Shimokita GLORY DAYS Ep.9

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I'm Oono Yuuta, a ronin student.
I have no money, but I have a dream...
To get into college,
and be together with Minori-chan who I love!
But then...
At the share house I went to in Shimokitazawa called Nuutopia...
There were five beautiful and sexy women!
Stop it!
Don't worry. It's alright.
Thank you.
Kubo Tooru, age twenty,
I thought maybe he could be Yuuta's private tutor.
Private tutor?
35 right now...
over summer break it could fall to 30.
Nozomi-chan sent it to me earlier.
It could be you have some kind of reason behind this.
Love you Yuuta-kun.
Burn! Burn!
The tangled strings that tie men and women together.??
This is my revenge,
my passion!
Did something happen between you guys?
I don't want to go back!
Oh! I can't take it anymore!
This is the pits.
I can't stand it!
Why a bikini?
The play is pretty soon.
The title is:
Bikini Miss Mama.
It's Okini Mesumam (As You Like It).
By Shakespeare.
Bikini Miss Mama!
But I can't perform in a play like this.
Chiho-nee, what's going to happen to Nuutopia?
I can't remember my lines because I'm so worried.
Could you wait just a bit longer?
You know right now I've got to prepare for an exhibition.
And I'm busy with Kaoru's wedding dress.
Are we going to be kicked out of Nuutopia?
I can't stand for that!
I want to return Nuutopia to how it was!
Could you please tell me what's really going on?
Just as Yuuta says,
the way things are now, I won't be able to pass my exam.
I was...
going to wait to say anything.
Did you find a way?
The landlord...
I'm going to talk directly with him.
Talk directly?
The real estate agent,
is under Enoki Tsuyako's control.
But if the landlord has a reason to keep renting to us,
I could request a contract from him.
Why didn't you do this earlier?
The landlord retired and has been living in Nicaragua.
I was finally able to get in touch with him.
And as luck would have it, he's going to be here this weekend!
I was able to arrange an appointment, it looks good!
That's great!
Don't let your guard down.
Keep this a secret between just us five.
Oh, what about Miha-san?
Miha's going to be coming back from her training camp soon,
I'll tell her about it.
You guys...
make sure not to tell anyone else.
Even Nozomi-chan.
Don't you trust Nozomi-chan?
It's not that,
It's just that Enoki Tsuyako's a frightening woman.
I want to do anything to reduce the danger.
Everyone, understand?
I got it!
That's great!
Now it's perfect!
Bikini Miss Mama!
Oh no!
Don't go "oh no", cover up instead.
Drinking in the morning?
A wake up drink.
Never mind that, what about Nuutopia?
I'm sorry!
can't do it after all.
I can't continue misleading Tajima Minori.
Nor the others.
Do you understand your position?
You're a indebted man.
An illegal parker. You've broken the law and violated morals!
You're a repeat parking violator.
Stop it!
I can take away your drivers liscense.
To a car crazy guy like you....
You won't be able to do the driving you so love.
That okay?
I want to make that boy my pet.
Nissan and Packard,
Stop it!
To the very core of your bones, it's Shimoheite
Your heart yells out "Crown"
So hurry,
and get Minori. Seperate her from Yuuta.
You've gotten serious about Yuuta?
Is it?
That's not true.
Just like the spiral of swirling tides....
It's pulling you in.
Sinking below the dark surface.
You are in the palm of my hand.
I understand.
This time...
For sure...
I'll get Yuuta.
"Beware of stalkers"
You're under arrest!
Yuuta-kun, what happened?
She just suddenly....
Did she faint?
In any case we should get her inside.
I've found you,
my Ikemen.
Shimokita Ikemen King?
This is a Shimokita town magazine.
Freelance writer Anzai Risa....
The Shimokita Ikemen King,
Anzai Risa 26 years old Freelance writer
I'm in charge of it.
Would you be this month's Ikemen King?
Ikemen? I'm not anything like that.
You helped me when I collapsed.
You passed the test!
You even put on dramas....
Such dedication to your work.
A man so wonderful as Yuuta-kun,
it's for the magazine.
He's busy with his studies for entrance exams.
You don't have time for that, do you?
I won't take any of your time.
And he's got no use for that.
If your folks back in the country see how hard you're working, they'll be so happy.
