Incredible Visual Effects of Prometheus

Uploaded by WatchTheDaily on 09.06.2012

Prometheus has got a huge amount of visual effects. Half the film has some kind of visual
effects involvement. That amounts to about 1,400 shots that we worked on.
Ridley’s main thing to us initially was the planet, space, and the ships. That was
a really important part of the story that he knew that he would need visual effects
help to create.
The environment that he wanted to create for the planet’s surface, he really wanted to
create something that was really uninviting, and was a mixture of different locations that
he liked.
We had to go about building something based on his designs and the input he gave us.
Fuel carried out about 250 shots as well. They actually had an interesting challenge
of creating some designs for alien technology. A lot of holographic effects based around
the alien engineers.
It took about six to eight months -- the design process -- to come up with the idea. The original
logic of how it was designed and laid out was a big bang. We used a fluid simulation
to map out the early ideas of a threaded fluid that was exploded out to a volume. We had
these as basic ideas that shaped the design of it.
Every nebula in there is basically a frozen moment of a fluid sim that has been run over
its course, and found that right moment. And that becomes the nebula gas.
A huge amount – in some of the scenes it would have been 80 to a 100 million polygons
in there. Some of the shots could easily take between a week and two weeks to render.
The majority of it was set, which was fantastic. Great for the actors, and also good for the
director to see the majority of the thing in front of him. And also good for all the
visual effects artists, because you are essentially adding to that instead of having to push the
shot somewhere later on.
Big things have small beginnings