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'Great!...Excellent!...Wow! Wonderful!...Bravo!...Terrific!'
'You complete me'
'Just like the earth and the sky complement each other's existence.'
'I follow you around when you go frolicking'
'Ours is this small caravan'
'I have no care in the world after I ensure you're taken care of'
'Great!...Excellent!...Wow! Wonderful!...Bravo!...Terrific!'
'You complete me'
'Just like the earth and the sky complement each other's existence.'
'I follow you around when you go frolicking'
'Ours is this small caravan'
'Great!...Excellent!...Wow! Wonderful!...Bravo!...Terrific!'
Oh..ho..! The tire has got punctured.
'Sometimes I feel you are elder to me'
'I feel like I am a small child being taken care of'
'How joyous I feel when I am with you!'
'You are all I have in this evernescent world'
'They can come and go but you are the one I wanna be with'
'Great!...Excellent!...Wow! Wonderful!...Bravo!...Terrific!'
'You complete me'
'Just like the earth and the sky complement each other's existence.'
'I follow you around when you go frolicking'
'Ours is this small caravan'
'Great!...Excellent!...Wow! Wonderful!...Bravo!...Terrific!'
'Great!...Excellent!...Wow! Wonderful!...Bravo!...Terrific!'
Today, a new teacher, Mrs Gomes is coming, right?
Yes, Dad! She is very short-tempered.
That's good for you!
You'll be restraind a little from making mischiefs.
Today, you are going on a long trip, right?
Yes, there are some tourists from Mumbai.
They want to go sight-seeing in the whole of Mahabaleshwar.
That means, you'll retaurn late at night.
I might get late but you're surely gonna be late for the school.
Come on, son! Hurry up!
Hurry up, son!
Did you take all the books? -Yeah.
And did you take your guide book?
Yes, my dad, I have!
Aunt Asha!
Aunt Asha!
Aunt Asha!
Why you guys are screaming?
Am I deaf?
Aunty, take the bread and six "ande"(eggs) from John when he comes.
"Jhande"(a flag)?
But the Independence Day is still far away.
He's saying "ande"(egss), not "jhande"(flags)!
"Le lenaa"(Take it from him)!
What am I gonna give?
I am not gonna give anyhthing to anybody.
When uncle John comes... -Ummm!
...take the bread and six eggs from him.
Take it from him.
Hey, why are you screaming?
Am I deaf?
You've become very mischievous!
But not as much as you.
So, now you've beocme a loud mouth, eh?
Alright, son...
Ok, Papa, Bye. -Bye!
I will go alone from hereon.
Return soon!
Bye, Papa! I'll leave now.
I know, I know, I know everything.
A new teacher, Ms Gomes is coming today.
Eat it fast!
She is very short-tempered.
I'll leave now.
You are late!
As usual.
You know me well, don't you?
Yes! You are our monitor Isha Jaadoogarni.
You know what punishment I'll give you, don't you?
You'll make me a mouse.
If you'll come in late on a daily basis...
...I won't make you a mouse but a mosquito.
Or better still, I'll make you disappear.
Can I go now? It's a new teacher today.
Did you get any gift for the new teacher?
Then take this.
Give her this as soon as you see her.
Yes, miss!
Yes miss!
Swati! -Yes miss!
Yes, ma'am!
Sorry, ma'am!
Come in!
What is in your hand?
This is a gift for you, ma'am.
Aw...how sweet!!!
What was that?
Sorry ma'am. I didn't know what was in it.
Very naughty!
Go and sit!
Yeah, children!....
What are you doing?
I am drawing.
Is this Drawing lecture?
Come on, put it back in the bag.
Give me!
O' God!
It's a frog!!!
Oh no, no, no....
Teacher, what have you done!
You made him come out of my bag.
Wait up!
Wait a minute!
He is my friend, ma'am.
He is not gonna bite you.
You are very mischievous!
You carry a frog in the bag!
But it was you who took it out of the bag, ma'am.
Shut up!
Get your Mom tomorrow.
I wanna complaint to your Mom.
What now?
He doesn't have a Mom.
He doesn't have a mother.
Where has she gone?
She ran away leaving him behind.
She was bad, wasn't she?
One should never use the word "bad" for one's Mom.
She didn't love me, did she?
Bye children. -By teacher!
Rahul's mom is "bad"!
Rahul's mom is "bad"!
Rahul's mom is "bad"!
Rahul's mom is "bad"!
Rahul's mom is "bad"!
You were fantastic!
All this because of you!
Why a mother is "bad"?
Soup will grow cold.
Why did she leave me?
We have already talked about this.
Rahul! Come on, start now.
I don't feel hungary.
Don't I love you, son?
Don't I take care of your every need?
Even I take care of you, don't I?
Yes, you do too.
Then why you...
Son, you have me.
And I have you.
We don't need a third person.
Honey, don't you remember the promise we made?
I'll get you everything you want.
But you'll never talk about that woman.
She was indeed "bad", son.
She didn't love us.
She has given us a lot of pain.
I hate her.
We'll not talk about her ever again, right!
Good night, son!
Papa has come!
Hey, what's the matter, son?
Come on, son!
Nothing, Dad!
Hey...come on!
Let's go home!
Mr Akash!...
I was going to your house only.
Here is a letter for you!
It is to remind you that Rahul is only one month short of being five.
On November 15th, 2011...
...Rahul is going to be interviewed in the court.
After the interview, the court will decide who gets Rahul's custody.
My client, Mira Sharma's affidavit has been admitted in the court.
And we want to remind you that...
...You have to present Rahul in the court on the above-mentioned date.
You'll get a legal notice in this regard soon.
Advocate C.K Mistry.
Whose letter is this, Dad?
No one's, son!
Come on!
Let's go home!
'We will surely go through difficult times while we are together'
'Worry not! They are not gonna last'
'Never let your hand slip away from mine.'
'Lest we might get separated'
'This world sometimes makes us laugh, and other times makes us cry.'
'Great!...Excellent!...Wow! Wonderful!...Bravo!...Terrific!'
I know, I know. I know everything.
Everyone says the same thing when a divorce is happening.
Divorce?! What's that?
You don't know anything?
I know about everything except "divorce".
Don't you watch TV serials!?
First mom and dad meet...
...they fall in love...
...then they get married...
...then children...
...then they start fighting...
...and ultimately they go there.
In that house?!
What happens in that house?
That is not a house, that's a court house.
There sits an uncle wearing a black gown.
Mom and Dad once again pick up a verbal fight before that "uncle".
Then uncle says: Silent, silent.
He strikes a wooden hammer...
...and says: Divorce.
That's it.
Mom and dad get separated.
Come on, John! Hurry up!
In the whole area stretching from Panchgani to Mahabaleshwar...
...mine are the eggs of the biggest size.
Ok, ok! Here you go!
Hey, Rahul!
Hi, uncle John! -Hi, Rahul!
What are you doing here, man?
I gave your eggs and bread to aunty Asha!
I can't understand what you... -I want an answer...
You get me a divorce anyhow!
I'll be right back, honey!
Listen... -You...
No, we dont' want to hear anything.
Try to understand, sister! -Were will I go?...
Trust me, sister! Trust me.
Don't get onto my nerves... -I will keep...
Hey, Rahul!
What's the matter, honey?
What happened?
That uncle! -Who is that?
Do you guys trust me?
Yes, we do!
Hey, darling...
Now, please go to your respective homes.
Alright! -Huh!
Hey, John...
Give me a packet of cigarette.
Here you go, man!
Who were they?
It's a divorce case.
Mr and Mrs Sharma.
They started fighting inside the court.
What else could the judge have done?
He consented to the divorce plea immediately.
Oh, my God!
Who is he?
He is Rahul.
Come here, son.
Whoa!...Hey, Rahul.
What is this, Mr Advocate?
You scared the little child!
Good Evening, sir!
I have put your clothes in the bathroom, Papa.
I'll have completed my homework by the time you finish taking the bath.
