- Upload tutorial (click CC first to select your language!)

Uploaded by Adaydotorg on 09.05.2012

In this video we will show you how you can upload and describe your photos for
Uploading your images will be possible from 15 to 22 May. The website will be available in at least 8 languages. This video uses the English version.
Step 1: Select your photos
Drag your photos in the box, or select them by clicking "browse"
Select maximum 10 photos taken on May 15th. You can start uploading now.
Step 2: Tell us something about yourself
Who you are, is as important as your photos. Tell us something about yourself!
Only your display name will be shown with your photos.
If you want, you can add an organization as part of who took the photos
Or, if you learned about through one of our official partners ,you can select that partner here.
All participants in this project are part of a big, global puzzle. Knowing where you come from helps to complete it.
Select your age group and gender .All information you have added to you profile before May 15th, will be pre-set.
We will never publish your email address, or share it with others!
Promote your website, or let people follow you. This information will be displayed with your photos.
Answering these questions will give an indication of changing role photography, has in our world.
Done! Let's go to your photos.
Step 3: Describe your photos
Here is the bar with all the images you've uploaded.
The more information you add, the more visible, comparable and valuable your photo will be. The eye indicates the visibility.
Where does your photo belong? Select Home, Work, or Connections. Learn more on
Can you be more specific? Select one of the labels…..
Add a tag. Select a preset tag from the drop down, or create one yourself.
If you have created a team tag, enter it here. Learn more about team tags on
Tell us who we see. Use single words like: mother, friend, Alex, boss, worker, neighbor, president…
Tell us what we see. Use single words like: balloons, bike, water, bridge…
Tell the story of this photo.
Indicate the time the picture was taken. If available, the camera time can be selected.
Where was the photo taken?
What type of camera did you use?
This photo is finished! You can continue to the next one...
Step 4: After describing all your photos, you can submit them!
On this page you can read the Terms and Conditions. Already available on
We can't wait to see your perspective on daily life on May 15th!