YOUTUBE TROLL CONFESSIONS trolling how to troll trololol XTRANORMAL

Uploaded by NRGWAG on 24.02.2011

I am so fucking high.
Or maybe I’ve had a brain embolism from pushing too hard on the toilet,
and I’m nearing death.
Either way,
I can feel the colors.
I can the see warm, translucent face of god staring down at me.
He’s smiling and saying,
“Me love you long time.”
But then I remember how I’ve wasted my life as a troll on youtube.
That’s right.
I’m the guy who calls you a fag.
I’m the guy who says your video sucks dick.
And you were always too stupid to say,
Boy you sure seem to be obsessed with homosexuality.
You’re so gay.
And, I'm also the jackass who tells you not to feed the trolls.
I may have wasted my life, but at least I've also wasted a bit of your Life,
And eaten away at your stupid, little soul.
But, I guess I just wanted to be a part of the conversation.
Is that so evil?
It is?
All I ask is, after I’m dead,
please don’t dig up my corpse and molest it.
No matter how much I deserve it.
And no matter how much you want to do it,
you fag.