What has happened to this little man, today?
The Indian government has decared the year 2001...
...to be the Year of Women Empowerment.
It's All India Radio 107....
Today, I'll drink the soup and take the bread as well.
What's the matter? You are behaving too well, today.
From now on, I am gonna be like this only.
But why?
If I don't behave well, you'll scold me...
Yes, maybe!
If you scold me, I, too, will get a little angry.
What then?
Then, if we fight, we'll stop talking to each other.
Therefore what?
Not being on talking terms, we'll go to that building.
Which building?
Why will we go there?
That building where that "uncle" sits wearing a black gown.
The one who consents to the divorce plea of the fighting couple.
Who told you all this?
I know everything.
There will be no divorce if we don't fight.
What are you talking, son?
I love you so much, don't I?
And when somebody loves somebody else so much...
...they never get divorced.
So, Mom didn't love you, did she?
She was bad, wasn't she?
She had fought with you.
We are not supposed to talk about her.
Ok, Papa!
I am there with you, aren't I?
And I am here with you, too.
I love you.
I love you too, son.
'Don't tease me'
'Don't tease me'
'Don't tease me'
'Don't tease me, my beloved!'
'Lemme take a leave now.'
'Aah ha ha, mm hmm hmm'
'Don't tease me, my beloved!'
'Lemme take a leave now.'
'Your eyes are like two deep rivers'
'Your eyes are like two deep rivers'
'Let me drown in them'
'Don't tease me, my beloved!'
'Lemme take a leave now.'
'Let there be no distance between two loving hearts'
'Let there be no distance between two loving hearts'
'May we get to such a place...'
...where not even the whispers of this breeze could intercede'
'A little closer, a little more...'
'A little closer, a little more. Let me assimilate my soul into yours'
'Don't tease me, my beloved!'
'Lemme take a leave now.'
'Your eyes are like two deep rivers'
'Let me drown in them'
'Don't tease me'
'Don't tease me'
'Don't tease me'
'Don't tease me, my beloved!'
'Lemme take a leave now.'
Mira! Rohit, stop her.
Mira, stop!
If you step out of this gate today...
...you'll never be allowed to come back in.
That trash doesn't deserve you, my daughter.
Don't bring disrepute to the family.
Mira, this thug has entrapped you with his false love just for our wealth.
You are making a big, big mistake.
Wait, Meera!
I can't tolerate someone insulting you this way.
It doesn't matter if they are my parents or siblings.
What are you doing here?
I am catching butterflies.
Hold it for a minute! -Sure!
It's ok.
What will you do with these butterflies?
I will keep them in the garden outside my house.
Where is your house?
That house...there....
Ok, Butterfly Boy!
Bye! -Bye!
And this is the Kids Point of Mahabaleshwar.
You can have a beautiful view of the Sahyadari Mountains from here.
Here in these mountain, Shivaji had pulverized the Mughals.
Brother Akash! Brother Akash!
Looke there!
It seems people from Raghuvan Transport are again up to something.
Hey, wait!
He is taking them into that bus.
Enough is enough now!
Brother, what are you doing?
Mr Akash, we are leaving your bus.
Why? -Yes, why....?
You are looting us.
You charge double the rightful fares and take us to only half the places.
They are offering us free lunch as well.
Yeah, but you had done the booking with us.
Then return their money to them.
You better stop spouting the nonsense!
That is your specialty.
You are charging exorbitant fares and then you have the gall to talk like this.
If you didn't mend your ways, Rahul Transport will be shut down soon.
Rahul Company is going to Shut down, eh?!
It will have to.
Today or tomorrow.
You can sell your bus to us if you wish.
Brother, brother... -Get off me. Today, I'll...
...teach him a lesson.
Get back, brother. Leave it, please! -I will see you soon.
You are just fooling them. Why are you laughing, you thug?
We won't tolerate such monkey business.
Our whole business will suffer.
Honey, you make a drawing here.
I'll take you home in a short while, ok?
I say we should now launch a strike.
Only then these officers will open their eyes to our grievances.
Will you allow Akash to speak for a moment?!
As long as we don't get united for our cause...
Here she comes!
Sheelaji has arrived too.
Brothers, she is the owner of Suman Transport.
Suman Transport?!
But that company... -Yes!...
My father is no more.
I am looking after the whole business now.
I was talking about the urgent need of a strong uniy...
...when Sheelaji arrived. Great!
Yes, you were saying something.
Nothing! I wasn't saying anything important.
How were you not saying anything?
You are our leader!
Suggest some solution.
I say, we should go for a strike. Period.
I think that won't be a good move.
That's what owners of the Raghuvan Transport want...
...that you guys shut down your companies...
...so that they could expand their business in the meanwhile.
What I was saying is that...
...there is no unity among us.
And unless we jointly agree to give the tourists new rates and other facilities...
...or do something else about it...
...the owners of Raghuvan Transport... -Papa, I've completed my drawing.
Alright, son! Wait a minute!
Till then the owners of Raghuvans... -Papa, you had told me that...
...you'll take me to Isha. -Yes, honey!...
We will go!
The owners of Raghuvansh Transport... -Papa, you had made a promise.
Son, you should launch a strike.
Oh...ho...Sardarji, you...!
Why do you bring your children at such important meetings?
What else can he do?
He doesn't have his wife at home...
He will have to cope with he double burden, won't he?
Son, come here! Let me see your drawing.
It's ok. I'll take care of it.
Mr Akash, Sheelaji is a woman.
She will have the child coaxed in a minute.
Excuse me but I don't need a woman to look after Rahul.
Rahul! -Yes, Papa!
Honey, you make one more drawing...
...and then I'll come take you.
Should I show this drawing to aunty?
Let him come to me.
What a nice house you have drawn there!
Isn't it?
You guys continue with the deliberations...
...I am gonna play with Rahul.
Didn't I say, guys...
A woman knows the best how to read a kid's mind.
A child without a mother is like a fish without water.
Ice cream!
Shall I show you one thing?
What's that?
Ice cream painting!
You are absolutely right!
I will think over this plan.
We shall meet again soon.
Yes, Papa!
This ice cream...
He likes ice cream that's why I got it for him.
Why did you give him ice cream?
By Sheela!
Bye Rahul!
Bye! -Bye!
Honey, why did you have ice cream?
You are not to have it.
Wake up, son!
When are you gonna wake up?
Oh my God!
What sort of a father you are, Akash!
Do you care for him or not?
He has Asthma!
It's not the first I am telling you to keep him away from ice cream.
I have told you this earlier.
But you wouldn't list...
Uncle, it was sheela who gave me the ice cream.
And you ate it.
Who is Sheela by the way?
She is a friend of mine.
Hey...what's in your pocket?
So this is a sketch of your friend.
This is my Mom.
Your Mom looks like this?
She is "bad."
Who told you this?
I know everything.
Uncle, may I go now?
Yes, of course. Go!
No, Akash!
This ain't right.
What is not right?
You understand very well what I am trying to say.
To teach a child like this to hate somebody...
No, Akash.
No, no, no!
It's not right at all.
And, by the way,...
...he is soon going to complete five years of his age.
What will you do when Rahul's Mom will demand the custody of her child?
It could be that Rahul...
Rahul won't go anywhere, Dr Bhandari.
I have given him so much love that he'll never miss his Mom.
What do you think of all this?
Do you think just by inculcating in his mind his mother's image as a witch...
...he'll start hating his mother?
Akash, you are living under an illusion.
The day he'll meet his Mom...
There is no question of his meeting her, Dr.
You are making a mistake.
As Rahul grows up...
...his questions will become more complex.
You won't be able to make him feel whatever you want him to feel.
He does need a mother.
Listen to me for a moment. Spit out your ego...
...and reach a compromise with Meera. -Sir, Meera!
You know very well that it's not possible.
If you can't bring Meera for Rahul...
...then at least get remarried to some other woman.
Every child needs a mother.
