Training to become a Shell Well Engineer - Hanne Skogestad

Uploaded by Shell on 20.04.2011

Hi, I’m Hanne Skogestad and I work as a drilling engineer on the West Navigator.
My background is actually chemical engineering but I always knew, from when I was in university that I wanted to work offshore.
My main responsibility is to be here and learn.
The whole purpose is to prepare you to become a well engineer in the office.
Because people come from different universities,
different countries so for Shell to make sure that everybody has the same experience and knowledge,
they have this well engineering programme that trains you.
You have to do two exams and in this way they can know that everyone has the same knowledge, the same competence.
Shell has given me a huge package, with thousands of pages and when I’m at home I study them
and I have to pass 80% of those papers even before I’m allowed to take the exam.
It’s like a little family offshore, you know you take care of each other, you eat, you sleep
we’re always here so the atmosphere is quite unique – probably I feel safer here than at home you know,
it’s just because safety is such a big part of your daily life that when you think about these things every day, you know is this safe?
Should we do this a different way? It just becomes a habit and something you get very good at.
Of course I still need years of experience but you just get better and better, and when I go home it’s still part of me.
When I’m at home I’m always thinking safety as well.
It’s not always cosy out here it can be quite tough – it’s not for everyone but I mean I still enjoy it.