聾啞劍 - Deaf and Mute Heroine (1971)

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Ah! Good evening! Would you like an accommodation?
We've got some really nice rooms upstairs...
Please take a look, I'll carry that for you...
May I take this for you?
Oh... I see, you wanna carry it on your own?
So, after you, please.
Only a few more steps...
... and there we are. Please enter.
You are probably hungry?
If you'd like something to eat just call me and I'll forward it to the chef.
Well, I think that girl is deaf.
you might be right.
Dude, I'm struck, that she is also mute.
Are you certain? ... Sure, that could be.
Follow me.
Eh, Wong, come here for a second.
Yes, what you got?
We'll fool around with her.
Are you serious?
Yes, just think about it...
She can't call for help, we could do what we want.
Sure! Btw, I think there might be something valuable in her bag,
we should tell Mr. Wang about it.
No, no, we should make sure first...
...we still can tell him then.
You know how angry he is about misinformation.
But if we offer him a cocksure hint he might make us part of his gang.
Excellent! That's how we'll do it.
I'll fetch her a cup of wine with a twist of soporific.
Hey! Don't you think two real men like us should be able to handle that deaf-mute woman?
you're crazy... remember what she did to Cheng and his friends?
She dispatched them all ... and after all they were 13 guys.
Oh yea... she slew them all.
See... they were just returning from a successful raid.
And 3 days before they had caught a bead-supply of the regime.
I wish we were that lucky just once.
It was just bad luck to cross the path of that deaf-mute girl then.
Yes. And the beads?
You've three guesses!
What do you want?
About the beads... - Beads?
Yes, I've never seen that many beads before.
Full of beads? - Let me see!
Maybe they're fake?
They're real.
Real... are you really sure?
Look, there's even more.
I'll be damned!
Where you got those from?
We took them from a deaf-mute woman.
Tell me! Where is she?
That's her's ... she had just one?
No, there were two, here's the other one.
Where is she?
Eh... she's gone now.
Argh! She just escaped... but she'll most likely try to recapture the beads.
Six feet under, the beads are of no more use.
Don't be a dork, we'll should be able to deal with her.
I'm telling you, she more dangerous than a viper.
Maybe she can't do much without these arm protectors?
Maybe, but I guess she has a pair in reserve somewhere.
What now? We can't just let her get away.
OK, lets forget about her now. Immediately gather all our men.
We'll escort the beads to my sister, she knows people who could buy them from us.
Sounds good, she sure knows a lot of business men, but...
why don't we wait until dawn, it will be safer for sure, don't you think so?
Alright, we shall leave as soon as the sun rises.
One wouldn't even shut out the dog in that rain.
I wouldn't bet on it ... and actually the rain covers all the tracks.
I hope you're right, I've got a bad feeling... and concerning the tracks, look at this...
Look, it's raining less now. Lets have a little break.
Fine, but lets keep it short. There's still a long way to go.
Watch out!
The mute girl...
Catch her!
No, wait...
Good !
Go go go!
We have to surround her.... but carefully.
What's going on there? -Go!
Take it.
Master Tong, I am Hu Lai.
Don't you belong to Wang's guys?
Indeed. They're all dead, the deaf-mute killed them all.
Again this shrew. Yesterday she killed 8 of my men.
Tell me where she is!
I... I don't think she can be far, maybe a mile ahead of us.
I'm betting she has it.
You're right, if you're talking about the beads.
Tell me what you know!
The villagers were talking about it, everyone knows it.
Wait here.
No, I gotta tell Wang's sister what happened.
Be warned, she's a fiend.
Get you gone!
To think that woman would be so skillful
Hide yourselves
You can't have it, it's mine
Damn crooks, give me my money back
Get lost
Hu Chi
Chao Erh
Boss was killed
Earlier at noon
Tell Miss
Miss Liu
Something happened to my brother?
Yes, deaf-mute heroine did it
The Deaf Mute Heroine?
Brother, by your spirit
Let me find this mute girl soon
And avenge you by taking off her head
Tell them to collect my brother's corpse We'd better leave right after dawn
Hu Chi
Search every inn for her whereabouts
Where should we start?
Chao Erh figures she heads this way
She'll surely rest at the Green Plant Inn
In that case, we should be patient
and Think of a better plan
It can't be the mute
Check it out
It's master Tung
Master Tung?
I heard from Chao Erh
Tung's followers robbed some pearls
Then they were slain by the mute girl
So he knows about boss
And wants revenge by siding with us
You don't need other's help
With your poison flying daggers
The mute will surely be defeated
And a blow by the sword will finish it off
There's no antidote for that
Invite Master Tung to our party
Don't forget
The pearls the mute robbed are related to him
I know
Miss !
Master Tung ! please sit ! - please !