That's why he is so frequently falling sick.
And what if that other woman didn't give him a mother's love?
Akash, you can talk to the girl about all this before getting married to her.
Excuse me!
This is Sheela!
Hello! -Ohhh!!!
The one who fed him ice cream.
I am really sorry, doctor.
I didn't know about his medical condition.
Uh...how is Rahul?
Hello Sheela!
Come, I'll have you meet Boju! -Excuse me!
Not bad!
I didn't get you!
Even I am still trying to understand it.
Sheela has become a good friend of Rahul.
Oh, come on, doctor!
How can you...
I didn't say anything.
Hurry up, everybody!
It's Sunday today.
I have to go to Church.
Yeah! I am coming. Coming.
Hey, aunty Asha...
Aunty Asha!...
Please, come fast!
What? Eat fast?!
There is nothing to eat at my house.
Come on, aunty Asha.
You're making me late. Fast!
Come fast!!!!
I will be late for the Suday Mass.
Yes, yes! -Uncle John!
Why do you go to Church on Sundays?
Hey, Mr Rahul!
I go there to pray.
Will it be good if I don't go to Lord's house?
What happens there?
Everything good happens there.
I get everything whatever I pray for at the Church!
You get everything?!
I swear!
Would you like to come along?
Mr Akash!
I am taking Rahul to the Church.
He is not keeping well, John.
That's precisely what I am taking him to the Church for.
We'll pray to Mother Marry...
...that Rahul gets well!
Do you wanna go, son?
Come on, let's go!
I'll have you wear nice clothes.
Uncle John, who is this lady?
Son, this is Mother Marry!
And who is in her lap?
In her lap is her son.
Did Jesus live with his Mom?
Yes, honey!
Was she ever "bad" to him?
'O' God! What did you just say?!
Can a mother be "bad"?
Who told you such things?
I know everything.
My Mom is "bad", isn't she?
You know nothing.
The thing you said about your mother not being good is not true.
She is very good.
And she loves you very much.
How do you know that?
I know her.
Her name is Meera!
She lives in Mahabaleshwar.
I meet her every Friday and Saturday.
I go to Mahabaleshwar for my business...
...Whenever I meet her, I see only you in her eyes.
She is a mother, man!
How can a mother ever be bad?
Take me to Mom then.
I can't do that.
I want to meet her.
Do you know?...
How bad-tempered is your Dad?
He doesn't like your mother at all.
He hates her.
Listen, son!
I can't take you to your Mom even if I wanted to.
Come on, honey....
I'll pray to God.
He'll take care of everything.
Hello, uncle John.
Mr Rahul!
How are you? -I am fine!
What happened to your van?
Nothing, Mr Rahul.
This van of mine... -Yes!
...is a headache.
This van gives violent jerks and shoves.
Sit here!
Are you going to school?
Today you go to Mahabaleshwar. -Yes!
But this tempo...
No, I won't go to Mahabaleshwar today.
So, you are not gonna meet my Mom, today.
I'll meet her day after tomorrow.
I go to Mahabaleshwar on Mondays as well. I'll meet...
Do you want me to convey any message to Mom?
I will tell her myself when I meet her.
Rahul! -Yes, Papa!
Aw, you are ready so early!
It's Monday today.
I have PT class.
You forget it every time.
Oh...sorry, son!
I have taken out your shirt and made the juice for you.
And your breakfast?
Breakfast I have had. And I have drank the milk as well. Bye, Papa!
Bye, son!
Take care, son. -Ok!
Hey, come fast everyone!
I have to go to Mahabaleshwar.
What's up, Aunty?
Did you recieve the Money Order or not?
I did, dear! -Come, aunty!
Hey, fast! Come fast everyone!
Make a haste!
Hurry up!
Why are you always in such a hurry?
If you go faster, you might bump into me.
Alright, bro! I think you are anyway gonna bump into something.
You shake a lot!
What do you want, sister?
Rozi! -What?
What do you wanna buy?
How many times do I have to tell you we're here to buy tomato.
How much?
You just take it. Go! -Alright!
Go! -Give me two Kg of rice as well.
Right away, sister!
Tomato, tomato. I want bright red tomato.
Good! Good!
Hey, what do you think is good?
Children...Children... A child.
I told you to buy tomatoes and not a child.
You start behaving like a fool from the start of the day.
There is a child. There is a child.
My goodness!
What do you think, I sell kids from my shop?
Come on, there you go!
I say there is a child. -Done, you can go now.
Yes, there is a child. Now let's go.
How is there a child here?
Come on, uncle. Fast! I have to leave early.
You saw a child there, eh? Come home. -There was really a child. He'll...
Teacher, bye! -Bye!
Bye! -Bye teacher!
Bye teacher.
How are you John?
I am very well!
What about you?
I am doing fine.
And everything else?
Everything is alright.
Won't you ask about Rahul?
Yesterday, he went to Church with me.
When he saw the statue of Marry he said...
John, please!
Don't tell me.
How hard you've become at your heart?
That child there talks day and night of his Mom...
...keeps asking about of you. -I beg of you, John.
Don't say anything about Rahul, please.
Why shouldn't I?
Don't I know how much you love him!
Your eyes flood out tears even today!
Can't I see what you don't utter from your mouth.
That's enough, John!
I have forgotten everything.
A lie!
But that child hasn't forgotten you.
He will have to forget me.
Unless the court pronounces the judgement...
I can't do anything.
Why don't you understand, John?
Meera, it'll be too late by then.
Akash is poisoning his mind against you.
I know.
I know everything.
That's why I want to forget everything.
You don't tell me about Rahul anymore.
Meera, if you wish, I will right away bring Rahul...
No, John!
I don't want to meet Rahul now.
'How do you ever forget me?!'
'While I so miss you every moment'
'Why do you ever go away from me?!'
'How do you ever forget me?!'
'While I so miss you every moment'
'Why do you ever go away from me?!'
'How do you ever forget me?!'
'While I so miss you every moment'
'You were the one who gave me so much love and affection'
'You would make me smile day in and day out.'
'You were the one who gave me so much love and affection'
'You would make me smile day in and day out.'
'Why do you make me cry now?!'
'How do you ever forget me?!'
'While I so miss you every moment'
'Why do you ever go away from me?!'
'How do you ever forget me?!'
'...forget me'
'...forget me'
How are you?
How is Rahul?
He is very well!
For Rahul?
It's for me!
How is the colour?
Hmmm. Colour is fine.
But don't you think the size is a little misfit.
Thank God! Now I know you can laugh.
Convey my love to Rahul.
Take care!
Rahul! -Mummy!
Rahul, honey!
Rahul, my son! -Mummy!
Hey idiot!
If you don't finish this tiffin in two minutes...
...then I'll turn you into a roost.
I don't feel hungary.
How is that?
If you don't eat, you won't be able to give right answers in the class.
Come on, now. Eat it.
Good boy!
What happened?
Nothing. -Have it.
Come on, eat.
Hear that? The bell has rung.
Now I am leaving.
You go your home.
Sorry, honey!
I am very sorry.
'Let's go along with the East Wind'
'We'll fly away along with those birds.'
'Let's go afar'
'Our love rings out an echo'
'Let's go along with the East Wind'
'We'll fly away along with those birds.'
'Taking on the wings of the air, we shall fly up to the firmament'
'You hold my hand; I'll hold yours.'
'Look there towards that nursery-blue sky'
'A magician lives there on high above.'
'Tell that magician to cast a spell...'
'...so that all of us be blessed with eternal happiness'
'Let's go along with the East Wind'
'We'll fly away along with those birds.'
'Let's go afar'
'Our love rings out an echo'
'Our love rings out an echo'
'Our love rings out an echo'
You are a good mom, Mummy!
You are good too.
And Papa says I am smart too.
You are very smart.
And very sweet too.
You love me?
Yes, honey!
I love you very much.
Then why did you leave me.
Why don't you live with me?
Dad is with you.
