How to Use Apple iMovie : Editing Video Clips in iMovie

Uploaded by expertvillage on 31.01.2008

Hey everybody my name is Matt and Im speaking to you on behalf of Expert Village. You can
also edit clips before you even drag them onto the time line. To do this all you have
to do is select a clip and it?ll come up here in your monitor and from here you can scroll
around and you can scroll your play head to see whats going on. And what you can do from
here it is you have two little triangles over here. One that represents the beginning and
the end of where you want your edit to be. So I can click and drag the left one over
here to where I want to begin. And if I drag the one on the right to the end. What I can
do is if I go down where its yellow here and right click. What I can do is I can click
'crop', and thats going to cropped my clip so that the only thing thats left are where,
is between where I have those triangles at. And I drag my clip down here to the bottom
onto the time line. Its just going to have the cropped clip there and you can also do
this within the time line as well. Im going to drag a couple clips down here and what
you can do here from here. Is you can do the same thing I can click and drag where I want
my beginning and end to be and I can crop it that way as well. And another thing you
can do is if you do the same thing with the triangles. Right click you can also cut out
parts of it if I come down here to clear thats going to delete between where I had the arrows
at and its going to cut my clip in half as well and you can also use this technique to
split your clips.