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If you want to graduate peacefully
There is one person you shouldn't mess with.
Class 8-3
Chae Moo Shin
This happened last year when a nearby school challenged us.
As everyone already knew
some students from Sang Gong High School skipped the first 10 minutes of their class
and peed on our school's name board.
They are sons of the wealthy and government officials.
They were able to stay in school because of their families' background.
A bunch of hoodlums.
They must have nothing to do one day, so they challenged us.
Let's go...
But those bastards didn't fight fairly.
While we were unprepared, 30 of them jumped us.
The official's son was the leader of that group.
But why did they challenge us... why?
Our school remained as the peacemaker for the nearby schools for the past 20 years.
That's not an easy task.
If it wasn't for us, these guys wouldn't feel so threatened.
Passing grades and tutor lessons can be bought with money.
For 3 straight years, we remained unbeatable.
There's not much to do around the school.
Our seniors tried their hardest
fought with all their strength until they were all bleeding.
but we didn't win.
We sat in front of the enemies, our bodies were full of blood.
And so, MyungMoon High is facing a new crisis.
and then he appeared...
He's a new student and no one knows who he is.
He is Chae Moo Shin.
Because he's so quiet
No one knows what he does after school.
Even the teachers don't know where he is.
Ever since he appeared, a new history began.
Nobody knows about this
but he doesn't allow anyone to touch his face.
Absolutely can't touch this face!
Moo Shin doesn't want anybody to touch his face?
He already started to clean his own nose at the age of 2.
Basically, they kept falling down... 30 on 1, they kept falling.
Moo Shin's fighting skill is undeniable great.
circle kick ... spin... punch
He beat them all with his fists and circle kicks.
This story amazed everyone.
After that...
The Ren Juan's gangs came again to challenge us, and the result?
Moo Shin won... and peace finally returned.
Because of that, our school became well-known.
Everyone then knew of the name, Moo Shin.
Moo Shin coldly turned around and left.
Only the finest fighter can have such composure like his.
What a touching story!
but do you know who Moo Shin is most afraid of?
The one, the only in this school?
That's me.
Han San Tae
When he's with me, he even calls me senior.
I'm better than him.
But... isn't that senior Moo Shin over there?
Moo Shin
Sacred ground.
Oh my God!
There's a fight!
You messed with the wrong person. Got it?
Are you alright?
Look here, you teenagers with your raging hormones.
It's almost time for class. Hurry and go to your class.
Why are you still standing there?
Hurry and go to your class.
What's up with all these pop-ups?
Go back to your class. Quickly!
Go quickly!
- You dare say that my daughter is useless? - Eun Byul's father.
Why does this happen so early this morning?
Eun Byul's father, please calm down. It won't happen again.
I'm giving you a yellow card.
If you get a yellow card again...
you know what will happen, right?
The school systems and teachers are all the same.
What kind of school is this? Even the police station is more famous than the school.
Actually, our students aren't that bad. They're just special.
If those special students of yours cause any problems...
and if anything happens to my Eun Byul...
Let's just say,
if anyone causes any problem in my turf
then I'll take care of that.
But if something happens in this school, isn't that your responsibility?
That... What you're trying to say...
The kids don't know what they're doing.
If my baby gets into trouble,
As her teacher, you must help her solve it. Do you understand what I'm trying to say?
I'm a teacher at this school.
I can't only just look after your daughter. I hope you'll understand that.
Listen, you don't have to say much. Just say yes or no.
Yes, sir.
Whether going to school or going home from school,
Anywhere that she goes...
- Just do your job as her teacher, ok? - Yes.
Tell Eun Byul that I will call her later, ok?
Have you heard the news?
- A new transfer student slapped Moo Shin. - Really?
- A new transfer student fought with Moo Shin today. - Really?
Hey, Moo Shin got beat up by a new student.
- Beat up Moo Shin? - No, he was slapped by her.
Find out who is that girl.
Who is she?
I heard that new student will be in our class.