And your Dad doesn't want me to stay with you.
Because you got divorced?
Who has told you all these stuffs?
I know everything.
And you guys had had a fight, hadn't you?
It was your Papa who had started it.
He troubled me so much!
And even today he tells you such....
You won't understand it, son!
Before everyone he...
I had to put up with so much.
I had never imagined that...
...the person whom I loved so much...
...would turn out to be so cruel at heart.
Because of his stubbornness and ill temperament...
This is from my childhood.
It is still in good condition, isn't it?
Till we buy a new one...
...we shall take Rahul around in this.
I was thinking of...
...going to parent's.
She had called me.
All of them want to meet Rahul.
My son will never step into that house.
Why do you...After all...
Perhaps, you have forgotten...
...what you yourself had said while stepping out of the gate...
...that you can't tolerate me being insulted like that.
...At that time...
And by the way...my Mom has let go of all that.
But I haven't.
And the truth is that...
...whoever shall derogate my self-respect...
...will never be forgiven by me.
Tomorrow is Rahul's birthday, right?
Where is my blue shirt?
That is kept for the ironing.
Hello, Suneeta!
Brother Akash!
This is Rahul's first birthday...
...and therefore you should throw a lavish party.
I have booked the Social Club at Panch Gani for the same.
But Meera was telling that...
...her parents were going to have the bash at a Five Star Hotel.
Actually no...
I was just...
Rahul's birthday party will be organised at the Club only.
Yes, Mom!
Alright, Mom! I'll talk to you later.
Good night, Mom!
Has Rahul fallen asleep?
Do you know how late you are coming!
Look here what I have got Rahul for his birthday.
Chocates. These pencils for the guests.
And this shirt...
...for Rahul's father.
And is there nothing for Rahul's Mom?
Rahul's Mom has got me.
Akash Sharma.
Ok, ok, ok!
Close your eyes and stand here!
I am gonna open my eyes. Show me. -No, no, no, no!
Keep them closed!
Do it fast!
This is for Rahul's Mom.
Oh my God!
This is the same saree...
...that was priced at 500 rupees.
You liked it so much, didn't you?
But...so expensive...
Where is your watch?
That I have sold.
He was asking for Rs.400 to repair it.
I asked him how much will you me give for it.
He said Rs. 800.
I said, "done"!
And with that money you bought all this.
This is Rahul's first birthday, right?!
And by the way I have the old wrist watch.
You love me so much!!!
How much?
Beyond the sky?!
What's the matter, Meera!
Mom had called me again today.
She must have expressed her good wishes for Rahyl's birthday.
And she wanted to attend the party tomorrow.
What did you tell her?
I said no.
Do you think I am so hard at heart?!
...That I don't understand the mother- daughter relationship!
Look, Meera!
I am so proud of you and your love.
I told my friends that ours is the greatest love story.
There is no girl who'll leave behind the wealth of their rich parents...
...for the love of a poor man.
...who'll stick to his side through ups and downs.
Excepting one girl.
My darling, Meera!
I do understand.
Rahul is our son and their grandson.
If you wish you can invite them over.
Oh, Akash!
You are well aware that...
...I have grown up as an orphan suffering much.
I can tolerate everything...
...but I go mad if anyone tries to ridicule me for my poverty.
Your parents and brother had done exactly that.
That's why I was so angry with them.
Otherwise, I too want Rhul's granny to come here.
...And play with him...
...And thus our house will echo with happiness.
You are such a darling, Akash!
This is so unfortunate that people often misunderstand you.
I know.
They call me egoistic.
But I am assertive.
I am not haughty at all.
Alright, listen...
Call your Mom and I am gonna make the arrangements for the party.
I have to call the caterer and find out what have they done about Samosas and waffers.
Yeah, brothers!
Wealthy people are too finicky with their choice.
They consider it beneath their status to come on time.
Let's go cut the cake!
Come on, children!
Mom and brother have come.
You have come so late, Mom!
We've been searching around for an hour.
Everybody we asked seemed unaware of this place.
What a lousy club to have a birthday bash at, Meera!
For the grandson of Samar Pratap Singh... -That's enough brother!
And we haven't come without any gift.
Why, this is the first birthday celebration of our darling Rahul!
We have brought a gift for every guest present here.
Put the gifts on the table!
And start distributing them among the children.
Hey, where is Rahul?
Bring him to me.
I will bring him right away.
Attention Please!
Bring some soft drinks for my bro-in-law and mom-in-law!
Come along!
I'll come in a moment.
Here comes my little darling, Rahul!
What clothes have you put him in!
Go, wear him this.
I'll be back in a jiffy!
Hey.... -Bro-in-law!...
Why are you standing at a distance from me?
Come on, get here!
It seems you're still angry with me.
No, actually... -But look there...
We have got a gift for everyone.
Thanks but where was the need to bring so many gifts?!
They are not all.
The suit we've got for you will dazzle you.
For me?!
Yes! -Now don't take an offence, son.
When Rahul's clothes are brought from Singapur...
How could we forget you?...
Wear this, bro-in-law!
You will look good when you get a picture with Rahul in this suit.
What say, Meera?
This suits him so well, doesn't it?
Wear the suit, Akash!
Come on, Jijaji(bro-in-law)!
Wear this so that we'll be able to get a picture with you.
How beautiful looks our Rahul now!
By the way, shall I tell you one thing...?
I think Akash's is no match to your status.
What can we do now?!
I'll have to put up with all this for my daughter's sake.
Yeah, right!
By the way, I was not consenting to this marriage.
We still keep getting proposals for Meera!
But if this is what she is fated for then...
What can we do!
Excuse me!
What is this?
Sir, this is from P.K caterers.
Who's ordered so much food?
My dear Jijaji!
We can't just feed our guest on humble dish of waffers and Samosas.
What's the bill?
Sir, it's Rs.10300.
How much?!!!!!!!
It's Rs.10300, sir.
You don't have this much!
Well! Nothing to worry!
I'll foot the bill!
Uh....Keep it all!
Thank you, sir!
And what about ice creams and sweets?
And yeah, Akash...
Perhaps, you forgot to order the sweets.
Perhaps, you too are forgetting something.
Akash, listen!
Coming, Mom!
What is this, a cake, eh?!
Throw this "dirty" cake in the dustbin.
This is what a birthday cake should look like!
That's enough!
You have done us a big favour by coming here!
You guys are not gonna mind your thoughts and tongue.
What are you doing, Akash?
I will... -Akash!
Have you gone mad?
You beat up my brother?!
I was trying to be friends with him.
And this is what I got in return.
What I can say!
Since this is my sister's son's party...
...I'll have to put up with this punching and thrashing.
Do one thing. Beat me a little more.
But don't do this drama... -Aiii....
Shut up!
Or I'll beat you more.
Enough! That's indeed enough, Akash.
Beyond toleration!
Shut up!
I will see you later.
You guys, out! Now. -No!
They aren't gonna leave!
What did you say?
Akash, this is not done!
You raised your hand on my brother at a crowded party.
The only reason they have tolerated all this is...
...because this is my sister's party.
What is this, Meera!
If he has a problem with us then...
...why did he invite us to the party.
Apologise to my brother!
Say sorry to my brother!
Are you out of your mind?!
It's you so who is out of his mind.
Till this day, I put up with every tantrum of yours.
I left my family and everything else behind for you.
But today, I am not gonna let go of this insult.
Apologise to my brother!
Or I'll do anything, Akash!
What do you think she is?!
Is she a street urchin?
Her mother and brother are still alive!
Let's go Meera!
Come with us!
Rahul won't go anywhere!
Rahul will go with... Akash, you can't do this.
Rahul won't go. That's it!
Let him have the baby, Meera!
If he doesn't let us take him here, he'll have to in the court of law.
Rahul you'll have to give her!
Let him have him.
Leave it for now. -Mom!!!
Akash! -Let's go, Meera. Come on, move!
Please, Akash! -Come on!
