WAI RAI FRESHY ep.9 (2/3) [eng sub]

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the next sport is basketball, if anyone interest it please raise hands
who is interest in it? please raise hands now
front three and back two
please raise hand and write the name too
o.k. let go to the next one is boxing
start from small generation first is light weight
if anyone interest in it, please raise hands now
is there anyone interest in it?
Chatree...you again, one guy can play maximum 3 category
you already play more 3 category
is there anyone interest? please raise hands now
senior sir, i am sir
you? your weight is surcharge
no, i raise hands for present name Rye, sir
aey..Aorng, you will be mad
if you race, our faculty will win exactly because nobody race it
you say over
o.k. please, Rye....consider to help faculty act as faculty darling
o.k. sir
the next is light fly weight. who is interest?
Kitty sir
Kitty...you interest in boxing ?
no, Kitty only want to apply cheer team, sir
Kitty will cheer up our faculty boxer fully
who is interest it? light fly weight
here..you don't understand me ?
this freshy don't fear to be punish and complain any more
if i force them so they don't race the sport
i have to change method
really, only sport university and then lose every year
have no guy to race, what happen?
never mind? ask really..your father is the president
this year university support the sport
if our faculty don't send guy to race so it have to watch special exactly
if they get the win so we have to cancel welcome freshy
o.k. yes
if they get win really
i am the chairman seven years
don't think it will be win even if pass, it has not been occur
this freshy can't play the sport except the guy which name is ancient
but it's unlikely
if look like that they will win so we will make them to lose
it is very easy
if lose guy, Benjapol can do it very well
i confirm this job this freshy will be punished not a little
are you interest to apply with basketball club?
no, thanks
are you interest to play basketball ?
aer..nobody interest to play basketball with us, Aon
i think that they fear senior Golf annoy me really
and Jay don't join it too
no...Jay is busy because she works at medicine shop and restaurant. it's very heavy work enough
what's matter? glasses girl
both of us ask to race basketball with you ?
both of you will be sure?
i don't know alike
do you have been play basketball?
yes, already play it
good......but when?
since primary study six
har..primary study six
o.k. or not
Big, do you sure to race this sport ?
i am sure because it's suitable for teenage like me
very good
what are you doing ?
Big...have many game to race but he interest to race bicycle, Aon see
o.k. good, bicycle is the interesting game
you see? Aon agree with me too
do you know why i want to race the bicycle?
it is the game which i can do very well since child when i grow more so i can do it more too
so i will be lose the game, maybe a little
have a reason
oh..basketball has no chance to win because i have not been play it
i don't mean like this
but never mind because i don't think that it will be win
and Dan...what do you race ?
auem...keep it to be the secret better, Jay
why? i want to know now, tell me please
i want to know that it look man more than Big?
i think to keep it better, when the time reachyou will know it
i already know...Dan will be race the sack run really
run sour
not correct
auem..i already know....pao-kob
pao-kob...stop guess
more conjecture......stop.......what is it?
o.k. the time reach you know it really
only i want to know it lookman more than Big?
o.k. more than Big exactly....race the bicycle
do you see our team? Bow
look like to be failed
how do what? nobody to play
very bad
aery,,how do you do? your team have only this guy?
auem..i am looking for increase but it not work
deplorable, if i study the same faculty , i join with you and win this game exactly
fall down?
will be mad?
i think that if i have the time so come to help you practice better
auem..a good idea
do you race basketball of your faculty?
my faculty already have a basketball team so i don't want to insert
what do you think to race?
aery..i think that no
you know that what can i play?
such as basketball, just to start practice
i have no what thing to do
and you have thing to do, so i have to look for thing to do better
Aon, Bow....do you know that Rye race the boxing of sport university? now he is practicing, Aorng tell me
really?.....really, let he do as his desire
really boring......stubborn