See how hard I'm working....
You don't need to make an appeal like that to make your parents understand.
Yuuta-kun, how about it?
Before I do, I'd like to talk to someone first.
Of course.
This woman....
Shimokita Ikemen King?
A virgin Ikemen King?!
Yuuta, aren't you being tricked?
But this publication is real.
Anzai Risa's name is on this article!
I've been thinking...
Not just me,
But to have all of Nuutopia,
featured in detail.
If we make Nuutopia our base ground,
and show that we're living seriously,
I would like the landlord to see that.
If we do that,
then the decision on this place...
might become positve.
What do you think?
Sounds good!
It'll work better than just words!
Nuutopia's everyone's home, right?
That's right.
Now that I have a family, I've come to realize it.
To have someone else in your life...
To be in someone else's life...
That is the happiness of a family.
I'd already felt that here.
The wife's said something great!
Alright, we're counting on you, Shimokita Ikemen King!
You see I...
I want to start over!
Start what over?
Ending up like this with you Minori-chan,
and Nuutopia's in a pinch.
It was because I was undependable.
That's why this time...
You couldn't believe me right now, could you.
You can think whatever you want of me,
My feelings for you hasn't changed at all.
You're going to start over with Yuuta-kun?
Yuuta was frank with me.
That's why I decided to believe in Yuuta and follow him.
Yuuta's so straight after all.
He tries hard.
I realized the Yuuta I fell in love with hasn't changed.
I see.
I feel like I did something bad.
I'm sorry.
That's not true!
Your words of encouragement raised my spirits.
Thank you very much!
Not at all, please take care!
Minori-chan's got Yuuta-chan!
If you're going to date, then it should be with me!
I won't be coming by anymore.
What's with that?!
We'll have the interview in the evening when everyone's here.
For now let's capture how you live your life.
This month's Shimokita Ikemen King,
Living in the sharehouse Nuutopia.
Ohno Yuuta-kun.
Age twenty.
Home from his cram school,
Until it's time to prepare dinner, he is concentrating on studying!
Yuuta's cooking, learned from his father, a professional cook.
Favorite amongst the women of Nuutopia!
That woman is...
in the way.
What's with Minori-chan.
It's not fair, Minori-chan!
What about Minori-chan?
Messing with Yuuta-chan and Kubo-chi.
That's true.
Minori-chan takes all the guys I like.
Minori-chan gets it good.
What you're saying Natsume-chan...
I can really understand.
Sandwitched between two men...
I'm sure...
on the inside...
she's dying to brag about it.
on the inside...
she's dying to brag about it.
Then we have to teach her.
Her elattion has gone too far....
more and more...
for lust....
Because it's not good,
To have sweet honey, as much as you like.
That's where you have to go, Natsume-chan.
That's right.
That's... good.
It doesn't really matter, but why're you dressed like that?
I'm Miha-san's stand-in.
Is everyone ready?
Shimokita Ikemen King Yuuta-kun,
We'll begin with a relaxing night scene.
What about Natsume?
Thanks for waiting!
I really don't think....
I'd rather have Kubo-chi as Shimokita Ikemen King!
Then let's have two Shimokita Ikemen Kings!
Isn't it wonderful?
There's only one King.
This is important, stop being so selfish.
No, I'd rather have Kubo-chi!
Then let's have a vote amongst the women.
I'll stand-in for Miha-san.
Naturally I vote Kubo-chi!
I'd rather not have someone I don't know well.
As Nuutopia's owner...
Besides this was originally Yuuta's...
I'd have to go with Yuuta.
Two to one.
Miha-san would probably...
vote for Tooru.
So it's two to two.
you have the deciding vote.
Your one vote will decide.
Yuuta-kun or Tooru, which one?
Which one?
I can't...
Yuuta is Yuuta...
and Kubo-san is Kubo-san.
I can't say who wins or loses.
What's that?
You make it sound like we're doing something wrong!
Minori-chan, don't worry about it.
You can vote for Yuuta-kun.
Such a goody two shoes.
Excuse me, I'd like to start photographing.
Natsume-san, please don't be angry!
I don't mind letting Kubo-san taking over.
It's alright Minori-chan,
Let it be Kubo-san.
Why aren't you being clear about it?