We'll see you in court! -Akash!
Akash, please, don't do this to me.
Without you it was so difficult to spend a moment, darling!
But your father, in anger, would threaten to kill us.
I was so scared!
And just for your sake...
...I had to leave you.
Meera Sharma!
Are you under any kind of pressure or duress to hand...
...over your child to Mr Akash Sharma.
I am afaid....
...if Rahul is given to me...
...then, perhaps, he...
...might do anything.
This court, in view of your custody claims,...
...passes the judgement that...
...Rahul, up to the age of five years, will live with his father.
After he reaches the age of five...
...the court will interview Rahul and the two of you.
And then it will decide the issue of custody again.
That's it...
...And you started living with your father.
Where are you, honey?
Naveen has been waiting for you for so long.
Who is he?
Is he...
How did he come here?
He's come to see me.
She is your grandmother.
Let's go, Meera!
Naveen has been waiting for so long!
You play here!
Rahul, I'll be right back. -Ummm!
Bahadur! -Yes, ma'am!
Take care of the child! -Yes!
Give him some buiscuits! -Yes, ma'am.
Come, Meera!
Hello uncle Bahadur! -Hello, son!
Yeah, really!
Wow, wow, wow!
They start blushing when they come face to face...
Brother, please!
Alright! Alright!
Don't feel so shy!
Chhuk, chhuk, chhuk... -Bring some tea.
Yes, in a minute, ma'am!
You have the breakfast!
I'll be right back.
I so crave for a little nephew!
And what a beautiful combination it would be.
The nephew of Rai Bahadur Samar Pratap singh...
...and Girdharilal Malhotra.
Brother, you are the limit!
Naveen, you ask once and see...
...Meera will accept your proposal for marriage.
Now that you're insisting...
...I would like to go ahead and ask.
Ms Meera, will you marry this useless feck?
O my God!
Who is he?
I'm Naveen Malhotra. -Hello!
And this is Rahul!
Oh yes!
Now I remember!
Butterfly boy, right?
You know each other?
Of course!
Why, mister, how are the butterflies in your garden?
Since this is winter, they have gone into a deep slumber.
They are slumbering!!! When are they gonna awake?
In the Spring!
In the Spring!
You've been here since long.
It's time I took you back.
Bye uncle!
Bye Butterfly Boy! -Bye!
We have got late, son!
Very late!
Never ever tell your Dad...
...that you had come to my house to meet me.
I know if I tell him that he'll be very angry.
You don't know at all what kind of a person your father is!
That person can do anything in a fit of rage.
If he comes to know of it, he'll thrash you hard.
And then we'll not be able to meet again.
One more thing, son...
Promise me that you will never come to my house again to meet me.
Then you should come to my house.
No, son!
I will never come to that house.
I love you very much, darling.
But I don't want to meet your Dad.
How then would I meet you?
I will come to your school to meet you.
It is a promise.
I love you, Mom!
I love you, son!
Hi, Jumbo!
Can you guess who I met today?
My Mom.
And she is not "bad".
And I think that's very logical... -Papa!
There he comes!
Why did you get so late, son?
You must be playing with Jumbo! -Yeah....
Hello doctor uncle! -Hello, son!
Hello Sheela!
Hi Rahul!
Tell me this honestly.
What is that thing that you want the most?
I knew it already!
That's why we have got you a new mom.
This is not Mom. This is Sheela!
Son, one should not address the elders by their names.
It's alright!
But you are my friend, aren't you?
Absolutely right!
She, now, is a friend.
Soon she'll become your Mom.
I don't want her as mom. -Rahul!
It's ok!
It will be time before he starts treating me as a mother.
Son, it was you who insisted all this while to have a mom.
And now that I am getting you a Mom, you...
Son, I am not marrying her just for my sake.
But also so you may have...
But I don't want this mom.
She is very good and will give you lots of love.
But she is not my mother.
From now forward, she is your mother.
Uncle John!
Uncle John, stop the van!
Uncle John!!!!
Stop the van!
Uncle John, stop the van!
Uncle John!
Uncle John, stop!
Stop the van!
Uncle John, stop the van!
Uncle John, stop the van!
Uncle John! -Rahul!
How can you just follow a van by running behind it?!
Where do you wanna go to?
To Mom!
What did you say?
Wanna go to Mom.
To your Mom.
I...No, no, no, no!
I can't take you to your Mom.
Your Dad will kill me.
That...I...I will take you back home.
Please, take me to my Mom.
Now, you see the real person beneath that affected exterior.
I knew the drama of his father from day one.
But why are you worrying?
The day he becomes five...
...nobody will be able to stop him from coming into your custody.
And Naveen too loves him so much!
But I want to be with my Dad.
Then why have you come here?
I want Mummy too.
It's not possible, son!
Your Mom and Dad have separated.
And your Dad want to marry some other woman.
What can I do then?
You can marry Dad once again.
You know Akash well!
If he comes to know that Rahul had come here...
...God knows what he might do.
Please, take him back!
Come on, Rahul!
Mom, Please! I don't want some other mom.
Mom, please! Please, Mom!
Mom, please!
'How do you ever forget me?!'
'While I so miss you every moment'
'Why do you ever go away from me?!'
'How do you ever forget me?!'
'While I so miss you every moment'
'Why do you ever go away from me?!'
'How do you ever forget me?!'
Hi! -Hi!
How is Rahul?
He has recovered from the fever.
Hi! -Hi!
How are you?
I am fine!
Look here, what I have got you.
Say thanks, son!
Thank you, Sheela!
Did you like the gift? -Yes!
Tie them fast or they'll fly away.
Is it alright? -Yes!
Here you go!
What happened?
What happened, Akash?
Brother Akash!
After so many years?!
How have you been?
I'm fine!
What about you?
I am just dragging the days anyhow.
Tell me something more about yourself.
Sister Meera keeps coming here from time to time.
It's only you who I don't get to see.
Brother, will you just keep talking or give us the bhutta(corn-cob) as well?
Talking is the healthiest nourishment.
These bhutta's are far less nutritious compred to that.
Come on, here you go!
You take this!
Alright brother Akash!
Farewell! -Farewell!
Borther, now I guess you'll come here more often.
Sometimes I feel you haven't forgotten Meera yet.
You loved her very much?
Do you really wanna know?
Then yes!
I loved her very much.
But, please...
Don't remind me of her by asking such questions.
That's it!
Mrs Gomes, what is this?
Annual function is only three days away.
And the condition of these walls... -Ohhhhh....
Ma'am, it'll be done!
And what about the invitation cards?
Ma'am, it'll be done!
Have the rehearsals been done?
Ma'am, it'll be done!
Uh...I mean it is going on.
Rahul, what are you doing?
Come on!
Where are you?
Come on!
I missed you a lot, dear!
Me too!
Aunty Sheela gave me this.
How is she?
She is good.
She loves you very much?
Where are you?
Stupid, you don't wanna do the rehearsals?
This is Isha, right?
Hello aunty!
Hi Isha!
You are so beautiful!
You are also very pretty!
And thank you!
For taking care of Rahul.
Rahul is my best friend!
Alright, son!
I am leaving now!
Bye son!
Bye Mom!
Bye Isha! -Bye aunty!
This Mom of yours can never be "bad".
But she can't live with me.
Is that because you're getting a step Mom?
What will you do now?
I don't know.
I'll have to think of something.
Please, come!
Uncle, aunty!
Your seats are here!
Thank you, child!
Has my Mom come?
Stupid, you go inside!
I'll take care of everyting. -Alright!
Here it is!
L8 and L9.
Oh my God!
What should we do now?
This is your seat.
Yes, Uncle!
Can't we get these two seats?
No, uncle!
That seat is reserved!
Ohhhhh! -Ohhhhh!
It's ok!
Thank you, darling! -Thank you!
Wonderful! Very nice!
Very nice!
Nice performance, son! -Thank you!
I am so proud of you! -Thank you, Mom!
Hello Sheela!