Damn it.
I don't have a good feeling about this.
- Woo Jin - Yes
Have you heard about that new plan? I've never heard about that Tae Pong?
You mean Tae Pong Dong? He's a well-known person from Pei.
Do we need to do some research about it? The younger generation is getting smarter these days.
Do they really know about the future markets?
Are these really yours?
It should be.
Can a human score this?
Only 4 points?
How did you do it?
- Do think it's easy to get 4 points? - Listen to me first.
Oh speaking of which, mister...
You can't call me mister here...
You're here.
Yes, good morning.
Seems like we've met before. You're that student from that night, right?
Do you go to this school?
No... yes... she just transfered here today.
Really? Is this fate or what?
You can consider that it's a very special fate.
Eun Byul, there's nothing special. She's here for some extra tutoring.
It's all her own will.
Why? She looks very smart.
What? She's not smart.
What? Smart?
Nothing like that.
Do you like that teacher?
Who? Who?
- I can tell by looking at you. - No.
Good morning
Principal! I've been looking for you. I have something every important to tell you.
Are you Eun Byul?
Let's work hard together, okay?
- Why are you still not going to your class yet? - But principal...
You must give your best.
What's with this atmosphere?
I thought you weren't going to greet me like that anymore.
- Bow to the teacher. - Hello.
Just act normally.
Is something up?
We have a new transfer student in our class today.
Help her out if she has any questions.
Let's all try to get along.
Hello. My name is Yoo Eun Byul. Nice to meet you.
Since we have a new student,
let's study hard together, ok?
The seat next to Min Sakang is empty, right?
Why are there no absences today?
Who's turn is it for weekly duties? Who?
Do I have to erase the board myself?
What's up?
- So there's a transfer student in Homeroom 8? - Yes
- I heard she's cute. That's too bad. - What do you mean?
Don't you know our school's tradition? The transfer curse?
No one lasted for more than a week.
- Impossible - Don't you believe me?
The kid the paramedics took away last year is still in the hospital.
I heard he's still in a coma.
Did your father come again?
I'm sorry.
So what did he say?
- He wanted you to go on a date again? - Like always.
- What's that man like? - Are you interested?
- Do you want him? - Sure.
If I didn't have this belly, I'd take him.
How was it like when you first met?
What do you mean?
That...the love at first sight. Did you know right away that it's him?
I'm not sure.
- Why? Do you have that kind of feelings?
- With teacher Jang Yi San? - No.
Isn't that man something?
Hasn't it been months already.
If he likes you then he needs to tell you, why do you have to guess about his feelings?
There are tons of men out there waiting for you.
Why keep giving you hints but not telling you his true feelings?
That's because he's a good man.
You're taking his side already?
Once he found the right person, then he needs to be brave.
That's why I like him and sometimes feel bad for him.
I want to care for him and help him. It's sad when he always eats lunch by himself.
There's the problem... That's the problem.
If you don't ask, there will be no answer until you die.
Are you a robot? You're not going to get old?
Wouldn't be weird if I ask him?
What if someone more aggressive comes along?
- Shin So Yi, you need to learn from those kids. - You're right.
Kids nowdays are very aggressive. I envy them.
Teacher, teacher.
- Teacher, please give me some medicine. -What medicine?
I need some pain medicine.
Teacher! Because of Mo Se, my heart is in so much pain right now.
If you do that one more time, you'll be in trouble with me.
Mo Se, Mo Se... how are you?
I heard you got a new motorcycle. When will you give me a ride?
It's not public transportation that anyone can ride on it.
Hey, I heard there's a new transfer student in your class?
You don't need to know that.
She seems to have bad manners.
Are you alright, Mo Se? Are you in pain?
Who is she?
How long do you think that new student will last?
I said 4 days at the most.
- You guys still play this game? - Yeah.
I bet she'll last for 1 week.
Heo Mo Se, 10 thousands.
Shouldn't you be nervous?
Hey, pay first before you go.
