Excel Autofill

Uploaded by digipipeline on 20.08.2012

Now we’re going to learn about a tool in Excel that’s going to save you a lot of
time in data entry. It’s called the auto fill feature.
The way the feature works is if you just start typing in the first couple of items in a series
of data, then drag across those items, you’ll notice a little tic mark. If you grab that
tic-mark and drag horizontally, Excel will fill in the remaining data items in the series.
It also works on the vertical. So now let’s show an example with the day
of the week. Beginning with Wednesday. Let’s see if Excel is smart enough to finish this
series. It is. Notice it will repeat that series.
This will also work with numeric data. I have a 1, then a 2. I highlight it down and drag
it across, see it fills in the data in the series.
Now I Will make a pattern on my own. Notice that Excel is smart enough to identify the
pattern and finish out the series for me. So, why not, next time you have a lot of data
entry, use Excel’s auto fill feature and save yourself a lot of time.