Sheela, let's go!
Did you say something to me?
And how dare you come here?
Akash, please!
I'd got the invitation too! -Oh...!
I understand quite well how you must have got the invitation.
And, by the way, this school...
...is not run on the donations of Rai Bahadur Samar Pratap Singh.
Akash, please!
Try to understand!
I am doing exactly that.
I understand every dirty trick of yours.
Do you think really that by coming between Rahul and me...
That's enough, Akash!
You can't talk to me like that.
I am his mother! -Shut up!
If you tried to tell me that again...
...you'll regret.
Let's go, Sheela!
And yeah...!
If you came to the school again to meet Rahul,
...I'll file a complaint with the police.
It's a shame!
How can you two behave like that in front of Rahul?...
No, no, no, no...
This is not the right thing!
It's not right at all!
But Where is my fault in all this?
I am not talking about anybody's fault, Akash!
Have you ever thought...
...how must it affect the psyche of that small child?
I am worried about that child.
I don't understand how to...
Look, Akash!
Why don't you marry Sheela?
When he gets a mother at home...
...Rahul might change his mind.
And it will also strengthen your "custody case" in the court.
Judge will surely favour your case.
Because Meera is single.
The seventh day from today...
...is the most auspicious day of the Karthik Purnima.
Marriage will be propitious if carried out on this day.
What do you think, sister?
For me, every day is auspicious, Mr Doctor.
Akash, you?
...want to talk to Sheela about something!
No, no!
There is nothing as such!
I just...
You seem a little worried, sister.
I will be a little worried, brother.
Once, earlier, too, Sheela's marriage...
Listen, you should forget about the past.
Akash and Sheela; both are matured.
Whatever decisions they'll take shall be considered and well thought-out.
For the past several days...
...I've not been able to bring myself to tell you this.
I am afraid of your reaction.
...I shudder at the thought of marriage.
I keep thinking what if I didn't turn out to be your type of guy?
I can understand your predicament to some extent.
But, to tell you the truth, even I didn't begin this relationship with...
...much hope.
...I want to tell you that...
Rahul is my life!
And for his sake and well-being I'll do anything and everything.
Rahul is as dear to me.
Thank you, Sheela!
They have fixed the date for marriage!
Now, she'll surely come to my house as my mother.
No, she won't, you stupid!
I am there to help, aren't I?
Let me think of something!
What will you do?
I will perform some magic.
I can resurrect a dead person with my magic.
Then please reunite my Mom and Dad.
That I will do!
First let me think of something.
To unite the two flowers, it's necessary to remove the thorn coming in the way.
Look! Day after tomorrow, we have a party organised by uncle John.
There she'll surely come.
Now you just see...
Hey baby, this is my party. Eat a lot and dance a lot.
Hey sister, Mario didn't come?!
He's gone to Goa!
Hey John!
Excuse me!
Hey, Akash!
Welcome, welcome!
Thank you so much for coming to the party!
You seem very happy, Rahul!
Even I want to...
What were you doing, eh?
You remember everything! -Yes.
If you forget it I'll turn you into a mosquito.
I have heard about her.
I indeed heard about her.
For her only......I mean for everybody, I have organised this party.
Please have a seat! It's gonna be great fun today.
'O possessor of slender grace!'
'O possessor of glittering ear rings!'
'O possessor of slender grace!'
'O possessor of glittering ear rings!'
'No matter however much you may apply the lipstick on your lips'
'Or however much you may try by any other means'
'I am his true love'
'O the other woman!'
'You may make me so jealous that I lose my sleep'
'Or you may steal this velvet dot on my head'
'Or line your eyes with kohl'
'Or put the scented flowers in your hair'
'Or however much you may try by any other means'
'O the other woman!'
'I am his beloved'
'I alone am his love'
'You may play all the tricks in your kitty'
'Have the bells sewn on your skirt if you wish'
'Do paper flowers ever give fragrance?!'
'You may play all the tricks in your kitty'
'Have the bells sewn on your skirt if you wish'
'Do paper flowers ever give fragrance?!'
'Have gloss on your lips'
'Wear those glittering circlets in your ears'
'But I'll curse and your every spell will be undone'
'I am his beloved; your're an outsider!'
'I alone am his beloved'
'I am his beloved'
'You are a pain-giver; she doesn't seem to care either'
'What a match you are for each other'
'You two shall be punished for the pain you have given me'
'You are a pain-giver; she doesn't seem to care either'
'What a match you are for each other'
'You two shall be punished for the pain you have given me'
'You shall remember me...'
'...and cry and repent for the pain you inflicted on me.'
'When the days of the youth are gone'
'I am his beloved'
'I alone am his love'
'O beloved!'
'I alone am your love'
'I am his beloved'
'I am his beloved, I am his life.'
'I am crazy about him'
'I am madly in love with him'
'I alone deserve him'
'I am his valentine'
'I am his sweetheart'
'I am his darling'
'I am his truelove'
'I am his beloved'
'I am his beloved, I am his life.'
'I am crazy about him'
That Bhula Bhulakkad wrecked the whole plan.
But I am no quitter; My name is Isha Jadoogarni(sorcerer)!
Come on, make the phone call!
Hello, Sheela!
Hi Rahul!
How are you, son?
What should I say now?
Say that you are down with fever and you're gonna sleep!
I have fallen unconscious!
What? -Stupid!
You have fever. Fever.
I have fever.
You have fever!!! Where is Papa?
I don't know!
Ok, ok!
Alright, I am coming! You lay down on the bed!
You don't even deserve to be turned into a rat!
Then turn me into a mosquito.
Shut up!
Now, listen to me carefully!
Hello, aunty Sheela!
April Fool!
April Fool! -April Fool, eh!
Come on!
I was so concerned!
Aunty, you needn't concern yourself at all. -Alright!
You just sit here with us. -Ok!
Uncle Akash must be on his way here.
Then we'll have great fun!
Thank you!
You are welcome!
Stupid! If you make even one mistake...
...you'll regret all your life.
Come on. Get back to work.
I will go see uncle!
Uncle, uncle!
Give it to me.
I will carry it to your home.
Thank you, daughter, but...
...I will carry it myself.
No, uncle! Our teacher has told us that...
...we should help the elderly.
You are such a darling!
May God bless you!
But don't be late!
You don't worry at all!
Where are you going with all these heavy bags?
I am going to your house, uncle.
To my house?!
Rahul is not keeping well!
That's why aunty Sheela semt me for the shopping.
What are you saying?!!!!
After washing the dishes in the kitchen regularly, Rahul at last fell ill.
Rahul washed the dishes?!!!
He first had to wash all the clothes.
But a stain on one of your shirt was left uncleaned.
That's it!
That's not it.
Only he'll have to do all the work, uncle!
If he doesn't wash the clothes properly, he'll get slapped.
She slapped him?!!!
Only twice!
What is happening, son?
Please, let me mop the steps.
Or aunty Sheela will give me two nice slaps.
What happened?
What is this?
O my God!
Rahul! What happened, son?
Don't try to pretend, Sheela!
We haven't even got married yet and you've started treating Rahul so cruelly!
What are you saying, Akash? I was...
Oh shut up, Sheela!
I'd thought good of you but you...
This is just not fair!
I have done nothing of the sort!
I am seeing it with my own eyes and you are saying that...
Hey, you are still here!!
I am sorry but...
...I've ccome for my bags.
Uncle! -Isha!
What is all this?
That... -My shopping bags...
...she was to carry to my home.
Uh...Er...Ahh...Uh... -Give them back!
Give it. Give it. -Bye uncle!
Bye Rahul!
This was all set up by you two, wasn't it?
Why are you scolding him now?
He has become such a nuis... -It's alright!
I will talk to him.
He is my friend!
Yes, of course!
Right? -Yeah!
I am sorry, Sheela!
It's ok!
Do you like me?
That means I am your best friend!
But my best friend is Isha!
Then why don't you let me be your Mom?