If she dares
My name is Da Bin.
- I'm Ye Bin. - and I'm Hyo Bin.
You probably don't know yet, that's why we're telling you. We are...
the intern students for the art enterprise.
Don't even think about getting close to our Mo Se.
Who is Mo Se?
You just be careful.
It's 2004's model, but...
it's just an imitation.
Hey, this is the real thing.
It's real. Understand?
She said it's real.
Ah, really?
Didn't I tell you not to call when I'm at school?
Since when is she all serious about school? She doesn't even want to talk to me.
It's just not the same anymore.
What are you doing? Don't treat me like I'm an old man.
If I work a bit harder, I can go with you and be Hong's spoke person.
I like to go by myself sir.
- Chairman. - What's wrong?
Jang Seo Dong just called. He still insisted in meeting with you.
Jang Seo Dong?
Is that Seo Dong at Ying Dong?
New student!
Our homeroom teacher wanted to see you.
Listen here, I normally don't believe in superstition.
But you're going to this school now, Don't just get mad for no reason, ok?
Alright, I know. I'm here because I want to graduate.
That's good to know.
Maybe it won't happen...
but I'm going to tell you anyway just to be sure. Listen carefully.
there is a student name Moo Shin. Don't get on his bad side.
and another student named Da Bin. Don't talk to her.
and also the boss, Min Sakang. Absolutely don't come too close to her.
I heard people say that she used to run away from home. Ok?
I'm not OK.
You didn't..
You... How many?
With who?
Geez... why?
Give me your cell phone.
Give it to me.
What are you doing?
This is your insurance.
No. 1 is my number. Call me if there's any problem.
What problem?
I had special training from my dad.
Enough. Just wait for me after school. We'll go home together.
From now on, you shouldn't go home alone.
Go back to your class. Hurry!
Why are you so nervous?
Teacher and student talking is not a bad thing.
Alright, just go. Hurry!
Hey, don't write anymore.
It's all in the book already.
Whoever writes these down, it shows that you didn't study at home.
Look at me... look at me. Don't just look at the board.
The Jumong dynasty, at that time, was very powerful and they...
Ms. Shin, are you free for lunch today?
Yes, I see.
Then I'll see you tomorrow morning.
It's lunch time.
- You're not going? - Don't worry about me.
Let's go eat together.
You can have a seat here.
Aren't you sitting down?
You're cute.
It's ok. You don't have to be shy.
- Who are you? - You don't know me?
- You really don't know who I am? - Who are you?
I'm Heo Mo Se.
So what?
You've never heard of Heo Mo Se?
The most handsome guy in this school, 5 fanclubs, and thousand of members.
I'm sorry.
I forgot to bring my wallet, so I don't have any change for you to go buy some medicines.
Let's eat.
You shouldn't have left your foot there, Ye Bin!
I'm sorry. Are you OK?
Forget it.
I'm so sorry. You're not hurt, right?
Why aren't you grabbing some napkins?
I'll clean it up for you.
What will you do? You still have 2 more classes.
I really hope that was an accident.
Ms. Shin.
Are you alright?
It's a mess here. I'll help you clean it up.
No, it's really alright.
These kids. They should clean up after class. They make you do it?
I told them to leave it and go.
Lunchtime is very important to them.
Who's watch is this?
Oh, so there it is.
What if you lose it? You should wear it.
- It bothers me when I'm teaching. - If I was to...
get you a non-bothersome one, would you...
My mom gave it to me, that's why it's very special.
Will you give your daughter that watch?
I'd like to.
And your mother...
Does she ever mention marriage at all?
My father talkes about it more.
He's been calling a lot more often. You get a lot of that from your family, don't you?
I got bugged about it a lot after my father got sick.
But I'm not really prepared yet.
You don't need to be prepared.
I don't have a nice house like other guys.
It's so hard to buy a good house these days.
What's so bad about the place you live in now?
That's how everyone starts out.
You're still living there, right?
I moved.
Really? When did you move?
