UNM and SNL Team Up to Develop Biosensor

Uploaded by unmhsc on 26.04.2011

>>DR. RICHARD LARSON/UNM HEALTH SCIENCES CENTER: With both of our skill sets we were able to
merge our expertise in a way that would build a device that would actually, in real-time,
or near real time, detect both deadly and medically relevant viruses and bacteria.
>>DR. MARCO BISOFFI/UNM HEALTH SCIENCES CENTER: The device is so versatile that it can actually
be tailored towards any type of pathogen. The results can be instantaneous, we’re
talking seconds or minutes, which is a huge improvement in the detection of pathogens.
>>DARREN BRANCH/SANDIA NATIONAL LABORATORIES: When the project was being developed we wanted
to design a sensor that allowed us to measure and rapidly detect antigens in solution. But
in order to make a sensor you first have to solve a very complex problem.
>>THAYNE EDWARDS/SANDIA NATIONAL LABORATORIES: As the sample sweeps across the sensor itself
is excited with an RF frequency. The acoustic wave travels perpendicular to the flow of
the sample. And as it travels across, it travels at a certain speed. As the chemistry interacts
your target binds to the surface and slows that wave down. The electronics then measures
the difference in speed between the uninhibited acoustic wave and this inhibited one.
>>DR. RICHARD LARSON/UNM HEALTH SCIENCES CENTER: Well I can’t tell you how enthusiastic we
are here at the Health Science Center regarding this device. Not only does it represent a
very successful partnership between the national laboratories and our academic health center,
but it also really represents the potential to have a very significant impact on the way
physicians practice medicine.