I already have a Mom!
It is very beautiful!
And this will look even more beautiful around Meera's neck.
This will not be worth less than Rs. 2.5-3 Lac!
Happy birthday! -Thank you!
But I can't accept these flowers today.
Uh...and this necklace?!
Hey, uh...
I am sorry, Naveen!
I didn't want to hurt you.
But I can't celebrate my birthday in Rahul's absence.
It's ok!
I understand!
Thanks, Naveen!
You do so much for me!
And I do nothing in return.
Please, don't say that!
Please, don't say that!
In your happiness lies my happiness!
Where is the duality of give and take here!
I just want to get Rahul's custody anyhow now.
We will surely get that!
I will not, at any cost, let Rahul be divided among two families.
She mustn't have any right over my child.
Mr Parasnath is a very experienced advocate.
He's been practicing for the last 20 years.
25 years!
Yeah, right!
25 years.
And, in these 25 years...
...I have lost only three cases.
Only three!
Yeah! I have heard a lot about you.
As far as your case is concerned...
...Rahul can not be taken away from us.
If, before judge, Rahul...
There is no question of that happening.
He will never say he wants to go to her.
Mr Advocate, you can't imagine how cruelly she had broken my trust!
She didn't have an iota of respect for my self-esteem.
She is a wicked person!
I know such women quite well, Mr Akash!
They are very dangerous.
She, secretly, used to come to Rahul's school to meet him.
She thought she'd turn him against me.
What are you saying?!!!
She comes to his school.
This is contempt of court.
We'll file a complaint in this regard.
And she will be arrested.
Hello, son! How are you!
I am fine! Shall I give to Papa?
Yes, yes!
By what time you guys will come here?
Let the little master get ready.
I will make it soon!
Alright, listen!
On your way... -Hello!
Come on, Rahul! Fast!
Hurry up!
Rahul, that's enough!
Come on!
Hello, son!
You are so late, Mom!
Sorry, honey!
How are you?
I am fine!
I was making your sketch only! -Really!
Rahul, put down the reciever!
Put down the reciever, Rahul!
Akash, please!
It's not at all Rahul's fault! Don't do anything to him!
How dare you call here!
Please, let me speak to Rahul, Akash!
Shut up, you bloody...
Now, you'll meet Rahul only after seven days in the court!
And there, no trick of yours will be useful.
What are you saying?
Meera Singh!
Don't try to coax him to your side with your sweet talks.
Because the day he'll know the real you beneath your fake exterior.
...he'll run away from your shadow.
For God's sake, Akash!
Which fake exterior, and what real me?
What will you tell Rahul?!
Just wait for seven days!
You will have gone away from his life after that.
This is your big mistake, Akash!
If that was so, Rahul wouldn't have come all the way to my house to meet me.
What nonsense!
You used to come to his school to meet him.
And not the other way round!
First Rahul had come here to meet me.
And he loves me very much!
...had gone there to...
Akash, listen to me. Please! -...your house.
Please, Akash!
Listen, don't say anything to Rahul!
Don't touch my boy!
Akash! I said don't touch him!
Don't do anything to Rahul!
Had you gone to her?
Why had you gone there?
Why don't you tell me why you gade gone there?
Sorry, Papa!
You don't love me, do you?
No, Papa! I love you!
You are telling a lie. A lie!
Sorry, Papa!
You had gone to her house to meet her, eh?
She is not "bad"!
Then go...
Go to her!
Get out!
No, Papa!
I will stay here with you!
But you love her!
If you wish I will not love her anymore.
You go to her!
Please, Papa! I wanna stay here with you.
I will hate her!
What did you say?
You hate her?!
You won't love her?!
No, Papa!
Then come with me!
What are you doing!
Guard! Is anyone there?
Somebody stop him!
Say it!
Tell her...
What will he say?!
You should say it.
You urchin! How dare you break my gate worth Rs. 4 Lac!
Call up the police!
Shut up!
Akash! For God's Sake! What are you doing?
Shut up!
You have this illusion that...
...Rahul loves you!
Hear it now!
Tell her, son!
Say it to her!
It's well and good!
Something which is to be decided in the court of law tomorrow...
...should be decided right here! -Mom, Please! Keep quiet you guys!
Akash, don't do this to Rahul!
Stop shedding these crocodile tears, ma'am!
Rahul does recognize the real you!
Tell her...
...that you hate her!
Tell her, son!
He won't say that!
He's recognized the real you, you impostor!
He'll never say that!
You'd told me that you hate her, hadn' you?
Akash, please! Don't... -Tell her, son!
Why don't you say it?
Don't do this!
So you won't say it?!
Then stay here!
I am leaving!
You stay here, son!
Grow up to be like them!
You don't need me!
Papa, don't leave me!
I love you, papa!
Mom, I hate you!
'May I give you love day in and day out'
'I am so aggrieved'
'May I give you love day in and day out'
'I am so aggrieved'
'I wish I wasn't born!'
'I wish I wasn't born!'
'So empty, so lonesome my house now appears'
'Last night I came awake with a shudder when I had this nightmare'
'In my dream, I saw a cage in the middle of the...'
'...courtyard and a parrot caged in that cage'
'I wish I wasn't born!'
'I wish I wasn't born!'
'From outside I may look fine but inside I am feeling apiece'
'I feel as if my being has been divided among them'
'All this, though or inspite of my being their only son'
'I wish I wasn't born!'
'I wish I wasn't born!'
Aunty Asha, please send Rahul!
He is not here!
He was with you only in the morning.
What, he isn't here! -No, he isn't!
Mr Rahul!
Any news? Any trace?
No, we have no clue!
Why are you barking? what happened?
Hey Jumbo! You are Rahul's friend!
You of all people must be aware of Rahul's whereabouts!
Mr Akash!
Perhaps, he knows!
You take him!
Thank you!
Mr Rahul!
Did you find out anything? -No, we didn't!
Rahul! -Rahul!
You guys wait here!
Wait here!
Hurry up!
...you too wait outside!
Dr, what's wrong with him?
Akash, please! You wait here.
But what has happened to him, doctor?
Excuse me!
What has happened to Rahul?
How would I tell you...
What's wrong with my son?
I said what's wrong with Rahul?
Why don't you speak?
For this day I had left Rahul with you, eh?!
If something happens to him, Akash, then...
Just shut up!
Don't play out any drama here!
My son is not well!
He is my son too!
And I want what's wrong with him?
Oh shut up! -You shut up!
I am giving you a warning!
Just get out from here!
Who are you to make me get out!
I won't move from here until my son gets well.
Meera! Akash!
This is a hospital, and not your wrestling ring.
Doctor, tell her to get away from here!
Akash, will you please stop it now?
Look! -Yes sir!
Hurry up! He is completely drenched!
Hurry up!
Wait a second, nurse!
Raise him a little!
Give me the towel!
His head is drenched!
Give me the dry clothes!
Take those clothes from there.
Hold this from the other side!
Rahul is to be given this injection!
This...You'll get this at the Popular Medical at Mahabaleshwar!
I'll go! -I'll bring it!
There is no need!
I will get it, Dr!
Akash, I have the car!
Can't you two set aside your petty quarrels for a moment for Rahul's sake!
Now hurry up!
Nurse! Is the ICU available?
No, sir! The child with jaundice is admitted there!
Oh my God!
What are you waiting for? Make a haste!
That injection is very essential!
Prepare the injection!
Sir, this medicine, please!
Rs. 9700
Rs. 9700
Sir, at present, I only have two thousand rupees!
...Take this.
There is no need of that!
Sir, the remaining I'll send you tomorrow.
Alright, Mr Akash!
You can take the medicine! -Thank you!
Hurru up! Hurry up!
Akash, I have called Dr Sonawala from Mumbai.
His case has become more complicated.
I can't promise you anything!
The next twelve hours are very critical!
Just pray to God!
Doctor, what is exactly wrong with Rahul?
He already had Asthma!