Well, people just came and moved my stuff.
They moved your stuff?
But still, that can't be legal.
There are times when you just can't be protected by the law.
Then where do you live now?
Well, you see...
Oh, I'm sorry.
You two just looked so hot. I wanted to help you cool off.
- Who said we were hot? - It's ok.
Here, give it to me. I'll help you clean it up.
- They said it's already started. - What has?
- The transfer curse. - What?
She might have already gone home.
Miss Shin, I have something to take care of...
I'll help you clean all of this up.
It's too bad she has to go. She's kind of cute.
- You can't do that in the world of business. - If you like her, you should help her.
If you get caught up in business, what I did to you may happen again.
Hey, back then, it's because I wasn't ready for you.
I didn't feel well at the time.
- Hey, I have a good idea. - What now?
How about taking security money from Yoo Eun Byul?
Am I a hoodlum?
A hoodlum? It's more like paying for a bodyguard.
You must have an open mind when conducting business.
Come on, Moo Shin.
I forgot my cigarettes.
I'll be right back. Just wait for me here.
Don't come near me!
Leave! Do you want to die?
I said go!
Yoo Eun Byul
Wear it.
I put your uniform in your locker.
Most transfer students don't last more than 4 days.
If you're afraid, then you should leave.
- Afraid of what? - It's not only Da Bin.
The kids who are going to pick on you
They've already lined up.
Why? What's wrong with transfering here?
I don't know. But having people to back you up won't help.
This is just a game to the students here.
Only the strong will survive.
Then why are you helping me?
Don't get the wrong idea.
I bet that you'll last for 5 days.
but if you leave before that, then it's not good for me.
You all think that I won't be able to handle this measly school?
This is a jungle.
You just have to figure out how to stay alive.
Change your ringtone. It's confusing.
Your phone kept ringing, so I put it on vibrate for you.
It said Eun Byul. She's the new transfer student, right?
13 missed calls Eun Byul
Oh, hey. Where are you?
The classroom?
But why did you call me so many times?
Is there really nothing wrong?
Then I'll meet you at the same place, ok?
Aren't you going to class?
Oh, right. I was about to.
A student said she's very interested in Korean literature. So she asked if I could find her a book...
Oh, Eun Byul?
What did I tell you? I told you she looked sharp.
You must feel energized by a student like her, teacher Jang.
She looked really outgoing. You must have gotten close already.
Not at all. No.
Actually, there's something that I'd like to tell you.
Well, it's...
Please go on.
Keep up the good work in your afternoon classes.
Yes. You too, teacher.
Today, we're going to learn about limits.
If there is a limit FX and a limit GX...
What's the use of telling you these things?
I'll give you an example.
Why learn math?
If you learn math, you'll be able to think mathematically.
Through that, the strength and range of your thoughts become bigger.
This is hard too. I'll put it simply. Boys, listen up.
You have a girlfriend. You want to tell her that you like her.
You want to buy her brand name things or a diamond ring, but don't have the money.
You grab her hand and tell her that you'll always love her.
That will drive the girls wild.
Isn't that a great method?
And if you're good at math, how it will benefit you in everyday life.
People say you have to be smart to be good at math.
But if you're good at math, then you 're smart.
You have to be quick-witted.
How many multiples of 3 are there from 1 to 1,004?
Such a question may arise. If you dont' know the formula or the way to solve it.
That's when you incorporate that 3, 6, 9 game that you kids like.
I don't like it.
- Did my daughter call me? - She said she'll call if she needs anything.
What's this?
President Jang at Ying Dong Po sent it.
Jang Seo Dong?
What's the deal? He's never generous unless it benefits him.
Doesn't this look like an attempt to keep you from supporting
the Jeonha faction's lobbying case that prosecutor Choe is investigating?
I knew it as soon as he started showing off the fact
that he was taking care of the back pockets of the big dogs.
In ancient time, when someone in this business started kissing butt, the result was never good.
- What should I do? - What else? Send it back.