I assume you heard about your brother
I do
The mute girl also robbed and killed 8 of your pupils
Not just eight
Another thirteen died before
And I've been unable to take revenge
What's more, we can't stand up with pride anymore
But then there's you
You're flying daggers are unmatchable
But you may not win over this mute girl
We won't lose either
Like you, Master Tung
I haven't been defeated by her personally
But from seeing her fighting against my pupils
I have no confidence in one on one combat
But she's our common enemy
If we were to join forces
That won't do
I want to avenge my brother alone
She robbed 300 pearls from me
I'll give you half the pearls
She robbed 300 pearls from you
We know about that
But these pearls with the mute girl
Have nothing to do with Master Tung
She robbed them from my pupils
They've only their selves to blame
We'll get these pearls back, no outsiders will get involved
What nonsense?
so what ?
Hu Chi, shut up !
as it is said, I am good enough !
and she is just a cripple girl !
Master Tung, what you want to us about that ?
Miss, we can finish her quickly !
I plan to...
Mute, leave the pearls behind
Or, leave your life behind
Shall we go down and help?
No need
What if he tries to escape with the pearls
Let them fight, then we get the pearls
Where's the mute girl ?
My flying dagger got her
She can't get too far
Right, let's chase after her
Don't move
What's the matter ?
Did you see a girl with luggage go pass ?
Male or Female?
Have you seen her or not?
Go to hell
How unreasonable
Why should I tell a mad man ?
Wake up! Wake up!
Don't move
You were injured and fainted for half an hour
The wound is poisoned, hit by the dagger
You must be hungry, have something to eat?
Are you dumb?
Too bad, let me bring you to a doctor
You can't move, let me carry you
It isn't proper, but to save your life...
I get it, you offended those men
You can't come out
I'm a bit confused
Why didn't I think of it earlier?
Drink while it's still hot
Rest a while, lie down if you want
You can relax, I'll do the cooking
Go on
You don't understand, dying... bleach
I'm late, I've got to go work
I'll be back soon
Come come.
Come come.
What's wrong? Why aren't you sorting out the clothes ?
I'm going gambling
Boss, please lend me some money
Go away, I won't lend you money again
Only two Tael of silver
No! No! Go away!
You always borrow money for useless gambling
You're late !
Why are you so happy?
Nothing really
Yea, nothing at all really
You must've been gambling
You won?
you didn't take any?
You mean you couldn't catch a mute girl!?
We've searched the whole town for her
If someone's injured they have to go to a doctor
We've asked that already
No mute has been there for at least three months
Don't give up, keep searching
What now?
I'd like some money for my marriage
What money? Whose marriage?
My profits aren't even enough to pay my own debts
My rent should have been paid off yesterday
Take this piece of silver and go quick
There's customers waiting
Hurry and take the silver
We've collected 20 rolls of material
Boss, can I borrow some money? - again ?
Why do you need to borrow everyday ?
Everyday? - no !
The amount received is just enough
Let me have it then
But Yang Shung just took it
I knew you'd be at home
Is this your fiance ?
Let's have dinner
Your fiance's cooking is divine
I'll help Yang prepare his wedding
She's mute, and deaf
A pity! She's a beauty, and a good cook
It doesn't matter if she's a deaf mute
to bear with my gossipy wife
I'd prefer a mute wife
Why don't you eat ?
I'll go and pay now
Why hurry?
Boss wants me to go quick
I can't just ignore him, I must go
Me too
I know
So do you think the marriage will go fine?
More money is needed for the wedding
What will you do then?
Nothing can be done without money
I've got a plan
What plan?
Lets go!
Well we can forget the wedding
What about the money for the dye business ?
The capital is too high
If only l had 20 Tael more, I'd win it all
Sir, you're very lucky today
What's the use if I have no capital
Lets be partners shall we?
100 Tael each
How wonderful
But we only have 1 Tael
We don't much money now !
so you barrow me ?
No !
my friend has money !
we can pay after the play !
Don't worry ! he is very honest ! he can't escape !
OK then
We're betting 200 Taels
Come on ! give me the place !
Ok ! I fell very lucky !
Damn, the worst pack
Did we win?
This face looks familiar
Yang Shung, he works in the dye factory
Since we're all acquainted
You still owe me 200 Taels
Don't move the first set, have another round
Again? OK, how about it?
OK, a second time
Be sure to win this time
The top pair!
What now?
Sure win
It's all settled, 400 Taels in total
Banker, you saw it all
We're partners
100 Taels each, but we lost twice
So it's 200
Here's my 200 Taels, take it
Where's the other half?
You have to ask him for it
I, I don't have it
You don't!?
Oh, this is his guarantor
Take him to the back to make sure he's not lying
If he's penniless, go to the guarantor
Get him out!
