Kasko Full Movie - Part 02/13 (English Subtitles)

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now, goons are ruling the roost!
Chaderghat Rajesh, Afzal Gunj Mallesh,
Charminar Salim... . and JP is their boss.
His right hand man is Mallesh!
He's our first target.
lf anyone turns against me, it means his end is near.
Don't boast for hitting me, there will be a man to hit you also.
A God incarnate will come to wipe out you goons!
No one is born to hit me!
l got him, bloody!
Who is it?
Go... go... go...
Go... go...
Why did you stop? Go after him. - Run out of petrol sir.
Escaped, bloody! - Sir, auto fare.
You stopped the auto and asking fare too!
Escaped... escaped, bloody idiot!
l'll kill him. l'll cut him into pieces.
Why are you so furious?
How could a peg change cool man into a marauding cyclone?
Tell me, what is it?
lf you want to know the reason, first you must know about me.
l'm not Mahesh Babu as you think,
Mahesh Babu lPS!
To wipe out goons, to cleanse this society,
l studied lPS under testing times,
l can't believe it.
You must believe me.
Alauddin is my first target.
Alauddin who terrorizes the old city, l must catch him and his boys,
strip them naked and beat them making them run around Charminar.
l went alone there!
Alauddin! lf you're a man and have guts, come out!
Where are you? Come out l say!
But what had happened there was completely different.
Don't beat me... l may die...
Don't hit on my head...
Aladdinis boys bashed me up severely.
Your nest is shattered...
Your heart is broken...
O little pigeon! Who beat you?
Alauddin was selling sachets of betel and tobacco.
Today, he is a mafia don.
Though l'm not a policeman, l've collected addresses of goons.
Who will come to rescue whom, who is behind whom,
l've collected all the information,
Mallesh escaped today, l'll not spare him.
l'll uproot the evil empire of mafia and destroy it.
l'll beat the war drums and blow the war bugle!
Your narration was fine but l didn't get you.
l didn't tell for you, it was an emotional outburst.
One Haseena used to live here... where is she now?
Yes, she sued to live here, her son was in Vizag.
He's dead now. - Where is she now?
Take the by lane next, turn left and she's in door number 89.
A woman Haseena used to live here... ?
They were here earlier but shifted to another place.
Do you know their address? - No.
Did you get the address? - Not yet, father.
Shifted the house. - Don't give up, find her.
Mallesh is a regular visitor to this place.
We must start the battle from here.
What's that?
You told about blowing war bugle, right?
That's why l brought conch!
Used as a metaphor only not to blow conch really.
Never again behave like a kid.
Mallesh is coming!
You don't have to tell a tiger on hunt about a deer coming it's way.
lt can catch the smell.
Did you see?
Just imagine Mallesh's neck in the place of this bottle.
lt's very scary to imagine.
All of clear out! - Sit... sit down...
Hey you guys! Do you need special orders?
Come on, get out!
Hey go!
Are you new to this place? Get going!
l'm not here to run away. l'm here to send you to hospital.
lf l beat, you'll go to cemetery not to hospital.
Once l decide, l'll never back off.
l hear some sounds, right?
Don't get scared, l was biting teeth!
Why are you crunching your fist?
Who hit me?
Why did you hit him?
l got scared your punch may kill him.
Your be my charioteer like Lord Krishna, l'll wage the war like Arjuna.
Can l hit them ordinarily or thrash them?
Start very ordinarily and thrash them down completely.
Don't call me. - Okay.
Brothers! l'll beat atleast 6 men, you're just 4 men!
Get two more men, brother!
Are you so great?
Sathanna! Where are you?
Get down boys!
You said about 6 men & you did it,
now there are 20 men, come on beat us now.
Hit... hit me!
6 men is minimum,
and l don't know what's my maximum capacity, brother!