From Philly to South Africa, Temple student aims to help wildlife

Uploaded by TempleUniversity on 20.01.2012

>> Haley There are a lot of buildings on campus that are not bird friendly at this point.
Basically, any window that's reflective will have at least one bird collision. Recently,
I'm getting into conservation biology and I want to do wildlife biology. I'm trying
to make it so that we can live with wildlife and nature the way that they did a long time
ago. The birds can't tell the difference between the windows and their habitat, which they
think are the trees reflecting on the windows. So, they fly into it and obviously their really
light bones can't handle the impact and they die upon impact. Volunteers and I went around
and we just got some base data on how many birds were colliding with windows, what the
high collision areas were. When you would walk around and you'd see a gorgeous yellow
throat, bright yellow bird on the ground, just completely helpless. That's heartbreaking.
What we've been working on is to try to reduce the collisions. I applied for this Creative
Arts and Research Grant. This is the spot on campus that I tested the window film. And
that gave me the money to get some window film to see if maybe they could distinguish
the window. At Temple, there are many resources, like The Philadelphia Zoo, The Pennsylvania
Audubon Society, both of which I have been in contact with for doing my research. It's
definitely what's unique about Temple is it's in a big city, but it's also a close-knit
community, where you can go and reach out to someone at the Zoo and they're like oh
you go to Temple, cool, let's figure out something to do, let's do some conservation work. Conservation
is really a huge field. You can work in Pennsylvania, you can work in Philly, you can work in Africa.
[drums] >>Haley I went and travelled to South Africa
and I would volunteer six days a week at a cheetah conservation facility. Finding contacts
and people who do what you do and how to get in their spot. It was also during the World
Cup. [vuvuzela blows]
>>Haley I would literally burn every vuvuzela I could if I could. I'd hear them day in and
day out at my house. It was just a dream come true to be able to volunteer there a couple
of months. Even if it's slowly but surely, one person can make a difference.