harder to kill.
There it is, it’s over for Lycanthrope !
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