Xbox Kinect in the hospital operating room

Uploaded by SunnybrookMedia on 24.03.2011

Thousands of surgeries are done at Sunnybrook every year and success depends on having a
clear road map of each procedure.
For all surgeries we do today really
image guidance is a key to helping the surgeon. It's like having a GPS for your car now.
And now surgeons like Dr. Law are getting a helping hand from an unexpected source.
Microsoft's novel gaming system Xbox Kinect which turns the player into the remote control.
Traditionally surgeons remember in that moment the information imaging like CAT or
CT scans provide or they can step out of the sterile field around the patient to manipulate
the image on the computer but that means having to rescrub. Dr. Law says the application
they have built on the Xbox Kinect offers the potential solution to that challenge. The
surgeon makes simple and measured gestures in the air and can remain in the sterile field
while directly adjusting CAT and CT scan views. You'll see me controlling the X-ray
completely without touching or interfacing
with the screen or
the mouse.
What the Xbox Kinect allowed us to do that
is with the wave of our hands all of a sudden the computer now is
with us, moving with us, the images are right in front of where we're working.
And we're able now to bring that computer as if it was the last member of our team
right into the working field of the operating room.
By waving my hand forward or backward
the computer says 'oh, you're moving the mouse
forward and backward' and therefore
in even that simple analogy it allows us to go up and down on a CAT scan
and examine all the parts of the anatomy that we're working on right now.
Engineer Jamie Tremaine helped develop this new application with another engineering colleague
and the creative thinking of a friend who is a general surgery student at Sunnybrook.
We were talking about
different ways it could be used. I definitely saw the potential for it beyond gaming when
it came out.
Microsoft describes the Xbox Kinect as being fun and good for you.
Now Sunnybrook's application is bringing that to a whole new level.
This going to change the way
we interact with imaging in in the operating room potentially forever because
it has really given us a new way
to work with the images while we're operating without breaking sterility or obviously putting
our patients at risk.
With Sunnyview I'm Monica Matys.