TGF2 - Sounds

Uploaded by 3kliksphilip on 12.08.2011

Part 1 is boring but compulsory, so watch it.
Part 2 compares different sound qualities. It's interesting but not that useful. So watch
it as well. Part 3 shows how to add sounds to your game.
So also watch this part.
Without the LAME codec, you won't be able to include sounds in your games. Download
it from the link provided below, and place it in your Games Factory 2 directory, shown
here. The one you use depends on whether your Operating System is 32 or 64 bit. You only
need to do this bit the first time. Go up to File, Build, Application, Save. If this
pops up, put the LAME codec's location. Read this video's description for examples you
can try, otherwise, you'll have to do it manully. Once done, this shouldn't ever pop up again.
Go up to the Workspace Toolbar, and click on the name of you game. Go down to the Properties,
and under 'Settings', scroll down until you find 'MP3 Compression'. Here, you can choose
the quality of the sounds in your game. The higher you choose, the better quality the
sounds in your game, but the larger the game's filesize will be. Here are some examples.
Go to the 'Event Editor', go down to the event that you want sound to be played on, go across
to where this event meets up with the sound icon at the top, right-click, 'Samples', 'Play
Sample', 'Browse', and choose the sound sample that you want to play in-game.
That'll do.
In-game, it should now work.