Shinichi Suzukawa's Pre-Fight Interview

Uploaded by K1 on 29.12.2010

Q: How are you feeling now?
A: Well, I have just 2 days until the bout, so I am hoping my training pays off and I can show what I've learned.
Q: The fight will be without gloves on...
A: That's right. For me, coming from Sumo, I don't like gloves and Sapp agreed with me.
Q: What is your impression of Sapp?
A: He is a big chocolate.
Perhaps chocolate wasn't the best choice of words, but you know what I mean.
Q: Has Inoki given you any advice?
A: He told me it is the end of the year, so make sure I do a good job.
Q: What is your impression of his fights?
A: I don't really think he has been fighting well at all.
Q: So if he fights as usual, he won't be a danger to you?
A: Exactly. He seems to want to make a comeback on New Year's Eve, but I think he's a joke.
I've told him to come prepared, because I am going to.