Is that a problem a little jar like this can fix?
Looking at its pattern, it looks like a 15th century historical treasure.
Oh yeah?
Oh, just send it back. Let him con another person with these little treasures.
Yes, chairman.
Hey, why are you late?
Eun Byul
Eun Byul
Why haven't you eaten yet?
Did something happen?
Hey, don't you think you should clean this up?
What do you want me to do? I've never cleaned before.
If you don't want to do it, just say so.
I don't want to do it.
Those kids are a bit harsh, right?
So what do you want to do? What if you can't eat everyday?
Is it that important to graduate?
If you don't think this is working, then just tell your dad.
If it gets too hard for you, you can always go back home.
Did I ever say anything?
Nothing happened.
Hey, you're not planning to tell your dad and have him tear down the school, are you?
I didn't think of that.
Hey, you can't do that. No!
Are you thinking of staying in this school still?
What do you think I should do?
You have to decide that.
Your decision is important and I'll respect it.
If it gets too hard, let me know.
I'm on your side.
Thank you.
It's been fun for me too.
I'm going to stay.
She's here. Hand over your money.
Do you think I'm making much from doing this?
Those girls look really upset.
Hey, hey hey! Your money...
Please let us get along with each other.
Let us be a peaceful school with no friction between our students.
This is something I keep thinking about these days.
You guys know that my requests are all for your benefit.
I truly hope that you kids put this philosophy into practice.
That's it.
What's that?
Oh, did you know...
that if you stare at something a few centimiters away, you'll go cross-eyed?
I like 3 centimeters.
I said a few centimeters.
You bitch!
Fan it faster!
That loser. How dare she toy with us.
I can totally tell she did something to her face.
But you can't tell with hers as much as I can with yours.
You girls are getting rusty.
What are you doing?
Why are you back there?
If she stays, things might get a bit tough for you around here.
Be quiet! We haven't even started yet.
Do you have any good ideas?
Your brain was meant to be used.
Could you put it on that desk?
It's pretty.
Do you like impressionist art?
No, I don't know much about paintings.
You're supposed to feel them, not know about them.
Take it if you like. I have another similar one.
It's really okay. It's not even new, so don't feel bad.
No, it's okay. I'll be going first.
Miss Shin, where can I put this?
Did you eat something funny?
Miss Shin wanted to give this to you.
You said you like this stuff.
Thank her when you see her, okay?
I like impressionist art, too.
I should go borrow some paintings from Miss Shin.
Go buy a book.
Mr. Jang
- Mr. Jang - I'm really busy today, sir.
- Mr. Jang, I... - The sky might fall, but I can't help you.
- Mr. Jang... - I have something that I have to do.
I was going to buy you a drink at a nice place, but I guess not.
You don't even want me to buy you a drink.
Well, consider my debt paid, alright?
Oh, are you going home now?
Looking for something?
My watch is missing.
The one your mother gave you?
I remember leaving it in the art room.
My class had art today. Do you want me to ask my students?
Don't worry about it. I'm sure I'll find it.
From a friend who is watching you.
You look happy. Did you have a good day?
I told you. Those kids have nothing on me.
- I'm still a bit nervous, though. - I'm hungry. Let's go home.
- Hey, people are going to see. - You said no one comes here. Let's go.
Hey, people are looking.
- Is there someone chasing after you? - Why are you acting so different?
What's that? Where did you get that?
Oh, this? The art teacher gave it to me.
I was going to give it back to her tomorrow.
Why did you ask?
Miss Shin really gave that to you?
But why did you ask me like that?
Well, she said it was missing.
Are you saying that I stole it?
Miss Shin must of have been lying.
She's the one who gave it to me.
She's a weird lady.
How can you call your teacher weird?
Because you accused me without knowing anything.
Give it to me.
Give it to me.
Let me see it for a second.
- Go ask her if you don't believe me. - You're really...
Just for a second, okay? I'll just want to see it for a little bit.
You really don't believe me, right?