Scamper the Penguin (Original russian version) part 2 (with english sutitles)

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In the end of December, summer in Antarctica in full blast.
The ices melts, the sea comes very close and penguins can search for food without leaving far from the of nests.
Be careful, Toto.
Here's how dads and mums go behind a forage for kids by turns.
Why enough?
Because if you overeat, you'll have a sick tummy.
Why tummy will sick?
Why, why! Will sick and all!
And what is "all"?
All - that's all. Leave me alone, please.
Why I should leave you alone?
What a kid!
Where are you, Lolo? Where are you hiding? Lolo! Where have you gone?
Grandfather Pigo! Grandfather Pigo! You casually didn't see Lolo?
No, I didn't.
Where did he go?
Give more. Give more. Give more.
Give more.
Mom, it's Lolo!
There you are! And I searched for you everywhere!
Let's go home, kid.
Mom, and why Gigi and Zizi live together, and I... and I'm alone?
Because... Because... Because it turned out so.
You know Lala, there are such little penguins, who have brothers and sisters.
And there are those who don't have them.
Our Pepe doesn't have them too.
Why she doesn't?
It will be quite good, if you'll make friends.
Let's be friends?
The seal's cubs born.
The skua-seagulls' baby birds hatched.
Daddy, why can not I walk around?
Because you're still young.
When a child goes out alone, he might get into trouble.
When you will grow up and will become strong, then...
Then you even can go to the sea.
And what is the sea?
What happens, Gugu?
There people! People have come by a steamship!
Gugu! Don't allow to them to approach to people too close! I will come now too!
All right!
And what is the "people"?
I will explain then. Lolo, look, don't go anywhere!
People - this is what brings us unhappiness.
Before, people came from far away and killed penguins without everyone to analysis.
Now they catch us and take away in any zo... zo... zoos.
And what is a "zo... zo... zoos"?
Tell, Grandfather Pigo!
Tell, tell!
What to you to tell about it?
I do not know. And do not bother me!
Oh, what of this are "people"?
This is what stop, big? Or what rustles, small?
People, stop! People!
Great! Ha-ha-ha...
Who are you?
Pi-pi? And I'm Lolo!
Pi-pi, do you want to roll down from a hill? You know, how it is healthy!
Okay! After will understand. And now I'll help you out!
And your Mom and Dad are strict? Do not be afraid of them!
You'll tell them that you're friends with me and they won't abuse you!
Lolo! Lolo!
Does nobody saw my Lolo?
Mrs. Lala, he has gone to that party. Right, Zizi?
Aha. He has gone to that party.
That's awful! What to me to do?
Enough! I can't more!
Who are you?
I'm a puppy! Don!
I'm son of the Eskimo dog.
So you're not people?
No! People... People over there!
All these people from research station.
They have arrived here in the beginning of year to study Antarctica!
And Granjfather Pigo said that they bring to us unhappiness.
They catch us and take away in any zo... zoos.
This.. this is probably the poachers. We don't love them too!
And people from this station aren't engaged in such affairs!
Do you think so?
Yes, yes. It's kind people.
And what's your name?
Lolo! Let's be friends?
Cease! Tickles! Cease!