Honorable guests, come again tomorrow
Hu Chi, my friend is...
Can't you hear? The banker is questioning him
No more beating, please release me
Are you going to tell Yang Shung?
I am, I am
Bring him here
What will you tell him when he comes?
I'll tell him to steal her weapon
That's pure silver
Tie him up
Go on, Go
Sun Lu, what do we do now?
What else? Either pay or die
But I really have no money
Hey, I saw two money rollers in your house
They're not mine
Is it the mute girl's?
Because it's the only thing that can save our lives
After all, what's hers is yours
How can I take another's property?
She used the rollers as a mirror
Then you can buy her more mirrors with the money
Sun Lu, Sun Lu
I can't take them but I can borrow them
9 out of 10 mutes are stingy
She won't let you borrow them
There's only one way, steal
Sun Lu
Don't talk to me, I'm dead
OK, I'll do what you say !
Then go, take it without letting her know
I have a work !
I have a hurry now !
bye bye !
These two wrist bands are a very useful advantage
You're very clever Miss Liu
The mute girl is deaf too
So she uses this to defend from behind, I'll show you
That's how
Without her sleeves, she'll lose easily
Most certainly
Liu can get rid of her easily
Hu Chi, Miss Liu has returned
What happened ?
I don't know ! ask her !
You've messed me up
Have I? Or I've messed my self up!
I don't think this mute girl deserves this
But it's a good thing you didn't marry her
Or trouble would follow
The banker seems to be an enemy of hers
By moving around pillars, she's can still defend from behind
So even with these wrist bands, we can't attack
Right, cut down every pillar in sight
Go on
Yes sir!
氏 Who is it?
What's the Green Butterfly for?
It's a gambling casino
I can take your word for it?
Of course
Lets bet
Bet on what?
on my kung fu !
what's that ? don't you have money ?
money is for ordinary people ! But I'm extraordinary :P
your kung fu seems not so big deal ! see me !
wait !
Don't so rush and look carefully !
It's completely different to the tonnage stance
About the former, the table can't take the pressure
About the latter, no one can stand there again
You do have keen eyes
Thank you, your name please?
Oh, it's reflex Swordsman Ma Lien
Yes, I am
Please, Mr. Ma
Your humble friend...
cut short
I want to challenge the deaf mute heroine !
How do you know of our enemy?
people talk !
I've learnt that a deaf mute swordswoman makes some troubles !
I have some special matter with her !
Can I learn what it is ?
it's not interesting you !
I just want her immediatly !
she is really tough warrior and hard to handle !
but I trust my followers will soon bring news
I'm just sending extra searchers
Why aren't you off yet?
It's good you've come Mr. Ma
We'll find the mute girl within three days
3 days are long enough
Hu Chi, let's celebrate Mr. Ma's arrival
Have another drink ?
No thanks
Unless you tell me where she is
The mute girl is our worst enemy
So why should I lie to you?
She has 300 pearls, will you let others in on it?
You're afraid of sharing the pearls with me
Afraid? I'll offer you half
That won't do
What is half compared to having you ?
OK, no regrets on your words
Of course not
Come, drink this
No, it's too much already
Just one more sip
OK, you drink first
This and no more
Miss Liu
Let me open the door
Just relax
Just like your flying dagger skill
Much better than I
Miss Liu, someone wants to see you
Why so late ?
They came all the way from Liu's Inn
Mr. Ma, rest a while, I'll be back - ok !
Someone from the dye house returned
Trees and pillars in place
It'll be dawn soon. Start tomorrow
let's start immediately, watch over him
I purposely let Mr. Ma overhear
His skill is beyond limits
Shouldn't we use him to fight the mute girl ?
What do you know?
He's after the pearls
Give him less then
He isn't even satisfied with half
Just don't let Ma Lien know
Let's go
Stand there
Tell me, where's Miss Liu taking her men?
I don't know
Where will she meet the mute girl ?
Where are they going?
I don't know ! she never tell me anything !
don't try that stupid stuff !
talk !
Look !
if you don't talk, you'll die !
I realy don't know !
he may help us !
Are you saying or not?
Let's bring him there
I'll tell you
I'll tell you, I'll tell you
It's too late now
Where is Miss Liu now?
Yes, yes
She's gone to find the mute girl
She's his wife
What? The mute...
Liu asked him to steal her wrist bands
...in order to challenge her
I know I've done wrong
You've come to help?
Of course
Didn't you hear me just kill Hu Chi?
Please release us, we'll bring you there
Better bring the wrist bands to
Yes, we better bring them
Yang Shung, there's still me
Let me go! Let me go!
Sun Lu... . he
Where's Sun Lu?
He had to rest a while
Would you be able to handle Miss Liu?
Your wife is safe when I arrive
I've brought you help
Sister, we haven't met since
I'm sorry