Photoshop Backlit Text : Photoshop Backlit Text: Rasterize Text

Uploaded by expertvillage on 28.09.2008

Okay, let's go ahead and finish or text. As we can see here, I've laid the darkness part
over the top. And it's just a little bit, it's white it’s not going to do us any good
really. So let's come up here and hit our, hold on control or command and click right
here in our little text document here. What we are going is, were going to change this
color to black. What we are going is, were going to hold down alt and hit delete. Actually,
first we are going to rasterize our text so that we can actually color like that. Here
we go, Alt, delete. And there we have it. Let's go command, deselect. And there it is.
There's our darkness jumping out. Right there with a little background color like so. And
if we want to what we can do, is we can come through here. Let's actually blur this section
up a little bit. Actually let's blur our text up a little bit. Let's go to filter, and let's
say blur. Gaussian blur just a little bit. Not too much really. This way it looks like
the light is really kicking around a lot, around it. So there it is, there's your text
illuminated form behind. Play around with it, have fun and enjoy!