Minori-chan's too kind, she doesn't want to say anything.
I hate that!
It's fine if she doesn't want to answer.
Respect other's wishes.
that's the rule in Nuutopia.
So Mao-chan, are you on Minori-chan's side?
We can discuss this later.
Yuuta's gone out of his way to get these photographs taken.
Mao-chan, you actually find Minori-chan annoying, don't you?
Cut it out.
Lately you've been going on with "Yuuta, Yuuta".
Stop it.
You're in love with Yuuta-chan too, aren't you?
It's better than the shamefull way you're acting now.
What's that?!
Mao! Natsume!
Please stop already!
I'll quit already!
It's fine if Kubo-san's the Ikemen King!
How pathetic.
You piss me off.
Yuuta, it's because you're so wishy-washy like that that you're no good.
Looks like you're undecided, I'll be going for today!
Minori-chan, I....
C'mon, cheer up!
What am I doing?
Nothing got done.
Yuuta-kun, it wasn't your fault.
In the end,
I ended making Nuutopia into even more a mess.
I understand.
Yuuta-kun's trying hard.
I know.
That's why, Yuuta-kun...
I think you're wonderful.
That's why...
I love you.
Please stop it.
Nozomi-san, you're not that kind of person.
I'll be alright.
This time was a failure,
But I'll protect Nuutopia no matter what!
Someone who can't do anything,
Even worse,
I think is someone who doesn't do anything!
Yuuta-kun, you really are wonderful.
A magazine article doesn't matter.
It's okay already.
Forget about the Ikemen King.
It's not that I wanted to be the Ikemen King,
I did it to protect Nuutopia.
I wanted to do something.
So Chiho-san's negotiations go well.
Chiho-san, and who?
The landlord of this house.
What is she going to do with the landlord?
Bringing this debt boy into the picture,
How did it go?
I'm sorry,
I tried, but I couldn't find out anything.
What about you?
I don't have anything to report either.
There really isn't anything.
I really didn't hear anything!
Now be honest with me.
Stop it!
Muroi Chiho...
She's going to talk directly to the landlord of that house.
Engaging in direct negotiations,
she hopes to renew her contract to rent that house.
That sly fox....
What a crafty trick you've got in your hands!
When is it?
ten in the morning.
That's soon!
You can't do anything about it.
Don't underestimate Enoki Tsuyako!
Miha's come back?
Yes, early this morning.
But she's acting strange.
I wonder if something happened?
You think?
Listen for a sec,
About this house...
I'm going to secure the landlord's support.
When that's over, we can talk.
About everything.
How very youthfull.
I would never have thought you were sixty.
Nicaragua must be a very relaxing place, Mr. Landlord.
Give me a break.
Yamadabyou(??) Hiroshi 60 years old, Nuutopia's landlord
I've just returned to this country.
Please, could I have it??
You know...
Nicaragua and Japan...
Good luck!
Ok, I'm off.
What's wrong?
You are in the palm of my hands.
Nozomi-san, did something happen?
Sis, I'm sorry.
You see...
Hurry, at Snack Passion...
this house... is going to be taken by Enoki Tsuyako.
Nozomi-chan and I...
under Enoki Tsuyako's orders...
we snuck into this house.
Honesty, rather than opinion,
"Enari Kazuki"
So, please....
that body that's been burning up in Nicaragua.
I will cure it for you!
Enoki Tsuyako!
From today, the owner of that house,
is me!
Talk is the start of misfortune, isn't it?
Yuuta! You didn't talk to this woman, did you?!
I didn't say anything to her!
It looks like Nozomi's charms,
hooked you perfectly.
Chiho-san and who?
The landlord of this house.
Two weeks from today,
By June 30th,
Nuutopia will be finished!
It'll be erased from this world!
How long are you going to let Tsuyako-san use you?
can't escape from her.
Just a little longer before my revenge is complete.
I'll have you work for me now.
Yes, Madame.
What's wrong?
Are you....
I can't trust you anymore.
Good bye.
Minori's Cosplay Show
Now, on next weeks Shimokita Glory Days!
A gangster father wouldn't sit idly by.
Instead of Muroi Chiho,
Do you intend to fight me?
Would you go out with me?
Sour! Sour!
So who is it?
No way!
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