Aquaris, waterproof hearing aid from Siemens

Uploaded by Siemens on 15.04.2011

Meet Mary.
She just got caught in an unexpected summer rain. And obviously she's not worried at all,
even though she wears hearing aids.
I think I know why Mary isn't worried.
Let's take a closer look.
This is Aquaris in 4 minutes.
Mary has Aquaris.
Aquaris is Siemens first truly waterproof hearing instrument.
And waterproof means not just splash-resistant. Let's take a closer look at the details.
First of all there is the housing or outside case of the hearing aid. It follows the simple
concept of a bottle.
In other hearing aids seams between housing parts and exposed openings can make the delicate
electronics vulnerable to harmful elements.
But Aquaris is much different. Similar to a bottle the housing is all one piece.
The only opening is the battery door.
To prevent water from coming into the battery compartment there was a watertight silicone
seal on the battery door.
But in order to be able to use zinc-air batteries, air must be able to enter the instrument.
So, Siemens also uses a special membrane for the battery door, similar to the breathable
fabric of Mary's sports jacket:
it let's air in, but keeps water out.
Okay, the battery is safe.
Now what about protecting the microphone?
Well, actually it functions like Mary's ear drum, which is sensitive to sound waves, but
Similarly Aquaris has an ultra-thin protective membrane over the microphone, a kind of ear
This membrane is covered to prevent any damage.
Another important part of the hearing aid that needs to be protected from water is the
But even going for a swim is possible for Mary,
because the ear hook together with an individual ear mold for swimming keeps Aquaris absolutely
A nano-coated grill inside the screw cap helps to protect the receiver.
An extra gasket seals the connection between the housing and the electronics insuring that
absolutely no water can sneak inside.
That's Mary at work restoring old furniture.
Wow, there really is a lot of dust and dirt in her shop,
but as you probably already guessed Mary doesn't mind,
because Aquaris also has no problem whatsoever with all the dust.
It even conforms to the globally recognized standard IP 57.
This means it withstands an 8 hour test in a dust chamber and 30 minutes in water 1 meter deep.
Speaking of dust, dirt and water. Mary can also count on Aquaris when she's out mountain biking.
Enjoying situations like this she used to worry constantly about losing her hearing instruments.
But not anymore. Thanks to the new soft touch lacquering, the high-quality, soft rubber
surface ensures that Mary's instruments stay put.
Oh, watch out Mary!
[laughs] Very good!
When the going really gets tough Mary uses is the sport clip which attaches Aquaris securely
and prevents it from slipping off.
Well, it seems like with Aquaris Mary found the perfect hearing aid for her everyday life.
So, no worries Mary.
Enjoy life without limits.