geet 6 may part 1 WITH ENG SUBS

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today is my first karva chot.
and maan is not with me.
my destiny..
what can destiny do geet?
you left the house yourself right?
if i was home today
he would have sat with me.
and look over here..i want to show him my mehndi but my husband doesnt have time!
but what can he do...
tej brother doesnt even let him breath!
sometimes he tells him come here then says go there
but..maan should understand right?
he promised me. then how did he forget? let him come.
what happened?
why is your face all blown up on an occasion?you want to go to your maan?
no babhi
dont say no to me.
by seeing all your actions i can tell that you cant live a second without him.
you may have left his house but your life is in him. should i call maan?
no. nothing like that.
you feel shy?
really geet you are very cute
even after marriage you are blushing after saying his name
and really..your heart is very nice also geet.
it has been so many years in this house..
but no one understood my pain.
today for the first time you considered pammi as a human
you have known that..
my heart also yearns for tej to tell me sweet things.
for the first time today..
he fed me..
he fed me with his own hands!
really..this view will always be infront of my eyes geet until i die.
my heart will always bless you until i die.
babhi why are you talking about dying?
you see after this how many times feeds you with his hands and how many times he will sit with you and talk to you.
babhi always remember.
if you truly love someone with all your heart that love will surely be accepted.
that love will come to you.
you wont even have to call it.
your love dragged maan all the way over here.
after seeing your love i believe that god will surely listen to me.
yes babhi god will listen to you.
ill go now. theres alot of work downstairs. i just came to say thanks.
babhi dont forget.
dont you dare come close to me!
listen im not interested in touching you. you are..i mean im trying to help you.thats all
this is your help. first you make me fall then you say ill help you.
i made you fall?
no the neighbor made me fall.if you didnt make me fall then did i fall by myself?
one thing is clear. the higher you are in the sky the lower you are in the ground. first you make me fall then...
you do one stay 10 feet away from me.
why 10 feet? ill stay 20 feet away from you.
why are you laughing?
go call someone to help me.
why dont you listen to me. whats the need to call someone? im right here ill help.
you stay away from me! stay away!
mama ji
oh maan sing khurana. you made mistake number 5! you get into an accident with her and then you try to run away?
wait. ill write your report. im writing your mistake..mistake
darling you always come infront of me so ill drink it.
now you tell me is it jugnu's fault or my bottles fault?
mama ji what useless thing are you talking about? pick me up!
dont you dare girl! this is not a useless thing. say sorry!
sorry. now pick me up.
come give me your hand.
mama ji mehndi.
take my hand.
now mama also fell. now who's going to pick up mama?
only god can pick up a heavy thing like you
no no ill do one thing i cant do it ill call someone.
dont you dare!
you are a young man. you pick me up?
i pick you up?
yes help me.
im feeling ticklish!
come in the front.
you want to get up or no?
come in front.
take my hand.
im dead! also fell! now decide who will pick who up.
mamaji! you want to get up or no? the please for one minute listen to me. ok. get up
now pick her up.
come ill help you.
STOP STOP! now mama will get up tomorrow. thats enough. stop
lachi work faster! we still have to make the rice pudding!
i dont understand one thing. when we have made the savayya and made 4 different types of sweets then why do we need rice pudding?
because beeji said. now stop talking and work.
whats heppening?
how are the preperations going?
they are going good beeji. we have made the chole and the aloo sabzi is also done.
and the sidiya are also done. well fry the puris and the jeleybe then.
let me taste this savayaa
its good in sugar. do one thing put some cashews and almonds in it.
yes beeji.
lachi! listen to me carefully. this time if you be even a little bit careless no one will be worse than me.
and you wont go to sleep until all the food is ready.understand?
yes beeji.
just kill me!
wake up early in the morning for the sargi.
geet ive made siriya do you want to taste?
geet sister? can i ask you something?
sargi comes from your in laws right?
and your mother in law didnt send your sargi as yet.
SHUT UP! always talking nonsense
pay attention to your work. go from here.
if i was in delhi today dadi ma would hvae given me a sargi with love. to prepare for my first karva chot.
wow what a lovely color it came out to be!
you came again to annoy me?
yes i have nothing else to do
i have to ask for permission to come in the hall?
no no you wait here ill leave from here.
this time you didnt fall?
you stay away from me. stay 10 feet away from me.
10? no no 20 feet.
dont try to be oversmart ok?
where are you always roaming around? im looking for you.
im right here beeji. where am i to go? tell me
wake up early in the morning with geet and pammi. its sargi
sargi? the morning the food you eat before karva chot is called sargi.
nandini you have become like a city girl. girls nowadays dont know anything.
but why should i fast? sister and babhi are already married. they will keep a fast for their husbands right? then why should i stay hungry just like that?
so that you get a good boy girl!you get a good husband.
listen to me..the entire family wants that you get married soon and you hands are green.(you are happy)
mama ji yellow!
sorry yellow
its very important to fast on karva chot.
yes mamaji like by staying hungry the entire day you get a good husband right?
you will surely get one. i have heard since childhood.
leave it mamaji. things just like that.
um..i dont have the right to interfere but mamaji dont you think that if an old tradtion has been passed on for years then there is a reason to it?
i mean there must be a reason why these traditions have been made. and for some reason people are still following them?
excuse me? did anyone ask you for your opinion?
no right? and anyways you are not a girl so you have no right to say anything about karva chot.this fast is only written in our destiny.
have you ever fasted? have you every stayed hungry? my geet sister will be hungry and that too for you.
have you ever been hungry even for an hour? do you even know what a fast is? just these stupid dialogues.
what are you getting yourself into? theres no point in talking to her.
jeejaji give her the answer to her question.
have you ever fasted?
mamaji! i say that this time you also keep a fast for karva chot. so that can we can get a mami like you.
strong and fat!
ok. i listened to you. these women wont eat till night right? jugnu wont eat till morning.
really mamaji? you wont eat anything?
no ill only drink.