Now, because of the exposure he has gone cyanosed!
He is not able to breathe and...
...and his blood is going black in colour.
I think he soaked in rain for several hours together.
Several hours?!
He was soaking in rains for several hours and nobody came to know.
How was he raised till this age, nobody seemed to bother!
Akash, Meera! You guys start bickering at the slightest of chance.
This is the limit I tell you!
Excuse me!
Is Rahul your son? -Yes!
Your name?
Akash Sharma!
His mother's name!
We'll have to fill up the form.
He mother is no more!
He mother is no more!
She must have had some name!
His mother is alive!
And her name is Meera Singh!
Your surname is Sharma and she still bears her maiden surname Singh?!
My name is Meera Singh!
Yeah, I go it! I got it, guys!
Got married but didn't change your surname.
These days, it is frequently happening!
A friend of mine chose to do the same after her marriage.
I asked her what surname would you give to your son then?...
We have been divorced, nurse!
Do you have a problem with that?
Yes, divorce!
And Rahul is in my custody!
You might have been divorced, Mr Akash Sharma!...
But Rahul is not divorced from anybody.
We have to write the mother's name on this form...
...whether she is your wife or not.
Man, what are you doing here?
Sister, that small kid...
Do you know where is he admitted?
Yes, I know!
I met his parents!
You wanna meet him?
I cannot stand to see him in...this condition...
How is he now, sister?
Very bad!
He is not in a good condition.
The doctor said there is a very slim chance!
Oh my God!
I know...
...that child is going through a lot of pain.
Because of his parents!
But...I'm sure nothing will happen to Rahul!
Let the doctor say whatever he wanna say...
But I will go to the biggest Doctor!
Nothing will happen to Rahul!
You just see!
Where are you going at this time of night, man?!
I can't live without my son!
Let go of me!
I wanna be with my child! -Have courage, sister!
I can't live without him!
Let go of me!
I want my child!
I want my child. Don't take him away!
That's it, Meera!
Don't say anything!
Only you are responsible for Rahul's condition.
What are you talking?
How happy Rahul was with me!
For four years, he didn't miss anybody!
He didn't need anybody!
You came to him and made him crave for a Mom!
What nonsense, Akash!
With your frenzied egoism, you'll never be able to understand...
...that a child feels safest only under his/her mother's care!
And today you are so frustrated...
...because you couldn't make him hate me.
...how selfish you are!
You spent four years with Rahul!
Initially, I consoled myself with little memory I had of our time together.
You saw him grow up before your very eyes!
I saw him only in dreams!
I bore him, Akash!
I so missed him every moment!
Every damn moment!!!
And you say that...
Come on, please!
When I returned from Puna, I got to know...
How is he now!?
He hasn't regained the consciousness yet!
What happened, Akash!
What's the matter? -Nothing!
Absolutely nothing!
Come here!
I didn't make any interference by coming here, did I?
How can it be an interference?
My Rahul is ill! You were expected to come here!
I am a little disturbed at present!
That young kid, Rahul?
Uh...Rahul's mom is standing there!
Why didn't you call me?
How is Rahul?
Naveen, they are saying that...
...Rahul is sinking.
Oh my God!
My son!
Akash, you wait here!
Hurry up! Hurry up!
Get him here! Here!
Listen, call Dr Sonawala immediately!
I don't think they are capable of treating him.
I will make a few calls!
We'll take Rahul to Mumbai right away on a helicopter!
Rahul has gained consciousness!
Hey...why did you guys come in?
I had permitted only his parents to come in!
Doctor, he is with me!
Meera, right now, only Rahul should be with you!
Akash, please you guys go out!
Then why aren't we doing anything?
The clock is ticking away even as his condition is worsening!
If it goes on like this, he...
It's alright if you don't wish to do this!
But we'll have to take Rahul to Mumbai!
You can't do anything like that Meera!
And it'd be better if, rather than creating confusion, you guys quietly went away.
Look, Mr Akash,...
Don't mistake our politeness for our weakness!
I will surely get Rahul's custody, Akash!
And then I'll show you how a child is raised!
Sister Meera, Akash!
Even at such a time, you guys are quarrelling!
John, you needn't interfere!
Doctor, how is Rahul now?
Why are you asking me about Rahul?
How does that even concern you!
Both of you have brought him to this condition.
You brought him into this world with your love.
And now you guys are killing him with your mutual hatred!
You guys are too egotistical to love anybody but yourself.
And all this snivelling and crying is just a drama!
You just pretend!
You are absolutely rihgt, doctor!
I know!
Rahul longed and pined day in and day out for your parently love.
A child doesn't have to be loved in divisions!
A child needs the love of bothe of his/her parents.
You make all the decisions of your life...
...only till a third person appears in your life.
After you become a parent...
...Every decision of yours has to take into account the child's welfare.
They are not to understand, sir!
Both of them fight petulantly!
You might be getting a visceral satisfaction after verbally abusing each other...
But all that Rahul gets is mental torture!
That child, just to punish you guys, is giving up his own life.
And you...
Go on! Keep fighting!
From now forward, whenever I'll pray to God...
...I'll tell Him...
"Let a boy like Rahul not be born to so cruel parents!"
You are worried about Rahul's condition.
Even if he survives...
...what for?!
Oxygen! Hurry up!
Put it fast!
Come on!
Now there is nothing to worry.
Yeah, right!
Excuse me!
How is Rahul?
Nothing is certain, Ma!
Meera, all the arrangements have been made!
The judge has been briefed about the issue.
At the stroke of twelve, Rahul has turned five.
Sign these papers!
What are these?
This is the petition for Rahul's custody!
Now we'll see who wins the case!
Here you go!
Please, ma'am, do it fast! We have to go back to the judge!
But brother...
Rahul is in the ICU right now!
And you guys... -Meera,
Just think about where will he go once comes out of the ICU.
He shall come to us!
Come on, put your signature!
Wait a minute, please!
There is no time to lose, Meera!
Just sign it at once!
Or your Rahul might just die in his care.
Be careful not to utter such things in future!
You slapped "me"? -Yes!
And I should have done this four years before.
You ain't done the right thing, sister!
Meera, Rahit! Please!
You just... -This is not the time to indulge in all this.
It's ok!
It's ok, Meera!
We have tried everything that could be tried!
Don't say that!
I am sorry!
Please, doctor!
Wake up, son!
Come on, you'll get late!
Come on!
You aren't gonna take the excercise today?
He'll just wake up, sir!
He'll wake up in a while!
Yes, he will!
Rahul! -Akash, why isn't he waking up?
Son, get up!
Rahul! -Son, let's go home!
Come on, wake up, son!
Come on, son!
Why is he taking such a long time Akash?
I can't say!
I don't know!
No, Akash!
No! Akash!
What have we done, Akash!
My child!
We have killed him, Akash!
We have killed Rahul!
My darling, Rahul!
I can't live without him!
Give me back, my Rahul!
Give me back, my son!
Mummy, Papa!
Rahul! -Rahul!
Rahul! -Rahul!
Mummy, Papa!
It's a miracle!
It's nothing but a miracle!
I am sorry, Sheela!
Don't be sorry, Akash!
It's ok!
Actually, we had a misperception of the whole thing from the beginning.
Rahul didn't need a mother! He needed Meera!
Don't make any mistake this time around, Meera!
Rahul's house will never be a home without either of you!
He needs the love of both of you!
'Let's go along with the East Wind'
'We'll fly away along with those birds."
'Let's go afar'
'Our love rings out an echo'
'Let's go along with the East Wind'
'We'll fly away along with those birds."
'Beyond that horizon, beyon that frimament'
'To a place which is totally unspoiled by any human presence!'
'Have you heard of such a paradise on the earth?!'
'We shall get there everything we desire'
'It's so empty and desolate here'
'To the abode of all the gods!'
'Which is still inaccessible to the mortal beings'
'Let's go along with the East Wind'
'We'll fly away along with those birds."